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  1. How much do you love your current putter?
  2. If it's anything, it's a hat. Check it out.
  3. $6.99. Say Whaaaat?!?!?! Don't miss our Flash Sale Friday! - Ladies Apparel - Putters - Preowned TaylorMade Putters and Wedges - Preowned Nike Golf Clubs - Lefty Preowned Fairway Woods - Preowned TaylorMade Iron Sets - Previous daily deals
  4. 5 colors to choose from and LOTS of flash sales. Don't miss out!
  5. #MediaKitMonday comes a day late compliments of Nike Golf. This kit (as you can pretty easily figure out without me telling you) is designed to formally introduce the new 2015 TW Golf Shoe to the media. The included card tells the story (see below), so you don't need me to rehash it for you. There's nothing over the top here. The focus is on the shoes and the Nike Golf mantra #TheresAlwaysBetter. Optimistically, it will be a few weeks (few=6 to 8) before I can step foot onto McGregor Links for my first NY round of 2015, but you can be sure I'll give these a try when (if) the snow melts. Noteworthy about the shoe itself is that it's much more sneaker-style than previous models. While the inspiration for the shoe will always be what it was, Nike is clearly moving away from the idea of a golf boot...save the Lunar Bandon. Nike sent me a wide size (which is what I prefer), so other fat-footers like myself have options.
  6. Drop bombs! ​
  7. Just another deal under $100
  8. Not quite as sexy as apparel and footwear but still a needed accessory for everyone. http://www.spiritleatherworks.com/SS15Workbook/
  9. Duffle, duffle, duffle bag.
  10. 4 colors, 1 awesome bag!
  11. Around this time every year, Ko Olina Golf Club holds its annual Demo Day. I'm quite fond of this one in particular, because it was on the first weekend I moved to Hawaii last year and was the first thing that I'd put on my calendar to attend as a ‘local'. I'm the first to admit that my intentions for this event were really to look and hit the new equipment – not necessarily to buy anything. I'm not sure whether it was the time of day I got there (9:30am) but it wasn't overly busy at all. As Jay Baker wrote recently on the Blog, I can imagine this type of event is pretty hit and miss – though mostly miss – in terms of sales for the guys staffing these events from the OEM side of things. I got a message from MBP just as I was leaving the house to say that our very own forum member Jonathan (@MorikawaTMaG) was staffing the TMaG tent, so I made my way there first. I chatted with Jonathan for quite a while and he is a top bloke – still in school but clearly very knowledgeable and with a keen interest in the equipment side of the industry. TMaG equipment in the lineup is extremely impressive. I hit both the RSi1 and RSi2 irons. The RSi1 irons are not actually as big as I thought they might be, and definitely easy to hit. The RSi2 irons, however, were the big winner for me – super long and consistent. I also hit both the R15 and AeroBurner drivers. Chalk and cheese. Loved the R15, couldn't stand the AeroBurner. A lot of it had to do with the impact sound, I'm sure of it – AeroBurner just didn't feel solid at all. I didn't play around with the weight system on the R15 at all, but it is a bomber and was the longest driver for me all day. I did hit the SLDR alongside it, and can say that for me the R15 was more forgiving. As good as it was, the R15 would not have made my ‘demo day bag'. Next up – Nike Golf. To say I was disappointed that the Vapor drivers were not available to hit is an understatement. I had geared myself up to hit them and completely forgot that they haven't been released into the wild as yet. Anyway, Nike reps were very knowledgeable and willing to offer any insights they could. I hit the Vapor Pro, ProCombo and Speed 6i alternating in short bursts and my preference was definitely for the ProCombo – super consistent. Slightly shorter for me than the RSi2, but all of my shots were on a string and I love the look of them. This was a great chance for me to hit the Nike wedges as well. I hadn't hit the ToeSweep wedge before, but it was great (even from the tightly mown hitting area) and I can see a 58deg ToeSweep making a permanent home in my bag very shortly. Surprise of the day for me was my brief visit with Titleist. I have never been remotely interested in Titleist, not for any good reason, maybe its because ‘Titleist' and ‘elitist' are such similar looking words… In any case, I was blown away by the 915 D2 driver. It's a beautiful driver, sleek even with the alignment aid (which still reminds me of one of the playstation controller symbols…). This driver just works – I have never hit a quite a series of consistently long, straight drives in a row as I did with this driver. The stock Diamana M+ Blue (61gm) shaft was a really good fit for my swing as well. If money were no object (or even just a smaller one) then this would already be in my bag. Based just on the demo day equipment, my bag would look like this: Driver: Titleist 915D2 10.5deg, Stiff Mitsubishi Diamana M+ Blue 4W: (own) Tour Edge Exotics XCG6, Stiff Matrix Ozik HD6.1 7W: Titleist 915F (21deg), Stiff Mitsubishi Diamana M+ Blue 4-PW: TMaG RSi2 (2deg flat), Stiff KBS Tour Wedges: Nike VR Forged 50,54 ; Nike X3X ToeSweep 58 Putter: (own) SeeMore M3 I'm not sure how many balls I hit on Saturday morning, but it was a lot. I was stuffed - fortunately though, I was at Ko Olina Resort so trundled on down to the lagoon for a swim... just saying
  12. Can anyone get them? Does Nike even make them? Are they going to make them? Is it a joke with MJ or did he lose a bet, or what's up exactly?
  13. rcpunt


    Hello there, Fan of the site and frequently read the articles. Relatively new to posting on here. I love the game of golf and wish I could get out on the course more than I do, but at least my new role keeps me fairly close to the game. I unfortunately started playing late so I know my future in the game is about the same as it is now. I play for fun and the chance to get out, but I don't take it so serious that I'm watching for the tour players to make mistakes and call it out. I do think that golf need to make some changes in order to get more people playing and get back to having fun. Not everyone is a tour player and if you cater to just the elite you will fail. One of the things that I appreciate about this site is the fact that the reviews are informative and relatively unbiased.
  14. 8 colors to choose from.... Not to mention the sweet flash sales we've got going on: - Lefty Hybrids - Ladies Apparel - Mens Apparel - Adidas Puremotion Polos The deals never end!
  15. Just Do It.
  16. Make sure you have a good driver! Also, this pairs nicely with the 2.0 tour fairway we had yesterday. If you're lucky we might still have some. Check out our flash sale.
  17. S is for SAVINGS! -------- $149.99
  18. Do you have what it take to join our covert ops team?
  19. Come and get 'em. $279.99
  20. Perfect for a multitude of shots.
  21. iron shoes, please.
  22. Covert Ops.
  23. Show me some love.
  24. Well guys. Here's the fun part! The place I get to show off all of my golf stuff to the people who actually know what I'm talking about! Haha. So, without further ado... Also, hope you guys notice my awesome green toed socks! Haha. List of equipment: Nike Covert 2.0 Tour Driver. Stock length/Shaft. Set to 9.5* Nike Covert 2.0 Tour 3 Wood. Stock length/shaft. Standard Loft. Nike Covert 2.0 Tour 3H. Stock. Mizuno MP-H4 4 iron. Dynalite XP. Stiff. -1/2 in. Standard lie. Mizuno MP-59 5-PW. Dynalite XP. Stiff. -1/2 in. Standard. Edel custom wedges. 52/56/60. DG Spinner shaft. 2* flat. -1/4 inch throughout. DVR grind on 52/56. DGR grind on 60. These wedges play 15/18/21* of bounce moving up by loft. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select. 33". Counterbalanced with 50g above my hands and 50g 10" down the shaft. All clubs gripped with Best Grips Microperfs in Black. Putter is gripped with a Grip One round midsized non-tapered grip. List of accessories: Mizuno Kuma Cart Bag Titleist Logo Umbrella AB Designs Classic Headcovers Titleist Pro V1 Balls Epoch S3 3 1/4 in. Tees Mizuno Retroflex Glove Leupold Gx-4i Rangefinder Scotty Cameron Pivot Tool Mizuno Japan Hat Clip/Marker Various Poker Chips I also wear FJ Project M spikeless shoes and Allen Edmonds golf spikes! Both pair are so comfy! Especially the AE's. If you've never tried them they mold to your feet. Fantastic. Here's the full bag. I'll include some closeups as well. Another shot... Sorry about the messy bed behind this picture. Neat & Tidy. These beauties! Love the new setup. Amazing feel. I love the compact head design even though the driver is still 460cc. I have a crush on my Edel wedges... I would recommend these things to anyone. If you take golf seriously (which who on this forum DOESN'T) they are worth getting fit for. My trusty Scotty. Custom Paintfill. Just some extras. All comments, opinions and thoughts are welcome! I can feel the ho itch coming on... But I'm pretty happy with my setup right now. Although that Best Grips Tiffany Blue D putter grip sure looks sexy. Or a major leaguer or a MicroPerf. Haha. Oh the options....
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