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  1. Nike Golf is back with another in their Play In the Now Campaign. This time around they're promoting the new RZN (Black, Platinum, Silver, Red) golf balls. I had a chance to chat with Nike Golf President, Cindy Davis at the PGA Show, and she told me that the ball is the product she's most excited about for 2014. I hit the new ball under less than ideal conditions, and apart from offering significantly better feel than the previous generations of RZN, the way it holds its line in the wind is simply amazing. There's still an anti-RZN mindset out there (I get it...I had it right up until I tried the new balls), but what people forget is that it was Nike (not Titleist) that was first to market with a rubber ball. If RZN proves to be the next real deal, it will be much more difficult to render them a footnote next time around. Think what you will of Nike Golf and their gear, but apart from being brilliant, these campaigns show you exactly where Nike is compared to the rest of the industry. They haven't always succeeded but they're not the least bit afraid of defying convention with their products. I'm not sure what if any impact the Play In The Now campaign is having on those who don't generally embrace new technologies, or equally as important for Nike, don't view them as an authentic golf company (two sides of the same coin really). I'm already a believer in what Nike Golf is doing, so no need to convince me of anything, but the rest of you... Are these ads having any impact on you perceptions of Nike Golf?
  2. STR8 down the fairway.
  3. Nike Hyperadapt Wind Jacket In 2013, Nike Golf introduced the Hyperadapt Storm-Fit Jacket. They set out to terminate the oversized rain gear that can get in the way of the golf swing. Nike accomplished this by incorporating four-way stretch technology. The idea is that the outwear would fit like a sweater. That is, a close to the body fit without restriction. Recently, Nike introduced the Hyperadapt wind jacket as a compliment to the Hyperadapt line. The wind jacket incorporates the same four-way stretch technology that as in the Storm-Fit jacket. A “V” shaped panel in the back of the jacket assists in mobility and ventilation. However, they went a little cosmic on this design. It's translucent! Naturally, when I first picked this up, I wondered, is there a need for a shirt under this? “With the Hyperadapt Wind jacket there's no need to ‘size up' – it's designed to fit and move with your body,” says Merritt Richardson, Nike Golf VP of Global Golf Apparel. “The four-way stretch laminate through the back, shoulders and upper arms maximizes range of motion and eliminates distractions, and the lightweight outer shell provides superior protection from the elements for all day performance and comfort on the course.” Translucence was by design in the Hyperadapt wind jacket. One of the members of the apparel design team saw a vehicle parked on Nike's Breverton, Oregon, campus. The vehicle had a translucent hood exposing the vehicle's engine. In addition to the performance features of the jacket, it's sustainable as well. Nike used recycled coffee grounds incorporated into the windproof coating on the outer shell. This sustainability is supposed to help reduce odor from sweat and aids in UV protection. *Olympia Fields T-Shirt Underneath to show properities. When you put this on for the first time, you'll think, this fits too small, I need to size up. That's really not the case at all. It will fit more like a shirt than a jacket. But, when you take a golf swing in this, although more tailored than traditional outwear, there is no tightness or restrictive feeling whatsoever. So as a guy that normally wears a size large in outerwear, this fit true to size. I am not sure what to make of the translucent, see-through properties of this wind jacket. It certainly is cool and different, that's for sure. The Hyperadapt wind jacket retails for $100, and also comes in Black and Gray.
  4. Reasons for sharing I have not been very active as a poster of reviews on this site. One I don't have the occasion to do so very often and two I seldom find the results to be worth sharing which is not the case this time around. So moving on please disregard poor grammar, rambling, excessive use of "..." and the like They are simply a result of excitement and possibly a good looking English teacher I had once. Never heard a word she was saying. Thanks Mrs Z The next thing I want you to know is that I am not a brand guy. I am a performance guy. . My golf bag looks like a race car driver shirt and represents just as much loyalty. Those guys need money and will take it from anyone ...condoms, liquor, women's products, to genital enlargement... you name it just send us the check and the patch and we will sew it on with the rest of them. I'm the same way but with performance. I need performance and I'll take it anywhere I can get it I dont care where it comes from. Again not a brand guy. What I am is a tinkerer. A tinkerer of my swing and in turn my equipment. I spend a lot of my time over the winter making changes - hopefully the right ones- and attempting to ingrain them before season starts. This year has been no exception. The last few months I switched over to a new workout regiment that is more centered around golf and have made some big strides, surprisingly quickly I might add, in speed and overall performance. Amp Cell Pro and Fuji Fuel X combo has been in my bag since last spring but is now underperforming (or performing just as it should) ....but I consistently see the following. *fairways set on hard in this image hence the roll out. Changed the setting to medium after warming up with my club. Excessive draw due to the clubs bias many misses well out to the left. No spin 1300-1800 9 or 10 degrees launch. = less carry and a land angle that was too flat - if it hit hard fairway it would run forever but its wet here way too often for that to be the ideal flight - increasing the loft setting seems to make the over draw issue in to an even larger hook as the face closes down slightly weakening grip any further would require some sort of bone removal so its time for a change Since the changes in path and technique have improved my consistency, speed, and accuracy considerably it seems wise to change the setup rather than further adjust the swing. So I bundled up over the last week and headed to the my local fitter over several days for testing last week hoping to accomplish two things; To find a combo that I could control with my swing speed but that would also bump the launch and spin up for a more ideal ball-flight, and to find a setup with less draw bias allowing a full release. As always I came in with my "short list" of setups I wanted to demo and I would trust the fitter with any other options. Callaway Big Bertha BBA Cobra Bio Cell Ping line (i25 g25) TM SLDR Nike line LIMTING FACTORS FOR THIS FITTING ( basically things that took away from the clubs that I did not pick that might be fixable but not in the testing options I have available) Shaft that were too long. -make it difficult for me to control with upright lie and my 5'10" frame Anything with a lot of draw bias is going to be terrible for me....period. Too light weight- I prefer a heavier feel in my clubs. Limited shaft offerings for testing RESULTS Callaway- Callway BBA - excellent ball-speed , Superb feeling off the face. **I prefer a softer solid feel to a loud ear ringing pwang**. The BBA has a great look as well. This was an outlier for this club the highest spin i saw and the longest overal. But 1 in 20 big shots wont help my game and unfortunately absolutely nothing that got the launch/spin up where i needed it with the optoins they had available. If you are a high ball hitter this club should be on your list to try. One thing I did notice was that for me it wasn't very accurate. I have always found this with Callaways over the last couple of years. For myself I think it is the head-shape and shaft length. Pings- Firmer feel and louder. Feel is powerful but somewhat "separated" (softer clubs feel like the impact of a well hit pitch of a wooden bat hitting a softball,,,the pings more like an aluminum cork filled bat hitting a regulation hard baseball ) Stock shaft is surprisingly good though Would be surprised if most golfers could not find a good fit with their options. I wouldn't turn my nose up at them till you try them that's for sure.. Anyway...Good numbers,not outstanding but good. Much more accurate than the callways for me most likely due to the shorter shaft that I was using. Could not find combo that was right for me however. G25 spun much to much no matter what shaft I put in. I25 had the opposite problem. With this and the Lack of adjustability, and the price, I decided to pass on Ping this year.....****do love the racing stripes though TM SLDR- Guys I dont know what to say here. TMAG is a good company and has made some big moves this year. This club even won another blog sites test for club of the year. That being said * just for me now* i hated it. Didn't sit right by the ball in my eye. I cant put my finger on what it was. The face seems really tall. I don't know but I couldn't find the center with it which normally isn't an issue. In my experience any club that starts off that poorly will never make th bag so I stopped before testing many options. From the short time hit it I can say it does not have the forgiveness of any of the other clubs that I hit on missed strike. Couldn't tell you what a good strike is like Nike-- Last year I tried, and really wanted to like the, both Covert drivers. The CT was the club that I wanted to play. I loved the looks but the club just wasn't forgiving enough for me to be comfortable over some of those shaky narrow holes. The performance head was much better in this regard. In fact I would say it was by far the most accurate of any that I tried last year. At that point I was only testing in stock shafts, possibly a mistake, but that was all they had available at the time. Anyway where the performance head shined inaccuracy is was quite noticeably behind everywhere else. I found that It launched a bit too high, spun too much, and was under-performing in ball-speed by almost 3 mph to all of my other options..............That ..........was last year. -back to the future- While hitting the BBA again my friend and fitter at the shop and I were talking options. We both thought I might benefit from a higher launching head with what might be considered a lower launching shaft to my current setup to get where i wanted to be. I was ready to move on to the Nike line so he threw one together out of the fitting cart and handed me the performance head in the stock xflex. Something about this club just gives me confidence. Shape and color are familiar to my current cobra and there is something else that just makes me feel as though I cant miss. I took two swings, both of which hit right off the screws went right down the middle with a little too much draw and slightly more spin than i needed. Superb feel just like last year soft and Ballspeed was comparable to my setup which was promising since last year the performance head was lacking in that aspect. Seeing these results he mentioned that he had just recently returned from a managers seminar (in...well I cant remember the name of the place.... just think some place warmer and sunnier than where you are now) where he was able to demo the Nike line in all their aftermarket options and choose one for his own use. He chose a Covert 2.0 head in a Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 2.0 X. This was a shaft I had not tried to date at least not at any length and a head that i was two swings in to so far but already liking it. Just so you know I realize that I get side tracked a lot and if you are still with me to this point I just know this is the last time...at least on this little review. One thing I really dislike about testing clubs is the lack of aftermarket options available on any one cart especially when it comes to Nike. If I want to go aftermarket I have to go get fitted in whatever heads our local club builder uses to test shafts in ( a Whishon head or the like) I then have to order the shaft and head combo that i "hope" will work out end the end..... No big deal just a 500-700 dollar gamble. The other option is get invited to the oven but i'm not holding my breath for that. Wanting many options and the opportunity to test them in hand before I buy might put me in the minority. But if anyone is wondering, and i'm sure they are not, I think NIke would benefit from following the lead of some of the other manufacturers in fitting systems. Titleist has a superb fitting cart with many , maybe not as many as I would like, but still many well organized options. Again I know nobody is asking ....still i can wish....right? So that being said I did not pass up his offer. He got the club set it to 8.5 R . The white shaft with red graphics were loud compared to my old setup..but I liked it and it blended well with the red crown and white swoosh on the head. It had the stock Golfpride 2g grip on it which I have a bad history with but this one being so new had plenty of tack. The shaft was a half inch short of standard and setup to stock swing weight which I much prefer at my height and build. I seem to be saying this a lot lately and if its not already apparent "I'm not writer". For that reason and others this part of the write up is always tricky for me. I never know how to transition from description of the clubs to the finale by this time I've gone from talking too much to rambling so I'll try to keep this simple..... - POOOW! That really says it all. Over and over....- The shaft was much more stable in my hands and was producing the exact launch i was looking for and with accuracy I wouldn't have thought I could produce. Ball-speed was up an average of 2mph and launch and spin where perfect. Misses were forgiven as much or more than any club I've ever tested. Thought I didn't miss much there were at least two occasions in the almost 2 hour hitting sessions where I looked up at the trackman expecting the results would be disastrous as my history with that type of miss would show. I was shocked to find I had lost only 3 mph+- ball speed and still with decent numbers on those missed shots. Missed shots were good and good shots were... well....great! I eventually did try the tour head which produced much lower launch and spin and needed to be lofted up 2 degrees to get the same results. . In the end even though I preferred the look and it gave me the same numbers as the performance head ,I was definitely not quite as accurate so I didn't waste much time going back to the performance. "No exaggeration ..By far the best results I have seen from any club to date." The feel was as spectacular as the results and I couldn't stop hitting it. The shot below was a great one. Most were in the 168 bs range and had proportionally lower spin. Still the carry on this one and all the others were spectacular for me. *fairways set on medium *note on smash factor- I want to share that this number 1.51 is what saw nearly every shot. I dont know what it is about this trackman but I have my doubts on this. I see numbers in the 115-117 ss range on the TMAG system and fligthscope... that would put my smash at about 1.48 a much more realistic number.* Nike Performance head with the MOTORE SPEEDER 6.2 x TOUR SPEC. -----WINNER! My only regret at this point is that I really cant expand this setup in to the fairway woods and possibly hybrids right now. I hit them briefly and they seemed equally well suited for me. My 913's are great but once again I found the Nike to be more accurate if not in the stock shaft they would most likely be a perfect fit. Though this is nit picking I also prefer a smooth transition from driver to fairway in looks which is something I didn't like about going from my cobra to the 913 setups. But for now my titleists 913's will stay in the bag for those clubs. Summing up. This was an exciting experience for me and probably the most positive review I could write without being full of it. There are a lot of great options this year. Makes for a very hard choice. For myself I'll have one more swoosh on my bag for 2014. The second one I have added in as many weeks which is something I quite honestly never would have expected. Nike mod 30 , now the driver , my MP69s are safe I would say but the rest of my bag.........I dunno. I always recommend that everyone test as many options as possible and with a good fitter that is willing to spend the time....but this year whether you try everything or only a few I'd be sure to put this one on your list. Be happy to answer any questions you might have, hittem straight A
  5. Covert Operation.......
  6. Nike TW 14' - iD The Fast Tee Box Conversation Version The TW 14' shoes are now available in Nike iD. They're $46 more ($225), and you can customize the colors, waterproofness, and spike system to your liking. Unlike previous TW models, they incorporate Nike's Flywire technology for stability control. You'll need these if you're into personalization and customization. The Five Hour Round Version Tiger's 2014 shoes aren't new. In fact, Nike released the "Free" inspired TW 14' golf shoes during the spring of 2013 (Click here for Golfspy Tony's article). This release was the first golf shoe available for custom order under their Nike iD program. I realize that most of you are familiar with Nike iD. It's been around for some time, and I have ordered several pair from this program over the years. However, if you've been living in a remote cave or simply don't wear shoes to golf [like AngryGolfHulk,] I'll give you a brief overview. Nike iD is a platform where consumers can log onto the Nike website and customize multiple sections of the TW 14' shoe. You begin by selecting from 9 base color options. From there, you can navigate about the shoe detailing exactly how you want your customized TW 14' shoe to look. Nike provides consumers with two (upper) shoe options, “waterproof” and “breathable”. In both options, you can further select from traditional spikes, or fixed-spike soles. Shoes ordered from Nike iD take about five weeks to receive. All of this fancy Nike customization comes at a price. The TW 14' shoes from Nike iD retail at $225, about $46 dollars more than the standard retail varieties of the same shoe. I logged on to the Nike website, and ordered a pair of the TW 14's just like any other consumer would. I found myself designing a bunch of different options that I liked. One base color that I really like that is rarely offered as an option is, gray. I like this option in a golf shoe because it looks good with a wide range of apparel colors. I was happy to see this was a base color option, and as you can see, I designed the shoes around gray. There is a general consensus among shoe critics since Nike started designing shoes under the name of their flagship athlete. TW golf shoes are among the most comfortable in golf. They're built on the "Free" running shoe platform. Nike explains, this technology allows your feet to move more freely and naturally. It's relatively the same concept as other “barefoot” platform shoes, but with a twist; they're much more comfortable. They are about the most comfortable, and best feeling shoe, right out of the box. What's new in the not-so-new, TW 14' shoes? The most major advancement is the incorporation of the Flywire technology. Flywire is lightweight and durable cables imbedded into the sides of the shoe. It's designed to hug the foot for stability and control during the swing. Another aspect of the shoe I appreciate is the rubber wrap around on the toe area. I really believe this is a critical feature for a shoe since on every shot, you're digging the toe area into the ground. This feature saves on the upper wear and ultimately the longevity of the shoe. At a $46 premium, the TW Nike iD is something you don't need, but something you'll want. There is just something cool about having the ability to customize a product exactly how you want it. It's a bit surprising that it took Nike this long to offer a golf shoe in Nike iD. Now that it's available, I can see myself prioritizing a Nike shoe selection based on their offerings in Nike iD. Check them out, and if nothing else, play around with the color options, it's rather enjoyable. My advice, before dropping $225 on these, head to your nearest Nike retailer, and try on the shoes. They do fit true to size in every way, but for peace of mind, do it nice, or do it twice.
  7. Stupid cheap. It's not even funny. Seriously, I'm not laughing.
  8. Nike Golf's New Innovation Woven Cover-up Golfspy Tony drafted a nice article on the Nike Innovation Woven Cover-up earlier this month. For those that did not see it in the blog, have a look: http://www.mygolfspy.com/nike-innovation-woven-cover-up/ Below, is the press release and some additional photos. Nike Golf's New Innovation Woven Cover-up is a Sweater and Jacket in One - 3D knit sleeve construction combines with a woven body for superior movement, protection, comfort and fit - BEAVERTON, Ore. (February 4, 2014) – Sweaters are warm, comfortable and allow the body to move with ease – but rain and wind often find their way through the cozy knit. Jackets keep the weather from creeping in, but don't always allow golfers to move the way they want. That pinnacle combination of comfort, warmth and protection drove the design behind Nike Golf's new Innovation Woven Cover-up, which moves with the body while keeping golfers warm and dry. “Golfers love wearing sweaters on the course. They're soft and warm, and easy to move in, unlike a lot of jackets,” says Merritt Richardson, VP of Global Golf Apparel. “With the Innovation Woven Cover-up, there's no need to choose one over the other or add layers. It's the best of both worlds.” Part of Nike Golf's Stay Protected line, the Innovation Woven Cover-up features two technologies merged into one unique, hybrid design. The lightweight wind-and-water resistant Dri-FIT stretch woven body – the ‘jacket' – is breathable and protects against the elements. The 3D knit sleeves – the ‘sweater' – keeps warmth in and amplifies movement through the arms and shoulders. “We've done a lot of research around the thermal properties of 3D knit and increased articulation for a better fit,” adds Richardson. “The knit is fabricated to be higher in certain zones to trap heat and offer flexibility, and dialed in around places like the elbow to reduce material and weight.” The Nike Innovation Woven Cover-up, available now at retail, features a bonded seam down the back, eliminating stitching and added distractions. A traditional collar offers additional protection from chilly temperatures and wind. Innovation Woven Cover-up Retail: $120 Colorways: Medium Base Grey and Light Base Grey
  9. I'm getting rid of some stuff as part of the deal I made with the wife.... before I buy anything new. I'm getting rid of a Nike Covert driver with the Fujikura Fuel shaft and a Titleist 913 hybrid. I didn't really play much with either thanks to our winter, but I think they are both a little too stiff for me. That Fuel shaft in the Nike cost me $150 extra and feels good, but I just cant maintain the energy to swing it for 18 holes. The Titleist hybrid I bought from a friend who had won it and he is even older than me. He never even hit it because he knew it was too stiff for him, but he did manage to lose the head cover and wrench. Our local Titleist guy told me I could use my Callaway wrench so I did. I played 27 holes with it myself and it is really solid, but again I just don't think I can swing fast enough to get it in the air. Everything is in very good condition, and I'm willing to work a little on the price. I have a trip to Scottsdale coming up and was planning on going to HotStix or CoolClubs while I'm down there but I really would like to sell some of my clubs that currently are not in my bag.
  10. Get it now, while it's on sale.
  11. Dave's Fitness Gadget Review: Nike+ Fuelband SE http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/c/nikeplus-fuelband How's That New Year's Resolution Going? As we approach the end of January, we enter the time when 84.2% of people who made fitness resolutions on January 1st have already given that resolution up. I totally made up that number, but we all know that resolutions fall away when put to the steel of our daily lives. No one sets out to fail, but changing one's fitness patterns is difficult. How do I know this? Have you been reading my fitness thread? That first post is a testament to the challenges of getting fit by changing one's exercise and eating habits. It may also be the longest single post by word count in any MGS thread. New update coming this Friday by the way. One of the things that I have come to realize in the fitness game is that one needs help to be successful. I have been fortunate enough to find my personal trainer, Charles Burton. Charles has guided me out of the 200's and hopefully toward a fitter future. But working consistently with a personal trainer requires time, and no small amount of money. Not everyone who wants to be fit has those resources. Desire, yes. A quality trainer, excess capital, and “leisure” time, maybe not. So what can you turn to for help? Electronics, of course. Is there anything these days that electronics don't help us with? Need to get someplace? GPS in the phone to the rescue. Want to find a tasty new IPA? There's an app for that. Want that Hot Pocket ready in under 3 minutes? Fire up the Science Oven! The human relationship with technology is nothing new, but the power of our tech tools has exploded in the last decade. Processors are getting smaller and smaller, reaching the point now where they are wearable. Wearable tech to help you get fit, that's the Nike+ Fuelband SE. A Fitness Bracelet That Does Something I have owned a number of bracelets that supposedly enhance fitness and health. I have a cool solid copper one, one with magnets and ions, and another one that uses holograms for fitness. The makers of these bracelets make lots of claims, and I believed them enough to buy them, but I am not sure I ever read any real science backing the claims. Many of us want fitness help so desperately that we are willing to believe in shaky science, provided it makes getting fit as easy as putting on a bracelet. The Fuelband is different. Nike doesn't claim that the Fuelband will make you fitter by ions, or magnets. Instead, the Nike Fuelband helps your fitness by tracking your movements and motivating you to move more. Movement. Move more. Over the course of my rather intensive fitness project, I have really come to believe that fitness is a simple equation of calories and activity. When my weight loss fell off over December, it directly correlated to lower activity rates and increased calories. My exposure to magnetic fields and ions remained unchanged. Nike+ Fuelband SE: The Trainer on Your Wrist The Fuelband fits into the exercise side of the calorie/exercise equation. First of all, it is able to log steps, calories, Nike Fuel, and even tell the time. If you want to log 10,000 steps a day, the Fuelband will let you know when you are there. You can also turn on or off the different measurements via a simple interface with your phone or computer. Initially, I set mine to Fuel/Calories/Time, but then I changed calories for steps because the calorie number was not one that I could easily interpret in terms of goal setting. Steps were easier to target. The really helpful measured matrix though is Nike Fuel. What Is Nike Fuel? NikeFuel is a single, universal way to measure all kinds of activities—from your morning workout to your big night out. Uniquely designed to measure whole-body movement no matter your age, weight or gender, NikeFuel tracks your active life. That definition is a little abstract, but accurate. Don't ask me for the units that go with Nike Fuel. Is it calories/minute/pound/age/number of dogs owned? I don't know. What I do know is that as you move, you accrue Nike Fuel, and as movement intensity increases, so do Fuel generation rates. Although it sounds like you are earning the Nike Fuel, it actually makes more sense thinking from the burning fuel direction. You set a Nike Fuel target for your day, and then move yourself until you reach it. Motivation and Rewards You are in charge of setting your Nike Fuel goal for your day. I chose 3000 because that seemed to put me above a lot of people in the 40-49 age bracket where my body currently resides. Ah ego. Once you set that goal, you just clip on the bracelet and go about your day. Want to check progress, or the time, then just press the single button on the band and the display lights up to let you know the details. Just press it again if you need to cycle through the data points. Side Track: Comfort Before we get into the discussion of my Nike Fuel experiences, let's talk about the comfort of the Fuelband. There are three sizes available, based upon your wrist circumference. My measurement put me at the edge of the middle and large size. This would be a bit annoying except the band has some easily adjustable links that allow you to customize the size. With the large link, the band fit just a bit loose, while with the small one, it conformed to my wrist. The band itself is not very soft or flexible, so you do want it to be set to a comfortable size. I wore it tight and loose for a few days, and went with the looser setting. Once sized, I really never really noticed it was on. GOLF NOTE: The band is very light, and I did not ever notice it when playing golf. Not even when putting with my glove off. I am not a watch wearer either, so wrist ornamentation is not the norm. I think that speaks to the comfort. Swing away and earn that fuel. Back to Motivation and Fuel For me, reaching my fuel goal really became a motivator to move around. It also made me realize some activity facts about my life. Working with Charles or playing golf earns lots of Nike Fuel. Sitting on the couch, or typing on the computer, not so much. On days when I trained, played golf, then walked my three miles, I smashed my 3000 goal. On days when I wrote, or drank beer and watched college bowl games for exercise, the fuel count remained low. The Fuelband has made me do funny things to reach that number. More than once, I have gone out to the garage in the evening to do “aerobics” when I am a few hundred Fuel short of the goal. If I was not using the Fuelband, there is no way that I would be running in place in the garage for 15 minutes at the end of my day. It motivates you to reach that goal. I am usually focused on the total daily goal, but the band can motivate you to move more each hour if you want. Just set the reminder and you are ready to win the hour. Badges! One of the bonus features of the associated Fuelband app is that it awards badges for your Nike Fuel accomplishments. Beat your daily goal by 1.5x? Have a “water” badge. Double your daily goal? That's an “ice” badge for you. They are silly, and in the grand scheme of the universe, worthless, but they did motivate me. I was at 5500 one day, and realized that I only needed 500 more to double. I pushed myself to be more active to reach that 6000 mark. Getting to 5500 took a lot of work that day, the band and badge made me work more. My trainer Charles has also been wearing a Fuelband SE for the past month or so and he LOVES IT! Right away, he saw the motivation that could come with the generation of Nike Fuel, and he had fun earning it. One day, he had to sit through a day of PGA training and his only complaint was that his Nike Fuel count was so low from just sitting. We have motivated each other to earn Fuel/badges, often comparing notes about the amount earned in different activities. In the land of fitness, I trust Charles' insights implicitly, and he thinks that there is a huge benefit to lashing a Nike+ Fuelband to your wrist. He has said more than once that the Fuelband is a great way for him to keep his clients motivated. Cost The app is free, but the Nike+ Fuelband will set you back $149. It's no small investment, but it does work as a motivator for movement. I could say something sappy about how much is your health worth to you, but I won't. What I will say is that the $149 equates to about 2-3 hours with a personal trainer. The band doesn't have the trainer's knowledge, of course, but it does push you to be more active like a trainer. You have probably spent that much money on the gym that you never have time to go to”. If you need motivation to increase your physical output, the Fuelband will work. Other Nuts and Bolts Charges via USB and seems to go about a week on a full charge. Connects to phone via Bluetooth to sync Fuel Phone keeps a log of days/weeks/ months You can connect to friends through app/Nike site to see how they are doing Band comes with a few color choices along with limited metal editions Display does get washed out a bit in the sun, but reads excellent in shadow or lower light Earn Some Fuel Most of us really need motivation to get more active. That's what the Nike+ Fuelband SE is all about. You can't cheat the band, it knows how active you are. Follow the goals of the band, perhaps supplementing with a calorie counting app, and you have a concrete fitness plan. Don't be surprised if you come to look forward to increasing the line of lights on the bottom of the band as you approach your goal. When you reach your goal, the Fuelband plays a little animation for you as well. I thought of including a video of the animation, but really, you need to earn it to see it. Don't be surprised if putting on the Fuelband is the first thing you do in the morning, and taking it off the last thing you do at night. I do that to maximize my Nike Fuel, but really what I am doing is maximizing my activity. The band does its job.
  12. It's not too early to think summer time!
  13. Covert Operation. Shhhhhh!!!!!
  14. Steal of the Day!
  15. Design Tiger's Next Pair of TW'14 Shoes on NIKEiD - Nike Athlete Tiger Woods will choose the winning design and wear the shoes in tournament play early next year - BEAVERTON, Ore. (December 4, 2013) – Tiger Woods is going to sport a customized pair of TW'14 shoes on Tour early next year – and Nike Golf is leaving the design up to the fans. The TW'14 is the first Nike Golf shoe to become available for customization on NIKEiD and this week consumers can unleash their creativity to dream up a pair of TW'14 shoes suitable for a 14-time Major champion. Tiger will review the submissions and choose his favorite – then he'll lace them up for tournament play in Spring 2014. Nike will provide the blank canvas – the rest is up to the designer. Here's how it works: · Go to http://gonike.me/designfortiger and click on the link to design a pair of shoes for Tiger to wear on Tour. · Share your design on Twitter to @NIKEiD and @NIKEGOLF and be sure to include #DESIGNFORTIGER. · There is no limit on the number of designs that can be submitted per person, but each submission must be different. · The winner will be selected in January 2014 and notified via Twitter Direct Message. For contest rules and additional information, visit http://gonike.me/designfortiger.
  16. Ok, we're doing a 12 days of golf deals. It's an exclusive online deal to select customers, and you guys happen to be included! I'll be updating this with new deals. You'll get one new deal a day. Each deal will have a coupon code that will be required at checkout. It's that easy. Get your friends, this is going to get crazy! Now, let's get after it..... 12/6: $25 Off All Adams Super S Hybrids. Total Price: $74.99. Coupon Code: super25 12/7: 15% Off All Puma Golf Shoes. As Low As $33.99. Coupon Code: puma15 12/8: $5 Off All Callaway HX Hot Plus Double Dozen Golf Balls Coupon Code: hxhot5 12/9: 20% Off All Sun Mountain Golf Bags on Sale! Use Coupon Code: sun20 12/10: This deal is just silly, but I'm just doing what I'm told...We are practically giving these away. We just reduced our prices on our Nike Covert golf clubs to a ridiculous price and this will take even more off. Take An Additional 25% Off All New Nike Covert Golf Clubs. Coupon Code: covert25 Here are some examples of how cheap these are: Hybrid: $74.99 Fairway Wood: $97.49 Driver: $104.99 12/11: We're 1/2 way through our deals....See anything you like yet? Today's deal: 15% Off All Adidas Golf Shoes Use Coupon Code: adishoes15 12/12: $20 Off All Callaway Forged Copper Wedges. Use Coupon Code: copper20 12/13: 20% Off All Adidas Apparel Use Coupon Code: adidas20 12/14: 20% Off All Adidas adiZero Golf Bags Use Coupon Code: adizero20 12/15: $50 Off TaylorMade RBZ HP Iron Set Coupon Code: rbzhp50 12/16: $15 Off All NIke Vapor X Stand Bags Use Coupon Code: vapor15 12/17: $20 Off All Callaway RAZR Black Ti Driver Use Coupon Code: razr20
  17. Nike Covert 2.0 - Discuss #mmmmmbang
  18. OK, just like the title says....here are our Black Friday deals. And oh yeah, they are available NOW! For Starters, FREE SHIIPPING SITE-WIDE (Expires 12/2) Now, the deals (photos are linked)..... So you don't have to sift through everything, here are a few to show you.... Want to shop our Black Friday deals by category? Clubs Apparel Balls Bags Shoes Accessories If you see any Adidas apparel or shoes that you like, we'll automatically give you 15%, just put it in the cart! Don't see what you like? Click the Black Friday picture at the top to see all of our deals!
  19. Stay dry and stylish with this beast of an umbrella. Mulitple colors to choose from (we all know we like to be fashionable on the golf course!)
  20. Vroom, vroom!!
  21. Don't kill your feet when you're out practicing on the range all day. Get these and your dogs will thank you later.
  22. A while back I had a chance to visit my local TM Performance Center and part of it was a driver fitting pitting my current gamer against a SLDR and this happened.... ROUND 1: Covert 9.5* set to draw with stock Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 50 Stiff VS. SLDR 9.5 set to draw with Fujikura’s Speeder 57g Stiff RESULTS: SLDR out gunned the Covert by a few yards ROUND 2: Covert 9.5* set to draw with stock Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 50 Stiff VS. SLDR 10.5 slight draw with Motore Speeder 6.3 67g Stiff RESULTS: BOOM! *Add 10% to yardages due to 90% balls used MBP and MGS forever immortalized on the SLDR Experience LeaderBoard. Kirk went on for 10 or so more Tweets educating the masses on a proper fitting. So things kinda blew up.... People were going nuts saying the Covert was not properly fitted and even more so the shafts were not equal therefore the tests were invalid. My argument was if the Covert had been fit by a Nike representative and he found my numbers to my optimal then how could said testing be invalid? Both companies had fit me to what they saw best. So since I'm a nice guy and love to give the people what they want I got a hold of some comparable Nike shaft offerings in an attempt to level the playing field. My Nike rep was able to get me 3 shafts: Fuji Fuel 60 S Oban kiyoshi white 65 S ProForce VTS 65 S After doing a fitting of all 3 shafts the Fuji Fuel was settled on as now "optimal", numbers looking great and most of all added distance. As I said before I hit the Covert straighter than any driver to date, but apparently it's all about the distance. Don't worry I hit the Fuji just as straight. OK enough blabbering you all just wanna know what happened. So on a cold and foggy evening I returned to the site of our last showdown. Numbers all around were down a good 10% thanks to the cold heavy air and my old bones squeaked as I tried to turn... Andy ran the SLDR again and tried both the Fuji Fuel and the Motore Speeder this time. In the end distance between the 2 shafts was pretty much a saw off, basically a half yard here and there. But for me the Motore in this set up is noticeably straighter so I'm sticking with it. Anyways we ran some tests and someone is already trying to steal my new catch phrase. #therewego So in the end here's where we're at. ROUND 3: Covert 9.5* neutral with stock Fuji Fuel 60 Stiff VS. SLDR 10.5 slight draw with Motore Speeder 6.3 67g Stiff The Final Results Are: That's still 14 yards. Hope this helps.
  23. So what do you think about Nike's latest Tweet? The first Twitter replies not buying it.
  24. Limited Edition VR Pro Nike Driver
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