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  1. Really like the Fli-Hi. Not as great from the turf as a hybrid, but love it off the tee - got it specifically for a 215 yard par 3 at my home course, but can also hit low bullets that just run out forever on tighter driving holes. Doesn't seem draw biased the way most hybrids are, so at least when I hook it the ball isn't off the planet left. Only knock is that it doesn't seem like the finish will hold up very long, but not really any different than any other non-chrome finish.
  2. I have the same issue as you - path is in-to-out but with an open face so the ball starts right and goes more right. I've had more success tweaking the loft up a degree to close the face instead of using the draw setting on the hosel adapter.
  3. Every 2 grams should add 1 point of swing weight. I'd start with one or two strips and see what happens from there. Curious to hear how it goes. Worst case, I'm hoping for some nice placebo effect for you.
  4. Like all things, think it comes down to individual fit. I had been using a SS Tour 2.0 for years, but at a recent putter fitting I was consistently leaving the face 1-1.5 degrees open and my fitter suggested a smaller grip might help me more consistently square the face. Switched to a pistol style grip and have been pushing way fewer putts out to the right.
  5. I agree and I wish it were that easy, but unfortunately the math just kinda happens in my head. Asking me not to add up the numbers is sorta like saying “don’t think about pink elephants.” But there is definitely something to that because I’ve played 18 consecutive holes in the 70s multiple times, just never in a single round.
  6. Two straight rounds of 80 on the number. The good news: it’s my best score ever. The bad news: it’s a freaking 80! Would be less painful if not for two brutal finishes. First round, I need to make 4 on 18 to shoot 79. It’s a short dogleg left par 4, only 291 yards if you cut the corner. Hit a nice high cut 3 wood to 35 yards, then proceed to blade my pitch shot over the green, chip back on to about 8 feet, and two putt for a 5… Second round at my home course. After a 41 on the front, I made a couple birdies and was playing the back nine to even par through 16. Need to make two bogies to get the elusive 79, so naturally I go bogey-double. This is a stupid game…
  7. My suspicion is that it's a swing weight issue. I've only swung a Lag Shot driver a couple times, but from what I recall it's a relatively high swing weight compared to most off the rack drivers. Stock for the Cleveland Launcher is D3 and the SpeedZone is anywhere from D1-D3. So, could be that in swing weight terms, Lag Shot > Launcher > SZ, which coincidentally happens to be the same order you indicate you hit best-to-worst. Could be worth spending a few bucks on some lead tape to add a little head weight to the Cobra and see if it helps.
  8. I played Baltusrol a couple weeks before the 2016 PGA Championship and given the conditions, it is probably the hardest round of golf I have ever played. Rough was thick enough you could drop a ball and lose it. Greens were fast enough to land on the front and roll off the back with anything more than like 9i or wedge. Absolutely gave me an appreciation for what pros deal with on a week to week basis. For something a little different... The Shattuck in Jaffrey, NH is a 142 slope at only a little over 6000 yards. Target golf at its finest. Couple buddies and I usually go once a year towards the end of the season to lose half the balls in the shag bag.
  9. Fresh socks and underwear between rounds for sure. I would recommend some type of no sugar electrolyte supplement (LMNT, Ultima) instead of just water. You lose a lot through sweat and don't replace them with just water. If carrying your own bag, get as much unnecessary stuff out of it as possible - I never realized all the stuff I lug around that isn't needed most days (e.g. rain gloves, jacket, wrench, more balls than I really need, etc.). Getting even a pound or two out of the bag makes a huge difference in energy expenditure over the course of 36 holes.
  10. Currently have 7, which is probably a record for my bag, though it will drop to 6 if my new wedges ever show up. Only slot in my bag that has been the same brand for consecutive clubs is the Driver (went from SpeedZone to the LTDx). Too many brands making too much good stuff to limit options. Driver - Cobra 3w - Tour Edge Exotics 5w - Titleist 4i - Mizuno 5i-P - Srixon GW/SW/LW - Ping (but will be replaced by Mizuno T22) Putter - SIK
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