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  1. Bill, Dallas TX Handicap = .3 Current Model Wedges Played = Titleist SM4 62, SM5 48, SM7 54, SM8 58 What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge = Design looks closer to an iron, which I like. I like the rust/wear of a raw wedge personally.
  2. Bill Dallas, TX I still play a lot in the winter (3-4 times/week). Also have a WellPutt Putting matt at home. 13 ft. I have a 13 ft WellPutt putting matt. Really like it but do have some minor issues with the ball rolling straight after a lot of putts. Seems to form a low spot Medium or Fast
  3. Bill, Dallas TX 48 Titliest SM4 F, 54 SM7 F, 58 SM8 M, 62 SM4 07 Either 54 or 58
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