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  1. I've got a 5-P set of used Mizuno MP-58's. They have Nippon Pro 950GH r-flex shafts and the factory Mizuno dual compound grips. These have been used but the faces are still in solid condition with no browning at all, I'd say the grips are almost done with though. The shafts weren't right for me so i'm selling them to make room. Price is $125 shipped via USPS and payment via PayPal. If you think the price is too high feel free to let me know, i have no need for them so would be willing to discuss.
  2. Here's a great deal for only $260 http://dealadaygolf.com/past-deal/adams-golf-super-s-iron-combo-set Brand Adams New Super S Irons With this set, you'll receive the #3 and #4 Hybrids plus the full set of the 5/6/7/8/9 irons and the Pitching Wedge. Eight clubs in total! The Adams Super S irons are perfect for any player looking for a game improvement club. Super S irons feature a wide sole for smooth turf interaction, and amazing distance. Half hollow construction technology blends the best features of a hybrid and an iron without sacrificing looks or feel. If you like double bogeys Super S irons aren't for you, so easy to hit ... you'll hit them longer, straighter and more consistent than your old irons. Dual Cavity Construction to maximize ball speed and enhance forgiveness. Matte White Crown with Contrasting PVD Face increases apparent club size and ease of alignment of the Hybrids for increased confidence at address. Patented Gapping Technology blends the #1 hybrids in golf with easy to hit irons for more distance and forgiveness. Perfect for the mid-to-high handicap player looking for a game improvement iron set. Configuration: #3h (19*) #4h (22*) 5-PW Super S irons.
  3. FROM THE BLOG 2015 Bridgestone J15CB, J15DF and J15DPF Irons + J15 Wedges http://www.mygolfspy.com/2015-bridgestone-j15cb-j15df-and-j15dpf-irons/ 2015 equipment is just around the corner and we've now seen what Bridgestone looks to be offering in the iron and wedge department. Are you seeing anything thus far that makes you want to rush out and try them when released? Do you think it's been too long since we've seen any substantial from Bridgestone for anyone to actually notice? Let us know your thoughts.
  4. Just saw the new PowerBilt irons.....they have two models, the AFX Pro Series http://store.powerbilt.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=AFX-PRO-SERIES-IRONS and the AFX Game Improvement Series http://store.powerbilt.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=AFX-GAME-IMPROVEMENT-IRONS Both sets are very reasonbly priced and the Pro Series has a nice Clean look to them. Post your thoughts....
  5. I had a lesson with Monte Scheinblum on Friday and got great shaft lean and lag by trying as hard as possible to dump it all! Check it out
  6. These look very nice........would like to get a couple swings in on them.
  7. TaylorMade Rsi2 Initial Impressions The TaylorMade Rsi2 irons are here and I managed to get out to the range after a month off today and hit some shots. I'm quite impressed by my limited interaction with them so far, but it's a lot better than staring at them in the office. For the last season I've played a fitted mix set of TaylorMade CB 3-7 & MC 8-PW with KBS Tour stiff shafts (115-120g). The Rsi2's are adjusted to my specs (1° up) with the stock KBS Tour 105g shafts. I found these easy to hit with a baby draw at worst and loved how penetrating the ball flight is. No hint of ballooning at all. LIGHT First thing you notice about the Rsi2 in hand is lighter weight which is easily attributed to the lighter shaft I'm sure. They feel very balanced in hand and you can tell where the club head is at all times, I did not think this fought against my quicker transition at all. MUSHY Lighter shafts, forged faces & some gooey face slots seem to equal a very crunchy-mushy feel on the first few swings. As I got my groove on this feeling really grew on me a lot. It was 2 degrees Celsius this morning and I really liked the feel of these. LONG So much for the half-to-full club I lost with the MC/CB's, accroding to Swing Caddie we're almost back to RocketBladez distances without the over-sized club heads. I was hitting a 7 iron roughly 170 and I was on TrackMan a month ago hitting CB 6 irons around 176. FORGIVING Mishits happen and not longer do you lose 10 or so yards. According to swing caddie those not so centered shots are coming in 5-6 yards less. ACCURATE It's a Christmas miracle! Seriously I hit a few off the heal & spattered a few on the toe and they were always within a 10 yard gap. The ball doesn't leak away, you can see it fighting to stay straight. For lack of a better phrase they're "stupid accurate".
  8. Full court press from the Big Swoosh on the new Vapor line of irons. Click here for the full story from the Nike website... Question is - do you find them Sexy or Silly? Been gaming the Vapor Pro Combos for about 3 weeks now and they perform...and to my eye they fall on the Sexy side. What say you?
  9. From the Ben Hogan Insider A Table Full of Jewelry We see them every day, so it would be easy to forget the awe we felt when we first saw that table full of practically every club-head Mr. Hogan ever built. I say it would be easy, but each time a new visitor comes to our office and sees them there lined up, I feel those goosebumps all over again. As you probably know, Mr. Hogan believed a great golf club should be so striking and so magnificent that he referred to them as “fine jewelry.” When you see them there together, as if in a showcase at Tiffany's, you can see why. These club-heads are on loan from Mr. Ronnie McGraw's personal collection. Ronnie is one of the handful of people alive who can tell you with certainty, “Well, Mr. Hogan thought this,” or “Mr. Hogan felt this.” What that table gives us is a look at Mr. Hogan from 1953 to 1992 – which is when Mr. Hogan influenced the last Ben Hogan Iron. Mr. Hogan's Portfolio. Steve Jobs famously said “design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.” While Mr. Hogan may not have agreed with Steve Jobs on everything, I'm sure he would have agreed with that quote. Every iron design on that table went through “The Hogan Process.” At some point, each of these clubs went out to the range in Mr. Hogan's bag, and he hit them again and again to see how they performed. That was his ultimate test. He was without peer in quality control – the ultimate tester of the golf club – because he was, for all intents and purposes, a professor of how the golf ball performed. While other touring pros were focused on golf course architecture, Mr. Hogan was really the only one who gave all his attention to golf club architecture. Mr. Hogan could tell the team how a club responded to low grass, high cut, soft turf, hard pan. He could tell the R&D department how to make a club that would respond to everything he wanted it to do. Everything You'll Want A Club To Do In 2015, we're taking this meticulous drive for perfection and Mr. Hogan's reverence for a well-made golf club, and we're leveraging modern technology to produce a truly beautiful club for golfers who appreciate fine things. We suspect you will be one of them. If you're serious about the game of golf, sooner or later you're going to play these clubs, and you're going to show them to your friends the same way a bride-to-be shows off her engagement ring. Expect a similar reaction. To be among the first to take delivery of the new Ben Hogan irons when they debut in 2015, please visit benhogangolf.com/reservemyhogans http://benhogangolf.com/insider/a-table-full-of-jewelry/
  10. Speed Review TaylorMade SpeedBlade VS. RocketBladez Set Up As most of you know I wasn't always on staff with MyGolfSpy and a year ago today I posted my ‘Member Review Unboxing' of TaylorMade RocketBladez. Well jump ahead a year and one full season with the RocketBladez exclusively in the bag. Over this time I've had the opportunity to learn all of these guys' tricks and capabilities. Are they deep? Yes. Are they consistent? Fairly. Do they want to make me go out and play golf again tomorrow? YES. So seriously what's TM going to be able to do next year? Guess what, its fall of 2013 and TaylorMade have released the next big pocketed thing for 2014; the SpeedBlade. TM's also back with all of last year's marketing mumbo jumbo and it kinda reads pretty much the same… Longer. Higher… Well here read this. So back to the TaylorMade Player Center at University Golf Club I go for a visit with TM fitter Andy Johnson. Oh boy Danny's excited, if I had this much fun over the last season playing RocketBladez what are SpeedBlade's going to do to me? Looks Gone is the chrome & the mustard colored badge and instead TaylorMade has opted for a more neutral gunmetal satin grey and blue branding. TM has managed to reduce the bulk of the iron as well pushing the SpeedBlade much closer to the player's end of game improvement irons. This club will certainly appeal to the high single digit handicaps with its more compact design. Feel/Sound Gone is the horrendous sound in the slotted irons that made me almost jumped out my skin the first time I hit a slotted RocketBlade at a covered range. As a matter of fact I think everyone on the range stopped to look... Anyways I'm sure this is simple a byproduct of changes in design and better technology. Or, is it? Whatever I'm just being facetious; it's gone let's move on. The sound of the SpeedBlades is fairly pleasant in comparison, a lot more muted but still more cast than forged. Feel wise thinner faces, more face flex and the magic pocket goo have reduced any of the harsh cast feel of days gone by. The RocketBlades never really bothered me as you get used to a club over time, but you can instantly tell once we hit warmer temperatures in Vancouver and tour balls come back into play the SpeedBlade will be a far softer feeling iron. Performance OK let's get to it this is a Speed Review. Enough jibba jabba, let's find out if there's any improvements. A month ago before the Player Centre received their SpeedBlade fit cart and the weather was a good 10˚ Celcius warmer (it was like 62 degree F that day for my American friends), I was able to compare the same stock shafts in the RocketBlades and Speedblades. Stock 7 irons Stiff 85g Shafts 90% limited flight balls Distance – SpeedBlades take this one The other numbers here are interesting too. Swing speeds up & ball speed down, but when you combine a lower launch angle and spin rates in the SpeedBlade it results in a flatter more penetrating flight. This was a noticeable improvement and a welcome one. Move on a month later, temperatures have dropped and it's an eerie, foggy, cold Halloween night. Yes Halloween so I'm expecting some ridiculously “Spooky” numbers. Sorry I had to go there… So with the fit cart in I'm now able to match the specs I've been playing for the last year. 7 irons KBS Tour S shafts 90% limited flight balls Now keep in mind it's a cold and foggy night so numbers should be down from last time. Distance – SpeedBlades once again OK so total carry is a saw off, boy those RocketBladez sure ran out. But when it comes to carry distance there's still an improvement. Once again though, the other numbers tell a story. As you can see having a fitted shaft can make a world of difference and these numbers reflect what I've observed with my RocketBladez over the past year. It's exciting to know that with the same custom shafts the SpeedBladez can perform even better. And here are a few other observations of note about SpeedBladez. Distance consistency between shots is closer Dispersion is tighter Flatter but higher ball flight The Wrap SpeedBlades Higher Farther Softer MBP Approves http://taylormadegolf.com/irons/speedblade.html
  11. As part of what's dubbed on Facebook 24 hours of XTD. Looks like Adams has launched a more in-depth experience for the XTD line. http://www.adamsgolf.com/xtd/
  12. TM has let loose a first peak at their new TP line. http://tourdiaries.taylormadegolf.com/2013/11/first-look-tour-preferred-stay-tuned/
  13. So I've actually wondered this for a while, during fittings for irons why are they only done with a 6 or 7 iron? I understand the idea that they are usually in the middle of the set and usually the easiest to hit, but you buy and play with 8 irons. Wouldn't it make sense to hit the long, mid, and short irons when getting fitted?
  14. During today's social media surfing I came upon Zestaim irons by Kyoei Golf. The clean lines really caught my eye but they are an unknown to me and just seeing who knows what about them. Kyoei Golf Industry Co. LTD http://www.kyoeigolf.co.jp/ As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary we'd like to say 'Thank You' to all our clients. For 50 years we have produced the world's finest forged iron club heads here in the Ichikawa-cho Hyogo prefecture in Japan. Our town is the original manufacturer of golf clubs in Japan. From the beginning we set out to create the perfect golf club, producing clubs that meet our customer's stringent demands and tastes. Zestaim Iron Line Up http://www.kyoeigolf.co.jp/products/zestaim.shtml Fi-1 Forged Cavity http://www.kyoeigolf.co.jp/products/fi1c.shtml Fi-2 Forged Muscle Back http://www.kyoeigolf.co.jp/products/fi2c.shtml Fi-3 Forged Half-Cavity http://www.kyoeigolf.co.jp/products/zestaim-fi-3.shtml IO Grind Series Wedges http://www.kyoeigolf.co.jp/products/io-grind.shtml And it looks like there's a selection of 8 different plain Iron Heads http://www.kyoeigolf.co.jp/products/regular.shtml
  15. I've now had a chance to spend a few sessions with the TaylorMade RocketBladez and the SpeedBlade irons. Thoughts, impressions and numbers in a Speed review coming soon...
  16. Anyone heard of Kick X golf before? They got buzz words like: Latest Innovation Designed to win Advanced Design & Engineering http://kickxgolf.com/ They're featured products include: Blast Driveway http://kickxgolf.com/blast-driveway.aspx MA9 Tour Forged Irons http://kickxgolf.com/ma9-forged-irons.aspx Wow!
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