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  1. I'm using arccos and like them overall. There was a sale on some cobra F9 irons over the winter and they have the arccos sensors built into the grips, which included a free registration to try it for 3 months. To use the app, they sent free sensors for the rest of the clubs my bag as well which is really nice for getting people into trying out their system. I've found that their support is very quick in answering request (updating courses, inquiries, etc), usually like 2-3 days at most if you e-mail, but they also have phone support. The app works pretty well at measuring shots and giv
  2. Not too familiar with this competition, started reading MyGolfSpy within the last number of months. Let's hope us Canadians are allowed to participate
  3. Bahumbug! You guys must not like Canadians . . . Sure there will be snow here in not too long but we still have a little bit of a golfing season! Good luck to everyone eligible
  4. Fredrick / Windsor, ontario, Canada Current putter: i'm rocking a Wilson M1 putter (blade style) I would be interested mostly in the Anser 2 style putter. Out of all the putters I have used I feel that blade putters are the cleanest at address. I was actually looking to purchase a new putter because I started last year and got a reasonably inexpensive one as a starter to see if I was going to stick with the sport (which I am!). I am actually looking for ones that do not have a soft plastic insert to get a more consistent feel across the whole putter face. I borrowed a friends
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