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  1. Hey everyone. Idk if this is off topic but I wanted to give this thread first crack at some Maltby stuff I’m selling after a season’s use— STi2 iron heads (5-GW) and 56° and 60° FGT Forged Wedges.   

    Moving on to a more durable iron head even tho I loved the way the STi2’s played. They’re truly best value out there. And for me, the bounce and sole design of the FGT’s wasn’t exactly right for the conditions I play in.

    The wedges were assembled by Golfworks. They’re  Score LT shafts in stiff flex, standard grip (Crossline and S-Tech) standard loft, 2° flat lie. 

    The STi2 iron heads are standard loft and lie +/- 1° based on the tolerances from The Golfworks.

    Pics are below. Everything is in good condition. You can DM me with offers if you’d like. 











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  2. On 12/15/2020 at 12:57 PM, Buffly said:

    Has anybody tried the TE Forged and the KE4 Tour+ Maltby irons? I am curious of your experience with both, and what you find different between them?

    I am thinking about both sets mainly based on price: both under $300 new with the TT Score shaft. The STi2 seems a bit more bulky, like the Ping G2 I already have, which I am trying to get away from (the cheapest option).

    I am thinking also of 5i or 6i at standard length and then as the clubs get shorter going 3/8" instead of 1/2" to increase swing weight and playing length as they get shorter. 

    I also play standard length at 2° up. 

    Any feedback you have would be helpful.

    I have hit both the TE Forged and the KE4 Tour+ irons. IMO both were great designs, just not quite optimized for my swing. Both have a very sharp leading edge and when I get into bad habits, I’m somewhat of a steep digger. I also found the feel of the KE4 to be a bit harsh but still solid. 

    Both clubs were just wrong for the conditions I play in, and my current swing. So that is something you’ll have to consider. 

    That being said, I wouldn’t be too quick to rule out the STi2. IMO, it looks nothing like the Ping G2. There is minimal progressive offset and the top line falls into what I would describe as medium. It’s certainly not a club that I would describe as overly large or “Fred Flintstone” looking as far as chunkiness. It’s a very solid club. As far as forgiveness and feel go, I would place it right dab in the middle of both the TE Forged and KE4 Tour+. It also has a cambered sole/leading edge which might be my favorite thing about it. Fit me, it glides fairly freely thru the turf. 

    If you’re coming from those Pings. They have quite a bit of meat on the top line and a fair amount of offset. The TE Forged has minimal constant offset. And the KE4 Tour+ has significantly less offset when compared to the Pings.  It might be a bigger transition to one of those clubs than it would be to go with the STi2, which has slightly more offset in the longer clubs. 

    Additionally, I found the quality of the TT Score LT shafts to be excellent. 

    Good luck!

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