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  1. I took a lot of GOLFTEC lessons over the years. Overall I think I got somewhat better bang for a $$ on average compared to if I had a trial and error approach with a “regular” instructor. I think the instant video feedback and benchmarking vs pros sets them apart. Otherwise the rest, as already noted, is the same lucky turn of getting in touch with a good instructor vs someone who’s not. IMO the issue with GOLFTEC’s method is that their instructions are too formulaic - we have to remember is that their success is based on it but unfortunately when it doesn’t work - the instructors don’t have an alternative approach. I’m generalizing here - I’m sure good instructors have alternative means of communicating differently to get their point across.
  2. Hopefully you’re still with GOLFTEC so that you can spend your self-practice noting your distances with your new clubs once you have them
  3. I’ve dealt with the same issue myself. I keep a thought in my head to exaggerate keeping my shoulders closed as long as possible so then my arms are moving down along the side of my torso and through the strike area and the “drag” the shoulders with them (as opposed to letting the torso rotation drag arms). Similarly, you can try keeping your head down looking at the back of the ball (the spot on the ground) even after your arms passed through the strike zone. During practice - always exaggerate!!!! Good luck!
  4. Great topic - will follow and will mention two of my favorites: 1. Full swing with feet together. This drill helps a lot with upper body issues. As for many golfers my muscles get pretty tense and I don’t get enough separation in my arms from my torso as well as shoulder turn both on the backswing and the finish. This drill helps me 2. Very slow and increase-as-you-go full swing. Very helpful with sequencing and tempo. I use it with wedges for additional benefit to learn more ways to get certain distances. For example my PW goes about 130. I start by trying to hit it about 90 with a full swing and regular LA. Then I try to go +10 yards etc. Both of these drills could be difficult to execute but benefits are excellent!
  5. Completely agree that simplistic GOLFTEC = golfwreck is just someone’s unfair expression of frustration. GOLFTEC or not, one has to put in the WORK to improve the swing, there’s no magic. The second ingredient is your golf instructor. Obviously there are a lot of them and they’re not all the same. However an instructor equipped with GOLFTEC technology and teaching methods should be better vs the SAME instructor who doesn’t. Finally when it comes to self-practice the video feedback you get in their bays tells you a much truer story than what your (lying) feels tell you on the range. Good luck
  6. Loved reading this thread with your journey - I have no doubt you’d be able to reach your goal! A lot of good advice here that should be very useful to you. I want to reiterate the importance of the short game. For example, I’d love to have your length with all the clubs - I’m nowhere near you, my GIR is underwhelming and yet I’m regularly in the 80’s because my putts per round is about 1.8 vs you 2.1, and again my short game is far from exceptional. But this 0.3 difference is about 6 strokes per round. I also wanted to make another suggestion for tee or approach shots - instead of clubbing down (which is a good suggestion in its own right) have you tried to not swing out of your shoes on every shot but instead hit at about 85% of your max? It will allow you to take back club slower and make a downswing smoother which should translate into better execution. Cheers!
  7. Edward Staten Island, NY 2019 Odyssey WhiteHot mullet style Would love to test mullet version
  8. Edward, Staten Island NY iphone 11 iOS I would have a chance to try it outdoors and maybe indoors with the net (and be able to compare to tracking device from a 3rd party)
  9. Edward, Staten Island, NY I have a 4 foot mat at home to practice short (obviously) putts. Would love a medium speed putting mat.
  10. Edward S, Staten Island, NY USA USE Odyssey White Hot mullet style Interested in Ping Fetch or Floki - love the design!
  11. Edward, Staten Island NY Currently playing with Callaway MD4 54 and 58 degrees I also have two teenage kids - junior golfers (boy and girl both on high school teams) who’d get a needed upgrade if I am chosen as a tester.
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