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  1. Sean; Magnolia, DE.; USA Currently using a Scotty Cameron GoLo 5 Initially the two-tone look of these putters was interesting and also the adjustability factor. I think I’d be most interested in either the Piper C or the Tomcat 14.
  2. Sean, Magnolia, De Handicap is 14/avg score for 18 is 86 Currently play with Mizuno JPX 900 forged (5-PW) and Callaway Big Bertha 3, 4 hybrids.
  3. How’s it going fellow Spies? New member here. A friend and fellow spy recommended the site and so far I’m really impressed. Looking forward to reading future product reviews and scrolling through members’ posts. How long have you been playing golf and what is your handicap/normal score?... I’ve been playing golf on and off for almost 35 years but more consistently over the past 5 years or so. My current handicap is 14(ish)...normally shoot mid 80’s. Why do I love playing golf?... I’ve loved playing golf since I was in high school but over the years, work and family obligations limited outings so improvements in my game have been sporadic. I do like the independence-being solely responsible for controlling personal successes or challenges within ones game. Also, there’s nothing like hitting that amazing, pure shot to keep you coming back. What brings you to MGS? and Do I know any other spies?... Mentioned earlier that a friend (and fellow spy) recommended the site. Like the non-biased, informative reviews. I think there are a few other spies I may know. Where are you from? and What is your home course?... Currently live in Delaware. We play all around Delaware. Don’t really have a “home course” but play Maple Dale GC often. I’m also in a league at Jonathan’s Landing GC. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region?... I’d say the best thing about the region is the proximity to many courses within Delaware. Additionally, there are great courses in surrounding states within a couple hrs drive. The downfall affecting golf here is the lack of elevation changes (Delaware is pretty flat) and also the weather/change of seasons which often affects the quality of continuous year-round play. What do you do for a living?... I retired after serving 23 yrs. in the Air Force. Worked in civil service for several years and I’m currently between jobs.
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