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  1. I just got fitted for a combo Apex set, Apex Pros in the scoring clubs and Apex in the long irons.
  2. Josh Flowood,MS 9.5 adidas CODECHAOS I have pronation issues, so stability and comfort are biggest for me.
  3. Josh Flowood, MS Zelos Model 8 Stiff Swing Speed: 100 Current Iron Shaft: Nippon N.S. Pro 1150GH
  4. Josh Flowood, MS RH 3 wood stiff Driving Iron - UiHi Stiff 13 HDCP Currently play a Sim Max 19* Hybrid
  5. Josh, Flowood, MS 10 Cleveland 588 Gunmetal I like the customization options and the dull look of the raw wedges. Coming from gunmetal, I like a dull rusty wedge.
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