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  1. I got fitted for one yesterday, I had a consistent roll with it and the feel of the putter is great, I cannot tell the effect of the DLT but it is the best putter i have ever tried.
  2. While using a shorter shaft you need to check the swing weight, if it gets too light look for adding led tape, most of the pros don’t play regular lenght drivers. i play mine 1/2 inch shorter and i feel a difference, the longer the shaft the more dispersion you are going to have.
  3. I recommend you to see a fitter, smash factor doesn’t mean anything in wedges and the avg of the tour is .90 with them. the goal should be to find a shaft probably not as stiff as your irons because the goal with the wedges should be the workability and be able to hit different distances, not hitting them far.
  4. Jose, howey in the hills, fl. i practice putting on putting green of a course and on a putting studio. i have an oddysey mat, is decent when there’s poor weather outside but I want to try something better. 11-12 stimp
  5. Jose Gallegos. Hdcp +1 howey in the hills, florida, USA. TRIPLE TRACK DOUBLE WIDE PUTTER i am interested in the ZB3
  6. Jose Gallegos1.5 hd, howey in the hills, Fl 58, 10 bound currently playing sm8
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