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  1. I'm sorry...but did you say $500 per club? Why? Becasue they are making them out of some "Super Metal"? Has Titleist found Wakanda and made a deal to make clubs out of Vibrainium? Or maybe they somehow got the remnats of the Weapon X program and are making clubs out of Adamantium. I'm not sure which one it is, but they must be living in a comic-book-land, to think that $4000 for a set of what appear to be differently shaped AP1, AP2, and AP3 is going to fly for the average consumer. And yes, they probably perform amazing, but as my brother told me a long time ago, "Its not the driver, its the driver." I have tested a lot of clubs in my day, and I still have not found a set that has made me want to drop my i-506s. Why? Because, frankly, bad shots are not their fault, they are mine. So all the hype about this and that ball flight should have an asterisk saying, "Blah blah blah better blah blah blah, if you make a good swing." At $500 a club, I think people should at least hear that from the company.
  2. Watching it now and TW looks pretty good, considering Harding is not his favorite spot (just as I write this he blades it over the green at 16...LOL). Short game is saving him...
  3. Great questions... So my pitching wedge is part of my set (46 degree; very traditional lofts on my iron set). I love that club, I feel like can hit it anywhere between 100 to 125 yards (I don't hit it far but I'm pretty damn straight). My current wedge setup is 50, 54, 58 all Cleveland CG15. They are great wedges, and were originally bought to have a club to hit full down to 75 yards. At that time I was playing a 3 wood that was the wrong flex and it was just taking space in the bag so I thought I would replace it with a wedge. Over time I have realized that I rarely hit my gap and lob wedges. Despite many range sessions that focused on hitting and getting the feel of the wedges, I have only found comfort in the 54. The others, as a result, the 50 and 58 look like new clubs...just facts. When I have 100 yard shot, I should be hitting the 50 (and yes it goes that distance, actually 105), but I feel more in control hitting a flighted PW. So as I am getting back into golf hard this summer, I felt it was time to go back to 3 wood to have a club to dial back and hit fairways should the driver be going sideways. 3 wood will more that likely be a tee club only, but it will give me options from the tee, to better manage courses. I was ok without a 3 wood for so long because I have a 2 iron hybrid that I absolutely crush. I looked at 4 and 5 woods and felt that the gapping was off (though I thought really hard about 4 wood). As a feel player, I have not in the past used a tracking system for my game. But it was recommended that I use the Taylormade myRoundPro App, so I have started using that. It does not have enough data in it to tell me anything yet (unfortunately, though I work in education and students and faculty have the summer off, I don't and this is actually the busiest time of year for me, go figure...) but it will get in there and I can make more precise decisions about what's in the bag. I think I answered everything...definitely appreciate the questions!
  4. I have had that thought. I have 50, 54, and 58 degree wedges and I'm not a fan of my 58. So its getting replaced by 3 wood (haven't played 3 wood in awhile). I'm thinking of changing the 50 and 54 to 52 and 56 respectively. I just hope the gapping is correct. We shall see.
  5. This topic is right up my alley! I have tried a lot of golf balls in my time...A LOT!!! From range ball to Titleist, and most level of balls in each lineup (distance rocks to premium chewies). I have been up and down the spectrum and have settled on two balls going forward; the Nike RZN One and the Kirkland Signature (3 piece). Let me explain... I started playing the RZN One and fell in love. At the time I was playing a Srixon ball, and just prior to that I was playing the Titleist NXT Tour (both of which I really liked). I got a sleeve of Nike balls at a scramble tournament I played in (we came in third in that tournament, and I would say it was because of me...my teammates played crappy that day and...thats beside the point) and I tried them out on my next round and shot 80...whoa mama I had it working that day. No other changes to my bag, just the ball. I loved the flight, feel and stopping power on the greens. I had not played a ball that felt that good on every club. So that became my ball of choice. Then Nike abruptly stopped making golf equipment (thanks a lot Phil Knight) and I was left without a ball. But this time also coincided with a break from the game. Just recently I started playing heavy again and I had heard a lot about the Kirkland Signature (4 piece) ball. I knew they were cheap and everyone was talking about it being the Pro V1 killer. So I went to Costco (to get one of those roasted chickens) and saw the 3 piece ball, and made the purchase. First time back on the course, playing the executive 9 hole course at Monarch Bay in San Leandro, CA; just trying to get my mojo back and I tee it up and let it fly. Made par on the first but didn't hit a great tee shot, so I didn't get the true feel,but it felt good on the putter. Tee it up at #2, toughest hole on the course. Its listed as 193 yard par three, but it plays about 215-220 because of the head wind and it being slightlyuphil. Trees line the right side (which is my miss) so this is a bogey hole almost all the time for me. Decided to try and flight a 3 iron as close as I could. I hit purest golf shot of my life and ended up on the front of the green. I may have hit that green once before. 2 putts later I had made par. The rest of the round was full of absolutely pure shots. I have a straight ball flight and this ball is straight as an arrow. The ball was backing up on the greens with middle irons; it was crazy. Amazing soft feel, great control with the wedges and great performance off the driver. At $25 for 2 dozen, you can't miss, though this ball does have one flaw, durability. It scuffs really easily. It will still play, but I wish the ball had a slightly firmer cover to withstand wedge grooves. If you like a softer feel ball that will give all around performance, the Kirkland Signature is a great choice.
  6. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? 20+ years (its all my brother's fault). Normally shoot in the mid to low 80s What do you love about golf? The challenge and the focus it requires to overcome those challenges. Plus the scenic views at the courses I play is awe inspiring. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I like the format of the posts on IG so I decided to take a look at the full site. Where are you from? What is your home course? Oakland, CA. My home course is Monarch Bay in San Leandro, CA What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? You can golf year-round in California and that is pretty nice. The worst thing...ummmmm....Covid??? What do you do for a living? I work in education. I manage the tutoring department at a local community college How’d you pick your user name? Its the IG handle for my hobbies.
  7. Julian; Oakland, CA Average Score: 85 Current Irons: Srixon i506 3-PW
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