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  1. I've recently picked up a couple used SIM Max (original SIM, not SIM 2) fairways (7 and 9 !, but have also hit a 5 wood). I struggle with low launch, so a 3 wood might as well be a putter, but I agree with what others have posted about going to higher lofted fairways. I'll gladly set aside vanity to hit better shots. Overall i find something about the sole and leading edge to be confidence-inspiring for me to hit off the turf. I also find that the speed pocket seems to produce better results on low face strikes (especially important for shots off the turf than a previous epic flash fairway i had. I definitely miss the center of the face in a low-heel to high-toe pattern, so the twist-face also works pretty well for me. Searching around different used outlets, i was able to find them from $100-200, you may have even better selection for a 5-wood.
  2. Interesting, thanks for checking. That was a very curious discussion, and I'm bummed I can't figure out the putter tech they were talking about.
  3. Anyone know the putter "that no one knows about" they were referring to around 17:30 that was "snuck by" the USGA, and can possibly be found on eBay?
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