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  1. Matt, Oakley CA Current Driver in Play: Cobra King F6+ Handicap is around 20 Swing Speed 95-100mph driver swing. I’d be way happy to try either, but would probably prefer the TSi3
  2. Matt, From Oakley CA 20 handicap current wedges are Cleveland RTX 2.0 in black, 56 and 60 degree. Personally I dig patina. I think things that may look a little seasoned but perform like new are just plain rad. I play through the winter, so I’ll be able to see exactly how quickly these things turn out!
  3. Matt, Oakley California. Taylor made Spider Limited Interested in the Anser 2. Very curious to try a former feel and see how a blade would change things around the green.
  4. Matt, Oakley CA typically play to a 20hcp currently bagging Mizuno JPX EZ Forged
  5. Matt, from Oakley, California. Currently bagging a 56 degeree RTX 2.0 and a 60 RTX 2.0 Would love an opportunity to try a new 56!
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