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  1. i will wear this thing out. i can test outdoors and indoors. i have been fitted in the last 10 days on trackman so i have recent baselines. i am currently working out driver models and shafts with a few demos and 2 here at home. I have all my full bag distances as well. I am an engineer and software developer with a serious gear problem. I can also evaluate the rapsodo on a plethora of additional factors related to usability and software design. I have a full tech testing suite for mobile phones and multiple tablets and laptops of different operating systems.
  2. Doug/ PA HDCP 16 Current wedges Vokey SM7 and CBX Full Face no glare and feel.
  3. Doug Garnet Valley, PA currently play SM7 50/8, 54/10 58/8 tensei graphite shafts. love a 50, 54 and 58 with graphite shafts. need more consistency in wedge game.
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