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  1. I am amazed that this comes as such a shock. I live in England and single-use (disposable) plastic products are very much frowned upon and are being banned by many golf courses. Plastic can only be recycled once or twice and most products are not recycled even once. Many find their way into water courses and eventually the sea. There are of course alternatives eg products that are made to be reused instead of discarded. In the case of tees then there are wood and bamboo alternatives.
  2. Hi. I know that a lot of golf courses are banning Plastic Products such as plastic tees and disposable plastic bottles. I would be interested in knowing what your golf clubs are doing about this if anything and of course your own personal views?
  3. HI. I know that golf courses are progressively banning plastic based products such as plastic tees but also disposable bottles etc. I would be interested to know how your golf clubs are reacting to this and of course your own personal views?
  4. I agree with Garwood that it makes sense to buy castle/graduated tees to set your preferred tee height instead of trying to do this using your ring finger etc. They cost the same as normal tees and come in many different heights. I know Pros do not use them but we are not all Pros unfortunately.
  5. My view on this is that as long as the ball is at a height which is at least at the same height as the sweet spot on your driver then the tee height should not impact on distance. It is of course important that the ball is teed up at the same height each time to help with your muscle memory and consistency. However, if of course the ball is at a height lower than this then the ball cannot possibly be hit out of the sweet spot, hence impacting distance. I also think that teeing the ball higher encourages golfers to have the swing thought of sweeping the ball off the tee with a shallow arc
  6. Great discussion! It wasn't covered in the podcast episode but what about used Golf Balls? Buying reclaimed Lake Balls can be a good way of getting a quality brand at a discount price, especially as now companies often grade their balls so you know what quality you are getting. Some balls look like they have only been hit once!
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