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  1. Thanks for that in-depth experience summary. I mentioned this because I have half a dozen friends using iOS and say it's good, I know no one using Android. Rash time I played it missed at least three drives and ten irons which is useless. I expected it to be poor on putting and that didn't worry me but I was using it for scoring so whilst my score looked good even with the manually added putts it was often wrong. My question was more around the fact that it's "flaky" I want to buy it without subscription hence gen 2, I will also buy the new link when I'm able to get one in the hope that will resolve the missed long club shots. Therefore I really wanted to know how to identify a gen 2 on eBay as most people sell gen 1 or 3? Thanks Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
  2. I purchased a subscription of the latest Gen 3 Arccos as many friends were raving about it. I found it wound me up and I spent more time fiddling with the app than concentrating on my game, it was regularly missing shots, even drives and was useless on the green (which didn't necessarily bother me as much as missing drives/irons). It turns out that the friends enjoying using it are all IOS, i'm using Android and suspect that may be the key problem. Anyway I absolutely love the concept but playing maybe twenty to thirty times a year there's no way I would spend £99 a year on the subs on such a flaky product. I now understand they are bringing out the link may may actually resolve my concerns. My question is therefore what is the difference between the non subscription Gen2 and Gen3 . There appear to be plenty for sale on ebay however iuf I go for the Gen2 how will I differenciate between tat and Gen1? Thanks and apologies if a bit rambling...
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