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  1. I have been playing golf for about 3 years coming off growing up playing just about every other sport. I am currently carrying a 12 handicap, but steadily improving! I love the rewarding nature of the game after a good shot and the opportunity to be outside. I also appreciate how just slight tweaks can dramatically alter your game. I have been reading My Golf Spy reviews and articles ever since I began playing. I find it to be some of most helpful golf content on the internet. I am from Michigan and my home course is either Devils Ridge or Katke Cousins. I truly believe Michigan golf is some of the best in the country. It isnt hard at all to find multiple, secluded courses in one city. The climate helps to allow grass to be green and plush as it doesn't get too hot. The biggest negative is definitely only being able to play 5ish months out of the year due to snow. I am a cancer research scientist almost done with my PhD. Just a shortened version of my name and a number.
  2. Tyler, Auburn Hills, Michigan Handicap: 12 Rocketballz HL Stiff Biomedical PhD student who pays high attention to detail for a living and am looking to upgrade my irons!
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