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  1. David - Lexington, KY Right Handed First Choice - VKTR+ Hybrid R-Flex Second Choice - UiHi Driving Iron R-Flex Current Handicap is an 18. I’ve struggled to find a club that fills the long iron & fairway wood spots. It’s currently an Acer XDS Machete 18*. But it’s very inconsistent for me and I seem to get better results from hybrids. Thanks!
  2. I have several SMT Drivers that I would like to send to a new home. All are in great shape and might be a fun project for someone who knows or appreciates these component clubs. All are $50 each plus actual shipping. SMT O2 - 14* - Aldila NVS 75-S SMT Shinnecock - 14* - Accuflex VS O2 S SMT 455db - 11* - Aldila NVS 75-S
  3. Well, I ended up buying both. Got a good deal and couldn't pass it up. So far the Callaway Epic Flash driver is a 10/10. Clearly better than my old Big Bertha 460 with no swing changes. The Srixon Z 585's are good so far, but because of the stronger lofts I'm still trying to dial in the distances.
  4. I've got the itch to replace some of the older gear that I've been carrying around and am trying to figure out where the money is best spent. I know, lessons, let's get that out of the way. . I tend to buy and hold (great investment advice too) and therefore I'm many generations behind in golf technology. Plus I'm thrifty (cheap?) so last year tech is ok with me too. Current driver is a Callaway Big Bertha 460 10.5-R that I've used for several years. Overall, I hit it pretty well but have lost some distance over the years. Getting out-driven by my playing partners is no fun, so I'm looking to replace it. I've found a demo Callaway Epic Flash 10.5, Mitsubishi Tensei Blue R driver in a local shop at a pretty nice price that seems right based on their launch monitor. On the other hand, my irons are self-built Snake Eyes 675XC 5-PW, FST115 shafts, that I still think are pretty sharp. I hit them pretty well. No real complaints. But, I feel like I'm losing distance. Again, I've got the itch and have found a set of Srixon Z-565 irons at a local shop that I like. The set is 7-AW, so I would probably buy a 6 iron to fill out the set. Hybrids and FWs are another story for another day. So, with the driver and irons being roughly the same price, where's the best bang for the buck? More distance off the tee to set up shorter approach shots? More modern irons to add distance and accuracy? Thanks y'all!
  5. David Lexington, KY Handicap 18ish Snake Eyes 675XC but looking for something new
  6. Greetings from the Bluegrass State, where there are more barrels of bourbon than there are people! I'm happy to finally register at MGS after years of lurking and reading. I'm a former FGIer if anyone remembers that forum from years past. Learned a lot about golf and clubmaking there and as a result, for many years my entire bag was self-built clubs. Lots of SMT drivers (still in the garage), Wishon putters, and still in the bag, my Snake Eyes 675XC irons. Lack of time and interest in clubbuilding has seen that drop off and my bag is slowly becoming OEM (except for the irons, so far). Dave
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