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  1. Rochester, NY Interested in the full spectrum tincture On course when I am playing well I am talkative never really laid back or relax I guess kinda intense for a golfer when I'm playing bad I get frustrated anxious and angry its a problem I have a fitness tracking app on my phone and a fit tech go watch I don't use often.
  2. New spy here Mike Rochester, ny Typical score: 77-84 I grew up playing golf in my childhood stopped playing for over 10 years and now I've been playing the last 2 years as much as I can. I Love trying to get better at something the self accountability you get what you put in I really also missed competition after playing sports I needed something competitive in my life. I have been reading My golf spy for years love their attention to detail and their groundbreaking studies. I listen to the podcast as well. I know no one on here I don't have a home course I play the lo
  3. Michael saile Rochester, NY Average score: 80 Srixon z565 4-pw stiff flex.
  4. Michael saile Rochester, NY Current wedges 50 ping glide 2 ss 12 bounce, 54 vokey sm6 m grind 8 degree bounce and a 58 vokey sm6 l grind 4 degree bounce Loft I would choose would be a 50 or a 58 mid bounce
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