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  1. Good afternoon everyone. I'm trying my hand at re-gripping this afternoon. With a little patience I think I can get it done. I don't have a garage or shop to work out of, but fortunately I remembered this countertop mountable vice that I got a few years ago. I will post a couple updates as I go.
  2. I do recommend trying the Alignment grips from Golf Pride if yours are due for renewal or considering an upgrade
  3. Driver: Callaway GBB Epic 9*, Fujikira Pro 62 Stiff Shaft 3 Wood: Taylormade M6 D-type 16*, Project X Evnflow Max Carry Stiff Shaft 4 Hybrid: Cobra Fly Z XL 22*, Cobra Stock Hybrid Shaft Irons: Taylormade P770 4-PW, KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff Wedges: Taylormade Milled Grind 50,54,58, Dynamic Gold Shafts Putter: Scotty Cameron Futura X5, Superstroke 2.0 Grip (Golf Pride MCC +4 ALIGN Midsize grips on driver through 58)
  4. I'm listing a MINT TS2 with a brand-new Accra TZ5, 75g M5 shaft, standard length. The original driver was $499 and I added the shaft for $310. I estimate the driver head has launched ~25 tee shots. I had some pro-shop money expire end of 2018, so I picked up the TS2 head. I got fit for the Accra shaft about a month ago and it's been collecting dust on the TS2 since. Decided to stick with my trust 915d2 from college. This thing is sick. Please feel free to shoot me any questions. $525 - Looking to sell full set-up.
  5. I am considering using a lighter grip to up the swing weight of my Bridgestone J38 Dual Pocket Cavities and am wondering if anyone has tried the Tour 25 grip from Golf Pride? I'm just curious how the grip feels in relation to the standard tour velvet grip or Lamkin crossline. Harder, softer, grippyness, etc. Thanks
  6. RW's one word review - FIRM Hopefully you like calluses! I've been playing the Lamkin UTx Midsize Reminder for the last season or so, and wanted to see how the Golf Pride Z Grip Align's compare. My biggest issue with the UTx is the loss of tackiness and grip texture mid round. I've realized I must have extremely dirty hands because to keep them tacky, I have to clean the grips during my round. I play in the south, so the necessity for a cord grip is a must. Hence my gravitation to the Z Grip. Golf Pride hails the Z Grip as the firmest grip model with "heavy cord texture an
  7. Whoopwhoop here, I was lucky enough to be a tester for the Golf Pride Align grip giveaway Golf Pride did a few weeks ago and decided to do a quick review. First off, I love trying new equipment so I was delighted to get a grip in the mail. When I entered, I had three choices of Golf Pride's Align line. One was oversize option, one was the MCC dual compound and the third was their tour velvet. All had this new align grip feature that intrigued me. I've never have tried a dual compound grip before so that's the one I picked. Once I got it in the mail. I quickly put on some Marley
  8. From today's InBox -- kind of a cool place to have your HQ!!! Golf Company Headquarters Planned For Pinehurst No. 8 Golf Pride Would Move From Its SP Location John Nagy/The Pilot An architectural rendering of the proposed Golf Pride Global Innovation Campus that would be built just inside the gates at the Pinehurst No. 8 golf course in Pinehurst. Courtesy/Golf Pride Golf Pride, the sport's largest manufacturer of golf club grips, is looking to trade its inconspicuous Southern Pines presence for a significantly higher profile one just inside the gates of the Pi
  9. I'm a new poster to the Forums, here, though I've been reading the tests and your posts for years. After I'd paid for someone else to install grips and, later, shafts, in my clubs, the technician said, "Look, you seem to be a pretty handy guy, these are just mechanical processes. You could be doing this yourself and not paying me." Made sense! I'm a "Build Your Own Clubs" (BYOC) fan! I've been building my own clubs since about 1999. I mostly use Bang Golf heads and have tried a LOT of different shafts. I keep coming back to my old Grafalloy Prolite Elite's in my drivers, and the Prolite Colo
  10. Hello Everyone, I know this product has been in market for a while now, but it is new to me (and maybe to you) so I thought I would give you a quick run down of my experience so far. A bit about me. I have a love hate relationship with putting as I am sure many of you do. I love to spend time rolling putts on the practice green and carpet putt at home using a swing analyzer with a mirror as well. But all the practice doesn't seem to translate into the results I am looking for on the course. So, every time I get in a bit of a slump, I never fire the putter, but I fire the
  11. So it's regrip time. I think I'll scrub 'em up tomorrow, and they'll do for a couple more weeks, but they've lived their useful life. I'm playing Lamkin REL 3 Gen currently, and I LOVE THEM!! I know I could find a set of these, probably pretty inexpensively, but wonder who's playing what, and why. Hit me up with your recommendations. It's like a grip review thread. Hey.... that's a GOOD idea!
  12. TESTERS WANTED!!!! Golf Pride SENSR Putter Grip Everyone knows Golf Pride is the #1 regular grip on Tour, but did you know it's also the leading Putter Grip on Tour? Between their own grips and those provided to OEM's, Golf Pride has a, pardon the pun, firm grip on Tour, and it's not even close. Golf Pride first showed its new SENSR putter grips at this year's PGA Merchandise Show, and they're just now releasing these new, oversized grips to golfers everywhere. Available in two shapes - Straight and Contoured - and in two sizes - 104 and 140CC - the new SENSR grips are 40%
  13. Sifting through the notes and pictures from the PGA show and wanted to share the story on the new Golf Pride SNSR Grips.... Met with Bruce Miller, Golf Pride's Retail Products Manager, and he shared the following tidbits. First, Golf Pride doesn't pay anyone to play their grips, but it remains the #1 grip in golf, and by a pretty wide margin. These guys can get any grip they want and the fact they choose Golf Pride is a source of, well, pride.... Did not know this -- Golf Pride is far and away the #1 putter grip on Tour, as well. That primarily due to their OEM business, but
  14. Who remebers the Black & Green Victory Grips? Enter to Win here..... http://www.golfpride.com/victory/?utm_source=Victory_Launch&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2015%20Email%20Marketing&goal=0_52696dac3c-b8528ba453-137718505
  15. Another release from Golf Pride - they kinda dominate the grip game, don't they? Top Players Choose Golf Pride Grips at 2015 U.S. Open SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. … Power management company Eaton announced today that its Golf Pride Grips Division was the leading grip brand played by professionals and amateurs at the 2015 U.S. Open Championship. The overwhelming majority, 119 players, competing in the year's second major trusted their games to Golf Pride grips. Out of the top 10 finishers, 10 of 11 players had more confidence with Golf Pride grips in their hands. Golf Pride's popular
  16. Not entirely sure what this means, but I did find it interesting... 79 of the 97 players at the Masters - 81% - used Golf Pride grips (or, according to the press release, "trusted their games to Golf Pride"). 26 of the top 30 finishers used Golf Pride. The Tour Velvet was by far the most preferred, with 55 players using Tour Velvet - 3 times more than all the other grip brands combined. And players using Golf Pride grips have won 85% of the last 20 major championships. What does it all mean?? Golf Pride certainly is the industry standard and the world's largest grip manu
  17. One of the more interesting grips to come from Golf Pride in some time. 31% softer vs. any other grip in their line-up but just as stable. Something you couldn't get before from a softer grip like this. And since we have one sitting in the office I thought we would send one out to one of you guys. Cause we know some of you got some ugly grips on your driver(s). Mine might actually be the worst. And if you do, tell us about that ugly grip. The more descriptive the better! HOW TO ENTER Tweet the following for a chance to win, and fill in the blank telling us about your ugly,
  18. New Year, New Gear This is the time of year when we all get a excited about new golf gear. I'm not going to lie; I get a lot excited. Work keeps me from attending the annual gear gorging at the PGA Show, but I, like you, followed along as best as I could through the wondrous MGS coverage. I loved seeing all of the new stuff, and Golfspy Tim's #boothbabeselfie campaign was classic entertainment! Really though, for me, it's all about the new gear. Every year, I try to envision myself playing the new stuff, wondering and dreaming about the effect it will have on my game. This year, I was so
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