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  1. My latest dilemma is do I reshaft my Hogans into Rapid Tapers or save them and build out a different set with the RT's. Originally planned to do combo weights, 75, 85 & 95 through to the PW.
  2. I tried these last year with the fairway wood deal and the 3 wedge deal, not the greatest in customer service and looks wise they are below average. Had the wedges on my net and was blown away at how easily the face finish marked but also blown away by how easy to find the middle (extra stiff Apollo shafts). Fairways not so much and decided to return (got to keep wedges) and couldn't get then to accept the return, tried to offer all sorts and eventually they offered me their irons and if I returned the fairway woods they would replace with the newer design. Irons showed up, I had asked extra stiff and got graphite regular, tried to ask what happened and no response. After months of bugging I finally got an order email regarding the fairway woods so will see if they show.
  3. Selling my MD5 wedge. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 115 S200 shafts with blue label and blue Lamkin Utx standard grips. $55 50/10S
  4. Have to be the luxury to play anytime, then it would be playing & trying any or as many JDM clubs to see if they live up to the price tag...
  5. Not sure if there is a forum for this but thought I'd ask here first. Started collecting vintage clubs in the hopes I get lucky and find a rare or collectible one. Just got a major haul of gear for $40, of which the best 'set' is a set of left handed Macgregor Dorado consisting of 4 woods & 6 irons, missing 7 & 8 irons. Pretty sure these are not collectors clubs but thought they were pretty cool.
  6. I have several PX 6.5 shafts available. All are uncut, no tip prep. Will sell singles or all at once or combination of. $20 each or $150 for all of them. Flighted #4 iron - 1 Flighted #5 iron - 1 Flighted #7 iron - 1 #8 iron (not Flighted) - 2 PW (not Flighted) - 4
  7. I got my Black Players Combo set 4-7 PTx Pro (no UiHi in black sadly) & 8-PW Icons with Tour-V 120 X in them and I absolutely love them. Distances are super consistent, love the stopping power even in the lower lofted irons.. Need to play more and work is getting in the way.
  8. I am (so far) head over heels in love with my limited edition Ben Hogan Players Combo in Black. Looks are stunning, feel is amazing, closest feel to my old 919 Tour irons & we all know what they say about Mizuno.....
  9. Introducing myself, been a member on here for a while but haven't participated as well as I could or should. 1 - Been playing golf for over 20 years (started when I was 15), but only really been serious in the last 5 years. I aim for breaking 80, most times its a struggle to keep it under 90. 2 - Outside, new gear, those damn shots that keep you coming back even if the rest of the round was the one that would make you quit. 3 - Learning about new gear, tips and basically being involved in a golf community. 4 - From New Zealand, live in Colorado. Don't really have a true home course however the closest and most likely contender is the Riverdale Golf facility which has 2 18 hole layouts. 5 - Best things about golf in CO is you can practically play all year round, if there is no snow on the greens we can play! Worst is when there is snow on the greens. 6 - I have recently made a massive career change away from my tried & true, traditional tradesman-based controls engineering into the ever-expanding Industrial Cybersecurity field. 7 - See #4, it will make sense.
  10. First time posting, but thought I would start here. Currently residing in my Mizuno Staff Stand bag I have: Tour Edge Exotics C721 driver with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 Mizuno CLK20 3H with Fujikura Pro Hybrid Ben Hogan Players Combo Black 4-PW with KBS Tour-V XS Callaway MD5 Jaws 50, 54 & 58 wedges with DG Tour Issue S200 Bettinardi Innovai 6.0 CS
  11. Love a chance to try a new putter from TA. Chris Thomas Colorado Bettinardi Innovai 6.0 CS Impact 3 for the test
  12. Chris/Thornton, CO Current Handicap - 12 Current Iron Model Played - Cobra Forged TEC
  13. 1 - Handicap = 10, Location = Colorado 2 - Current Irons = Testing between Mizuno JPX919 Tour with DG 120 XS 2 deg up and Cobra King Forged TEC with Modus Pro3 XS 2 deg up. 3 - I have seen reviews and write ups on The Hackers Paradise forum from members who have purchased Sub 70 products, looking at Sub 70 products. I am always looking for new equipment to help improve my game hence the big double iron set purchase (Mizuno's as I have never owned a set & Cobra based on all the positive fedback from THP). I've never been a fan of the black finish so putting a set of these in play could change my mind!
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