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  1. Hi Longshot,

    Email me at,

    Wayne at visiongolfball dot com

    if you are keen to be in the test group plus make sure I have niockname and full name please, cheers, Boz.

  2. andrew- If i chased wild turkey it would be with puke... and I wouldnt want to remember chasing it lol....but golf is buzzed is like nothing else in the world...
  3. Alright yeah I will probably get to you on that later this week when I can squeeze in some time can you PM me your email/paypal acct and also how much is shipping to ohio lol?.... 70-75 bucks for two dozen balls... sounds good to me! Brandon
  4. Boz Do you take visa for your test pilot program, or can I just buy a box of balls... Or I should prob just wait for some tester to get thrown my way but I am very interested as more rain falls and the grass gets a little thicker and more green and swallows the whities lol... Brandon
  5. Is that a fleur de lys? I was not sure but that is great looking
  6. I read somewhere steve had a race elsewhere, not to mention he occasionally doesnt caddy these events.... Bigger story one of the guys in tigers group, a swiss banker, beat tiger lol... that guy has a story for life!
  7. Is that never compromise gm2 exchange price negotiable? Thanks, Brandon
  8. Heck im in, I tried to make one of charles swing from start to finish but it was not loading properly so... ill go with charles with a ton of shots in front of him those always crack me up Or this one I supppose... good posture and everything...
  9. Sactown, you dog... Buddy ordered one up it was like 300 with tip, she knew nothing about the course what so ever lol... but it was a long drive contest between us the whole time... if you know what I mean lol
  10. I have no doubt in my mind I need a few things to happen in order for me to play well... So my best rounds ever and the competition on the line 2005-76 Region championship, attacked by bee's on the 3rd hole they let me re tee from the first after I had to get my epi pen out (allergic to bee's) 2008-73 Member tourn, hung over as all hell puking on the first 3 holes 2007-71 AZ junior am, Night prior high ankle sprain during basketball practice as seasons overlapped complained the whole time and got chewed by my dad for complaining lol Now yesterday I ate and was hydrated and shot a 99 (just now getting back into golf from nearly a 18 month step away) IN the last three months since I have been playing again, when I dont eat, barely drink anything, dont want to be there, roll out of bed and am tired I shot 85-79. If I do everything I am supposed to do I shoot 90+ I figured it out if i have some other ailment or something bothering me I dont think about all the stuff I am doing wrong and hit the ball, I look to what I need, whether that is im hungry, or thirsty, or need a nap, or need to yack it keeps me going and I always shoot my best stuff. my mental game can cause me 20 shots on any given day. So I just need to be in a hole and bring myself out of it. SInce I turned 21 4 weeks ago I have noticed boo's on the course makes a ton of sense lol
  11. scotty loves his own name more than anything, honestly how many times can u find it on a putter? once more now
  12. tyk, i said they were solid balls in my initial post and have 4 in my bag right now and cannot tell a difference between those and the nike one blacks I normally game, they are high quality but their site and other products crack me up.
  13. At pretty good courses too lol, and as for food processors I am sure they are in the process of that venture. Got any sweet names ?
  14. So as I was beating around the course yesterday I thought it would be cute to try and cut the corner at a shorter par four well it got a little wild and I was looking for my ball, I kicked around in the tall stuff and found a MG ball, I honestly thought 4 people in the world play it, but apparently there is someone in the central ohio area playing the ball lol, and they are putting it everywhere they cant find it because my group finds one everywhere lol
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