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  1. Love a chance to try a new putter from TA. Chris Thomas Colorado Bettinardi Innovai 6.0 CS Impact 3 for the test
  2. Chris/Thornton, CO Current Handicap - 12 Current Iron Model Played - Cobra Forged TEC
  3. 1 - Handicap = 10, Location = Colorado 2 - Current Irons = Testing between Mizuno JPX919 Tour with DG 120 XS 2 deg up and Cobra King Forged TEC with Modus Pro3 XS 2 deg up. 3 - I have seen reviews and write ups on The Hackers Paradise forum from members who have purchased Sub 70 products, looking at Sub 70 products. I am always looking for new equipment to help improve my game hence the big double iron set purchase (Mizuno's as I have never owned a set & Cobra based on all the positive fedback from THP). I've never been a fan of the black finish so putting a set of these in play
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