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  1. The grooves in the wedges look almost like “U” grooves in the picture close up (thinking of Ping Eye 2), but that could never be as that would make them illegal. Maybe a little wishful thinking.
  2. I love-love-love to walk, listen to the birds, feeling the breezes, enjoying the beauty of the course and feeling my feet engaging the earth. Never carry clubs, can be too hard on the back and neck. Only ride when it’s mandatory. I use a pull cart and was delighted to find that a tremendous amount of calories are burned when pulling a cart, up to 300 per hour for a 130 lb person, and for a 190 lb man it’s 431 calories per hour.
  3. I wear NW Golf Sleeves SPF 50, cool & airy feeling—faster than sunscreen & not sticky. If you send them a selfie wearing their Golf sleeves, they’ll heap on tons of praise and send you a discount code & post your picture on their website. Sleeves come in white, black, some patterns, & many colors, have a special nonslip gripper at the top. Very comfortable and much cooler than wearing my long sleeved SPF shirts. I also like Coolibar’s Zinc infused UV SPF 50 pants, but not fond of their women's styles in tops. I live in Portland OR and we are having extremely hot weather, due to be 110 deg tomorrow, not golfing for a few days unless I get out at 6 am.
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