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  1. Happy to discuss with you. Shoot me an email whenever convenient: prestontoulon@honmagolf.com
  2. Brock, no doubt a 12g or 15g up front would knock some spin down. But also need to tell you it will bump up swingweight a bit and you may feel that. Happy to send a 12g and 15g out to you if you wanna try it out. Shoot me a text or email if so. thanks also for your review. So glad you enjoyed it and glad it's launching rockets!!
  3. Hayes, your thoughtfulness throughout this process is so appreciated. I'm thrilled you took the time to test our product and compare it to others and also took the time to dial in the product to the degree you did. I'm stoked we landed in a club head and shaft configuration totally tuned to you and I'm stoked that we'll be able to help you shoot lower scores and have more fun. Always happy to talk golf and help you dial in your clubs. Also happy to answer any other questions about the 13 other spots open in your bag Keep in touch. Be well! And to the rest of the MGS community
  4. Man do I love seeing this! 14 launch and 2400 spin is a fitter's dream. You are maxing that thing out and I'm pumped. And seeing @DPattGolf and @golfingbrock get after it too is awesome. Always available to all you guys if you need some more adjustment. @DPattGolf love your idea of lofting down and moving the weight back. Super intuitive and looks like you're seeing the benefit. @golfingbrock feel free to shoot me a text if you wanna do some more fiddling with the weights based on what you're seeing. Keep it up guys!
  5. Wow, love this post. Super thoughtful review and your effort to put some time in with this thing is sincerely appreciated. Same to all the other testers. Appreciate all the posts and data and thoughts, good and bad. It'll make us better. My first takeaway is that I'm excited about the ball speed you're picking up. Looks like that 149 is a bit out of an outlier, launch is super low and the spin is high too. But even with that removed it looks like the speed is up. Love where the launch is too. Next key is getting that spin down just a bit. That last shot in the 2nd Honma data set is
  6. Great to hear! Super cool sculpted back design on those and they perform really well, too. I think you'll love 'em.
  7. Hi everyone, My name is Preston Toulon and I'm the Product and Custom Club Manager at Honma Golf USA. Our friends at MGS here were kind enough to invite me to join the conversation. First of all, thanks to the testers and the folks willing to give our stuff a shot. By the looks of it, things seem to be going nicely with possibly some opportunity to tinker more and find even better combinations. All you testers have my cell number, so call me if I can help more. Thanks also to the folks following along in the conversation. Honma is still relatively unknown in the western market a
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