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  1. Please forgive my garbage formatting as I am no wizard and definitely used some paint/sheets action to get this data to come together in a mostly presentable fashion. Here is some of the data I have been working on. I am indeed no robot, but I have found some interesting data points and have a good feel on what ball I prefer out of the bunch that's for sure. I'll put up the 4 Iron data because I feel that it was my most inconsistent of the bunch in terms of swing efficiency. My swing the day I did the Vice Pro plus felt really crispy and nice and it produced some of the best data, but I can't hold it too much against the other balls considering my swing was a bit worse. That being said below is the data.
  2. I can tell you that after hitting over 150 shots with the Tour X one was 45 yard shots, full 60, and PW it had a few gnarly chunks out of it. Where as the same ball with again over 150 shots 7/4/driver seemed perfectly fine.
  3. Update: I finished my data testing of the first ball the Maxfli Tour X and I have a couple of initial insights without looking into the data. The ball has a good feel off of my all of the different clubs that I hit. In a way with wedges and irons it tends to feel tacky if that makes sense. The ball is SUPER white, it makes the Vice Pro Plus look Gray. The boxes are what they are, honestly I don't care too much about the boxes of the balls because I have yet to have a revolutionary unboxing experience from a golf ball. That being said if we are to nit pick I do think that vice has catchier boxes, but again if the balls came in an old gym sock and were built for my game I'd probably use those. Durability, I found some interesting things while testing, I'll put up some pictures of that at a later date. The line for putting is good on both, but I tend to like the single black line on the vice just a tad bit more as I've always appreciated single lines rather than double bars, that also feels a bit nit picky though. Overall I'm impressed with the everything so far. I plan on doing some more testing tomorrow this time with the Tour model.
  4. Here is a little bit of the data I've been collecting as a preview of what I've been working on. More to come at a later date with all of the different balls and their correlating data. 50 decent shots collected roughly throwing out about 8 shots that are fat, thin, or overall poorly hit. Excited to put it all together for comparison. Never in my life did I think I would enjoy putting together a spreadsheet in my off-time.... As you can tell a few definitely got away from me, but I did overall have a pretty consistent session drawing the ball.
  5. My balls still have not been received. Thanks FEDEX. I think I'll get some tomorrow where I will then do quite a bit of testing and looking into the ball data. Patience is a virtue, and I've been told that you have to be patient to be a golfer, but in todays age of instant gratification it seems that my patience is running out with their delays.... For that I will blame amazon and two day free shipping. I'm curious to see durability I hit about 150 shots with my Test 1 and Test 2 Vice Pro plus balls. Maxfli make me proud please.
  6. Just finished 50 shots each of my current gamer Vice Pro Plus - 45 Yard shots, full 60 degree, full 7 iron, and full 4 iron, will do driver later. I'm avoiding remembering any of the data if possible to stay as unbiased as possible. I will say one thing I definitely am getting better at hitting my long irons considering I've never had a range session with a long iron with that many shots. Edit: Likely doing the PW as well Edit2: Alright all of the initial baseline testing for my current gamer is done. I still haven't received my balls yet but I'm looking forward to it.
  7. I'm looking forward to this review. I've recently had the passing of my wife so this will be a well welcomed distraction during my grieving process. If you want to follow me during the review I will tell you a bit about my game. I play out of Denver so expect ball flights/ distances that could be a bit longer than the average golfer. I recently set up my skytrak unit at my house and while it is definitely a great unit I've noticed it can struggle with some of my high swing speeds and miss read it by about 5-12 mph it could be the way I have it set up but one of the things I plan on doing is comparing the balls to my current gamer the Vice Pro Plus. My swing speed on trackman last year which was definitely slower than I am now was about 107 for a regular driver and 115 for a nutted drive. I'm looking forward to taking about 50 good swings with each ball per club and identifying the data to see which ball is more consistent. I'm actually hoping these balls fit my game better than the Vice Pro Plus considering I can get them locally, they are known to have exceptional manufacturing standards, and additionally they will only be a small difference in price. I'm hoping the ball is consistent, long, and responsive around the greens. Considering we are coming up on fall golf, I can assume I may not be able to get out much to real courses and they will have very firm ground conditions, but I will be able to also play sim courses and I can play a ghost of myself on the courses. If anyone has any suggestions of what courses they want to see me play on the sim let me know. I also look forward to playing a few fall rounds where I live in the Denver Metro area. Most likely playing Murphy Creek, and Kennedy Golf Course considering the price/performance of the courses. Looking forward to interacting with all of you and feel very excited to do this test. -Jesse Edit: I forgot to mention my handicap, it's roughly an 8 but I used to be nearly a scratch golfer. I've been playing since I was 12 so 16 years now. The largest issues I have with my game are consistency considering I don't play 3-5 times a week like I did when I was in high school/college. My 8 handicap is mostly a guess but I do post my scores to thegrint whenever I remember. That being said I do have some moments of scratch golf that come out, and I also have some moments of looking like a hack, but that's the game we all love (hate).
  8. Played yesterday to get some stuff off of my mind. I ended up shooting an 84. Definitely my worst putting round of the year. Couldn't seem to get the pace right all day I had some good shots, and some absolutely terrible shots. Ended up with three penalty shots. Lets just say my head wasn't in it for the back nine. Always nice to get out and to exist with grass, the ball (s), and my sticks. 2/14 Fairways 10/18 GIR 37 Putts 4 Doubles 5 Bogeys 8 Pars 1 Birdie 38/46 -84
  9. I'm here for the community. One of the best. I don't comment as regularly as I could, haven't made very many friends, but the general upbeat mood from everyone and the help people give is outstanding and no other golf forums compare in my opinion. I appreciate the lack of bickering, the lack of judgement, and lack of attacking you'd find on other forums. Bravo MGS you've made one hell of a forum and I thank you for that.
  10. Got out with my dad who's visiting with some other family. I shot a 79* (* threw in a breakfast ball for casual play) putting was significantly better. Driving was okay below my average. Chipping was normal (garbage) and my irons were less than stellar. Great round of golf though happy to play with the old man.
  11. Everyone here is the best and I mean it. Thanks to everyone for the support.
  12. At the end of the day I'm happy to watch good golf. Go USA.
  13. I've tried a lot of different free ones. Swing caddie, golfpad, etc etc but I've really enjoyed the TaylorMade app myroundPro. The gps seems a bit spottier than some of the others and by that I mean it can be delayed but I really like the stat tracking and strokes gained features. If you're looking only for distances most of the mainstream ones are pretty great.
  14. Thanks for the support much appreciated. Thanks I appreciate it.
  15. My wife's been in the hospital for 11 days (stage 4 cancer) pretty stressed out. 3 kids at home with grandma thankfully she could come help. May need to get on the course soon to relieve some stress got a lot of s*** on my mind hoping she gets better soon. Thanks for having a place to rant.
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