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  1. Chris Yourdan Richland, WA iPhone 11 Pro outdoors (grass / mat mix) no net
  2. Chris Yourdan, Richland WA zelos 8 stiff 110 swing speed Current iron shafts TT S300
  3. Chris Richland, WA Cobra F9 4 HCP 110-115 Swing speed I’d be thrilled to test either one. I played all of the older titleist drivers and would love to see if these could sneak back into the bag.
  4. Chris Yourdan, Washington State 4 HCP Vokey SM 6 m grind tour chrome finish. 48, 52, 56, 60 I have always played vokey wedges and generally with the tour chrome finish. I’m intrigued to see 1) if there’s a set of wedges that I game better & 2) has playing vokey because that’s what we’re told is best, been hurting my game? 3) I’ve always loved the idea of raw. In theory it should be better, I’ve just never tried.
  5. 1. I live in Richland, WA. 2. Hot or Cold I play year round. 3. Have never really found a mat that replicates the real thing well enough to use. 4. Open for fast or medium. My home course generally roles pretty well. It would give me the most accurate comparison.
  6. Richland, WA sports cream or cool roll on I like to have fun and keep it light hearted but I’m a bit too competitive for that. I have been using my Apple Watch & The Grint.
  7. Hey there! My name is Chris & I’m from Richland, WA. I’ve been playing golf for about 10-11 year but only decided to get serious about it over the past 3-4 years. I am currently a 4.4 and my home course is Canyon Lakes in South Kennewick. Honestly the worst thing about golf in our area is the lack of courses therefore their ability to drive up the cost of play. I love golf because no two rounds are the same. Even if you arrive at the same score, your journey looked a bit different. You can’t ever beat this game, and I love that every first tee launches a whole new set of possibilities. MyGolfSpy has helped me greatly in the decision making process this year of changing out everything in my bag and sticking to it to improve. Looking forward to the community here!
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