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Found 82 results

  1. Welcome to my first ever review thread. I apologize for it being it light on pictures, but I hope the content will inspire, educate, inform, and make you think a little bit. The real reason there aren't many picture is because I have no internet at my house and I'm posting this by staying late at work, perhaps pictures may follow when I get a chance. Me, The Golfer Male, Age 28, 5'11", a few extra pounds as my OK Cupid profile would say. I played golf in high school as was one of the better players in Central New York. Two time first team, one time second team all-league. Attempted to walk-on at D3 Oswego State, missed cut because my game left me and my brain was too weak to handle the pressure. Currently play once a week, practice a bit, won a club championship. Handicap back under single digits, but still a ways to go before I get back to where I was in High School, but I hope to get back to sub 5. Why Single Length? To me, I've always enjoyed hitting long irons, but like most I lacked the consistency to continually bag them. I attempted to go the hybrid route with my last iron set and found success, but they never really were my cup of tea. Too far going left on mishits (a common refrain). The single length set allowed me to add back my longer irons, while keeping consistency through the rest of the set. Plus, as someone who really embracing science the physics behind the idea made sense to me and gave me something I wanted to try. Lastly, I had never bought a set of major OEM irons, and when I heard Cobra was coming with this, I knew this was my chance. Trusting The Process First, I must state that without my working at Dick's Sporting Goods, this likely wasn't going to happen. When we got the demos of the F7 line, I was in there whenever I had a spare moment hitting the One Lenghts, getting comfortable with the idea of them. I took to the shorter irons and wedges very quickly, but the long irons were a touch tougher. Also, through working in the industry you are sometimes given the advantage to buy products at factory director pricing, and that was what happened here with Cobra. As a poor law school graduate it's a great way to get good stuff on the cheap. After hitting the irons for nearly 3 months I was ready to go forward. Self Taught Fitting Again, the advantage for working for a big box store, you learn how to do standard fittings. That was all I needed for this I was coming from a set of Nickent 6DX combos, not a bad set of irons, but I bought them off the rack after my original purchase fell through due to lack of stock. First, the irons needed to be +1 upright. Second was finding the right shaft. I had thought between the KBS Tours and the TT XP line. I wanted a good feeling shaft and the numbers on both these were close. However, the launch angle of the KBS Tour R+ combined with the slightly higher weight led to that being the choice. The other issue was at the high end of the bag on gapping. The 5 in the set is 23*, the 6 is 26*. With the steel shafts there were carrying too close and finishing too close to validate having them both. So, I did as any mad scientist would. I bent the 5 iron one degree strong, and put a graphite shaft in it to get more speed. It's more my 4.5 iron, but it works. Top it off with the sweet Ace Crossline Blue grips and we had a winner. Playing Under Pressure So, now to the meat of the issue, how did these bad boys perform? The answer would be like I expected. Now, I know no club is a cure all for any swing flaw or lack of practice, but there is little doubt that these clubs have aided my game. I've played 6 tournament rounds this season, my average score has been just over 79 and that's with minimum practice time and really only playing like once a week. The consistency of having to swing only one swing is something that I think would benefit most golfers. My weird 4.5 iron has been a great club for me off the tee. I use it on long par 3's and to lay up on short par fours and I get around 185-200 out of it, exactly the numbers I'm looking for. I will say though, it hasn't been great as a non driving iron. Luckily I don't have shots that I need to cover that distance at most courses because I'm long enough off the tee, but that's one of the few weaknesses. The biggest surprise has been my wedge play. Full swing wedges are an absolute joy to play. It's almost like point and click with these things. That was the part of this I was not expecting. I've been able to open them up and play lengthy flop shots, hit good half and three quarter pitches, and full swings are fantastic as well. It has been such a revelation that I am removing my standard length 60* wedge this upcoming season for a One length wedge. Chipping with them is no problem and controlling ball flight is the same. The other irons all perform as well, but as they are close enough to their regular lengths with only slight variation, I was expecting that to be honest. Across the board I would say that I'm around maybe a quarter to a half club longer through the bag, perhaps from achieving more optimum flight and better spin rates, or just because of my swing being more consistent. I've always been a good short iron player, but adding that consistency to my wedge game and seeing some better results from the long irons has really improved my game to the point where I've knocked two shotts off my handicap with limited play and practice this year. As time goes on I'm certain that I will be getting even better results as I continue to play and get more accustomed to these clubs. Final Thoughts In the end, I believe that the single length iron trend is more than a gimmick. Yes, I understand that they will not be for everyone, but what set of clubs is? I would say for someone looking for... say it with me... more consistency in your swing, they are a great choice, but you need to commit to the idea. This is not the way golf clubs were designed before and they are a fundamental shift, but if you can get on board and get comfortable with them, they can been an absolute boon to your game.
  2. Well for me this will be challenging, as I know the number will be higher than I expected, and my memory isn't what it used to be. But I thought it'd be fun to list all the drivers we've had in the bag at one time or another. I was going to go by year, but I don't have that good of recall anymore, so I'll go by brand. Let the fun begin. Adams Golf: Speedline Bridgestone: J815- Callaway- Original Big Bertha FT5 FT9 Draw FT-IZ X-Hot Optiforce 460 Steelhead + XR XR16 Mini 1.5 Cleveland Launcher 400 Launcher Comp 460 Launcher Ti460 HiBORE Classic 290 Cobra ZL Encore LV5 Mizuno MP-001 Nickent 4DX Nike SQ Dymo Vapor Fly PING G2 G5 G20 Srixon Z565 Taylormade Burner Burner Super Fast JetSpeed R1 R7 Super Quad R9 R9 460 R11 R15 Titleist 905R 975J 983K 909D Comp 910 D2 913 D2 917 D3 Wilson Deep Red 305 D200 That's 45 drivers over essentially 22 years of playing full time. Not counting the year or two I played in the early 80s with equipment handed down from my dad. Even with all these, I'm somehow still feeling like I'm forgetting 1 or 2
  3. Official Forum Member Review Cobra F7/F7+ Drivers DawgDaddy Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Drewneddy Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Cobra Website
  4. **SOLD**** Getting rid of a Cobra King LTD Pro driver. This is the version that goes from 7-10 degrees. It's in excellent shape. There are no major scratches, just some normal wear on bottom. I tried to show all sides of the head in the photos. The length is standard. It has a white, midsize Tour Wrap grip. Aldila Rogue Black 60 stiff. I don't have the tool or headcover. $175 shipped Paypal only. contact me for more info: surfandturfdan@gmail.com Thanks guys!
  5. Three very popular drivers based on recent forum testing and Most Wanted Testing. Sounds like I can't go wrong with either one. I'm definitely going to take the bite on one, I know I have to go hit them, and hopefully actually get on a LM fitting to make the decision. But wanted to get some fun conversation going here from the group, that if you had to go with one today....Which one and Why?
  6. OFFICIAL COBRA KING F6 TECFLO IRON REVIEW These snakes won't bite.........lets put some venom back in your iron game.......your ball won't slither into the woods with these irons. Enough snake puns? Ok, lets get to the review. Fozcycle Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Joey East Coast Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Ashton Plumley Stage One Stage Two Stage Three dnj7911 Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Let us know what you think! Visit Cobras website HERE Like Cobra on Facebook HERE Follow Cobra on Twitter HERE
  7. Hi Everyone, I don't post too much, but I really love the irons and the whole setup of my bag to the point where I believe everything is very dialed in! Been playing for 2 full seasons this will be season 3 and very excited to get out on the links!! A little more Detailed WITB than my signature: Driver: Nike Vapor Flex, weight forward, Diamana S+ 60 shaft in stiff, loft is 9.5 or 10.5 still see which flight is best once I can actually hit outside (Canadian winters), Draw bias 3W: Callaway Big Bertha 2014, Fubuki Z65 Stiff shaft, 15 degrees draw bias. 3Hybrid: Callaway X2 Hot, Callaway Ultralite Blue 60G Shaft, 19 degrees The good Stuff! Irons, Gotta say I'm soooo happy with these: King Cobra LTD Pro MB/CB Combo BLACK FINISH 7-PW MB's and 4-6i CB's, so workable high and low trajectories! AND FEEL PHENOMENAL!! 1/4" Short, 2 Degrees Flat, standard lofts. C-Taper Lite 110G Stiff shaft(unreal shafts, tight dispersion left to right and front to back, perfect mid flights) Wedges: 54 degree RTX 2 dot(stock shaft, will replace after this season) 50(2dot) and 58(3dot) are RTX 3 with C-Taper Lite shafts 110G Stiff, just got these haven't hit the 50 but 58 is amazing for chipping and being creative around the green. Putter: Nike method, blade style w/ insert (not a great putter so it will do for now) Thanks for checking out my bag, leave some comments, and if you got any questions about those irons! Attached a few pics, Driver got replaced by nike, old picture had the cobra driver
  8. http://www.cobragolf.com/king-ltd-driver-black?utm_source=bm23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Image+-+KING+LTD+Black+Pre-Sale&utm_content=Pre-Order+the+New+Black+LTD+Driver&utm_campaign=KING+LTD+Black+Pre-Sale The Cobra King LTD is back and this time it is all Black.
  9. Glad to be a part of GolfSpy! Central Texas golfer that enjoys reading about, hearing about, and playing golf! Looking forward to seeing some of you all on the first tee!
  10. Selling a LIKE NEW set of Cobra Fly Z Irons with upgraded shafts. See ad on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/222258685573?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thank you!
  11. Fellow golfers: The TL/DR version: At what point at the bottom of the talent and skill scale is the quality of the club irrelevant to the golfer's ability (assuming a basic level of quality)? The full version: I love this game. I've been playing for four months, finally, and I'm taking lessons and have the kind of life where I can either play, get to a driving range, practice putting, practice chipping and pitching, or any combination of these things every day. As a beginner, I bought a decent set of used clubs, including a driver, wedges, woods, and a putter. All good gear, all felt right in my hands, and all was well. But as I've gotten more and more into this golf-thing, I've also started reading more about it on the blogs, looking at equipment reviews, trying out gadgets, etc. My clubs are at the very very least perfectly adequate. I actually think they're top notch, but it's a very personal choice once you get past the data. My skill level is nowhere near squeezing from these clubs their maximum capacity of speed, distance, and accuracy. And that's OK. I'm still learning. I have a Ping G20 driver. I learned to hit from the tee with that club, and I'm usually more accurate than not, but as I said, I'm working on it. Then I read the review (on this site) of the Cobra Fly Z, and I thought I'd give it a try. I found a used one, bought it, and took it for a spin today. I was less accurate rather than more, but I figured that was just the adjustment period. I'll try again tomorrow. But maybe the real problem is this: maybe it is irrelevant what brand with what features I use, as I can't take advantage of the nuanced differences between them. And like most of the golfers I speak with, we fetishize and love our gear, and we seem to always want the next thing that has the potential to make our game better. But again, I can't blame the tools for my lack of performance. Can I credit them when I get good?
  12. Awesome - I like the increased grind options and am a huge fan of bringing the snake emblem to the wedges... I haven't gamed Cobra wedges before, but these are definitely intriguing. Thoughts? What would it take to move you from your current wedge line-up?
  13. I will start with: Yes, I know someone from Wilson. And it's summer here now! HCap is hanging around the 2 area. My birthday in October was my 44th anniversary of my first set of clubs. No pictures because there's nothing to see here. They're all pretty bog standard. Ask if you're really bored. Most important thing in my bag: As powerful as I can get sunscreen: I have had melanomas removed. It is not pleasant- it is cancer, and a very nasty cancer. It took me 2 years to get over it and the treatment played havoc with my game and wardrobe. However, I now have a nice selection of Oakley garments in my current smaller size. OK, things to hit balls with. Wilson gear may look off-the-rack but it's not. We tried other shafts and almost went with heavy Nippons. The S300 have been tweaked. Driver: Cobra Fly-Z plus, 10*, weight back, black, Tour AD GT-7 stiff, 44.5" D2 Fairway: Cobra Fly-Z, 14.5*, black, Matrix 6Q3 Red Tie, stiff, 43" D2 Utility Irons: Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 2/18* & 3/21*, 7g weight, Kuro Kage Black 90 Stiff D2 Irons: 4-7 Wilson Staff FG Tour V4, Dynamic Gold DG Pro S300 D2 Irons: 8-P Wilson Staff FG Tour V4, Dynamic Gold DG Pro S300 1* strong D2 Gap Wedge: 52* Wilson Staff TC, DG Spinner, 2* flat Lob/Sand Wedge: 58* Wilson Staff TC Tour Grind sole, DG Wedge, 2* flat (If you want to know why my wedges are 2* flat, ask!) (52/58* wedges are getting tired and are about to be replaced. Open to brand and models.) All grips Lamkin Crossline midsize based on trajectory, not hand size. Putter: SeeMore FGP 35.5" w/ Lamkin "SeeMore" grip Putter left near my bag to remind the FGP that no one is indispensable: Nickent Tour Prototype Milled MP/05 (Putters that I used to use now hanging on the wall in the man cave: Wilson 8802, Spalding TP Mills II, original Ping PAL, original Ping B61. Showing my age there...) Bags: Wilson Staff neXus carry Wilson Staff staff with "the Loop" extra strap. I prefer the older red & white bags- a classic look. The red ones and the black ones... Meh. Balls: Srixon Z-Star XV white balls during 2015, but I'm reviewing my 2016 balls. Other things in the bag, besides sunscreen (did I mention sunscreen?): Lycra sleeves for those high UV days. Tees: 2.75" unfinished wood. Rule book: What do you mean you don't have one? While I am a rules official and unless it's a tournament or you're really pissing me off, it's there mainly because of other golfers who ruin my round by not waiting until I've finished my enjoyment before they ask questions... Gloves: Wilson Conform. I find them more comfortable than the FG Tour gloves I can also get for the same nominal cost. Towel: Club Glove caddy towel. Bananas.
  14. All your buddies will be calling you Johnnie Rocket after they see you hit this thing.
  15. The best is back.
  17. Nice and easy now.
  18. Every. Single. Time.
  19. Now these are real beauties......
  20. Bomb the fairway woods that Rickie plays.
  21. Rickie games it. So should you.
  22. Wow! It didn't take long for Cobra to capitalize on this........Go Cobra!
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