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  1. I would be very interested in testing out this product if I am considered. Thank You
  2. Some great looking putters there. Best of luck to whom ever gets to test drive them.
  3. Eamonn Yonkers, NY Taylormade, M2 Handicap 9.7 High 90s Tsi2
  4. Eamonn/ Yonkers NY Handicap - 10.2 Current wedges - Cleveland CG12 Really like the look of the wedge and would love to see how they can improve the favorite part of my game; chipping and pitching.
  5. Eamonn Reid, Yonkers, NY Odyssey Works Versa 7 Interested in trying out the Tomcat 14. I like the look of the dots on the putter and believe that they will really help me lining up the putter to the ball to get it started on the correct line.
  6. In the market for a new set of Irons, would love to Test those clubs. Eamonn Reid Yonkers, New York 11.0 Handicap Index Current Ironns Cobra FP
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