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  1. Hey everyone. Idk if this is off topic but I wanted to give this thread first crack at some Maltby stuff I’m selling after a season’s use— STi2 iron heads (5-GW) and 56° and 60° FGT Forged Wedges. Moving on to a more durable iron head even tho I loved the way the STi2’s played. They’re truly best value out there. And for me, the bounce and sole design of the FGT’s wasn’t exactly right for the conditions I play in. The wedges were assembled by Golfworks. They’re Score LT shafts in stiff flex, standard grip (Crossline and S-Tech) standard loft, 2° flat lie. The STi2 iron heads are standard loft and lie +/- 1° based on the tolerances from The Golfworks. Pics are below. Everything is in good condition. You can DM me with offers if you’d like.
  2. That’s all. It’s a gift idea for my dad. He’s mediocre with his irons, but killer with his short game. Unfortunately, he’s petrified of his driver even after lessons because of his tendency to go right. Was hoping to make my own build with a head or would even consider buying an assembled club.
  3. Count me in! Matt Adorno West Deptford, NJ I walk every round with the current situation to be safe. 2-3 rounds per week and one range session. I’m using a Caddytek 3.0
  4. I have hit both the TE Forged and the KE4 Tour+ irons. IMO both were great designs, just not quite optimized for my swing. Both have a very sharp leading edge and when I get into bad habits, I’m somewhat of a steep digger. I also found the feel of the KE4 to be a bit harsh but still solid. Both clubs were just wrong for the conditions I play in, and my current swing. So that is something you’ll have to consider. That being said, I wouldn’t be too quick to rule out the STi2. IMO, it looks nothing like the Ping G2. There is minimal progressive offset and the top line falls into what I would describe as medium. It’s certainly not a club that I would describe as overly large or “Fred Flintstone” looking as far as chunkiness. It’s a very solid club. As far as forgiveness and feel go, I would place it right dab in the middle of both the TE Forged and KE4 Tour+. It also has a cambered sole/leading edge which might be my favorite thing about it. Fit me, it glides fairly freely thru the turf. If you’re coming from those Pings. They have quite a bit of meat on the top line and a fair amount of offset. The TE Forged has minimal constant offset. And the KE4 Tour+ has significantly less offset when compared to the Pings. It might be a bigger transition to one of those clubs than it would be to go with the STi2, which has slightly more offset in the longer clubs. Additionally, I found the quality of the TT Score LT shafts to be excellent. Good luck!
  5. Matthew Adorno Jr West Deptford, NJ 12 Handicap Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal
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