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  1. Ooo Baby these are sexy First Name/City State: Rob,, Jacksonville, FL Current Handicap or Average 18 Hole Score: Handicap 17 Current Iron Model Played: Titleist 718 AP1
  2. Had a buddy who used these. He swore that they are the best things in the world. Gave the wood a try and it was nothing special. I did lose some distance on them, but was able to seem to hit it straighter. They have a very strong ad campaign going on throughout all social media. I swear I see them every time I log into Instagram. Either way, I have heard mixed reviews on them. I personally did not enjoy them, but does not mean you might. I would say there are definitely better clubs out there that could be used instead
  3. From my experience with them as everyone else is saying is that they do tend to stretch after the 6-7 round mark a little bit. I have also had a pair that split at a seem which could have been a defect as I have not had that issue with any other pairs. Logo is a bit bulky and unappealing, but in regards to quality they are fairly comparable to top name brand golf gloves. Either way in my opinion the glove is not the most important thing when I am playing, so if I can save some $$ when I can and get some more rounds in I'll do what is necessary.
  4. First name/City State: Robert/Jacksonville, FL Current Wedge Played: Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP 54, 58, 60 Loft You would Choose: 58 full/mid, or a 60 mid *Left Handed*
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