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  1. Lucas/Noblesville, IN ipad 8tj gen both indoor/outdoor both Net and no net
  2. Lucas- Noblesvilles, IN 7.1 index Currently playing Srixon Z545 irons Would love to try out some Wilson’s, always curious about their products.
  3. Lucas-Noblesville, IN Currently playing Cleveland CBX in 50 and 56 would like to test 48, 52, and 56 is able (would get me closer to a good gap from my 44 Pitch)
  4. 6.2 from Noblesville, IN Current irons are Srixon Z545, 8 iron distance approx 160-170 Ive actually have looked into sub70 products for a while now, just haven’t pulled the trigger. I love the looks of the 699, and now with the Pro version these look way up my alley!
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