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  1. Matt- Houston, Tx Iphone 10 Outdoor range no net
  2. Matt Houston, Tx Taylormade M6 6 112-116 TSi3
  3. 1. Matt- Houston, TX 2. The Carpet in my bedroom or out at the course on the putting green. 3. I used to have the old ball return single lane old school mats. Would love to see some new tech from this decade haha. 4. I mainly play public courses and would like the medium speed.
  4. Matt- Houston, Tx handicap- 7.2 current irons- Callaway Apex Pro
  5. Matt/ Houston, Texas i currently use a SM7 58, SM5 56 and 52. I like the spin I get from full shots, but would like more zip with chip shots, bunker shots, etc. Would love to try out a 58 or 56.
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