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  1. Chaim Marks Los Angeles, CA I walk 9/10 rounds I play. currently using a caddytek explorer version 8 it’s solid but would be way better if I didn’t have to push it!
  2. Pick me pick me! JK ignore that crap. Pick me because I’m a MygolfSpy nut who hangs on to your every review like an ant to a 3 day old left out Ice Cream bar. You need to pick me because I’ll give the not just the review you need, but the one you DESERVE. Roll Tide jk idk why I said that Chaim Marks iphone 8 or iPad outdoor range I will get a net if you require that in addition I have an ES12 that is crap that only shows distance and swing speed. Los Angeles (San Diego Emmanuels buddy ) love you guys
  3. Chaim/Los Angeles, CA USA Currently playing the Odyssey Stroke Lab big 7 i like the forgiveness of a mallet and I like a nice responsive feel. i would love to try the Ping Heppler Fetch or Wolverine in RH 35 inch
  4. Chaim Los Angeles, CA 20 handicap I Currently play Callaway Apex 2014 stiff. It’s time for a new set of irons !
  5. Chaim Los Angeles CA vokey SM6 56 degree mid bounce
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