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  1. Just a new member checking in from Arizona. As the topic alludes to, I share a name with one of the young up and comers on the tour. It certainly gets me some great reactions, but I honestly wish I could have half of his game. As for me, I am playing off of a 25.8 handicap. I have lost over 130 pounds this year which has drastically affected my swing. I am starting to feel like I am making better contact and that my scores will start to come down in the near future. I am always open to suggestions, especially on how to groove the proper inside-out swing. I look forward to being a part of Mygolfspy!
  2. Hello, I can't get enough golf! Glad to part of the community. I didn't get into golf until later in life. (I wish I had started as a toddler ). I have spent approx 80% of the last three summers at the range grinding it out with lessons, deliberate & focused practice etc.and not really seeing the results. This summer I decided to flip the script and have spent ~80% of my time playing, and only hitting the range sporadically. I try and play a local par 3 course weekly, as well play 9 holes x2 weekly at a traditional course. My short game has improved dramatically which is probably the real reason for the lower scores and not so much cutting out the range I'm playing some pretty good golf (for me) and am shooting in the mid to high 80s consistently I have never been able to do that in years past. Now I just have to get use to and comfortable playing with others, as I pretty much always play solo. But as my scores improve so does my confidence. - Cheers!
  3. Greetings fellow members. Just joined the forum today. Started playing golf later in life and discovered a passion for the game. My handicap is at 13 and aiming for single digit this year. I hope to gain plenty of insight into the latest trends in golf equipment and techniques in this forum. Cheers!
  4. I'm just a good ole barnstormer from Dixie. MYGOLFSPY has always been my go to for golf industry info. The forums are great and I look forward to giving my 2 cents worth.
  5. Greeting MGS Forum Members! I have been a reader of MGS for a while now and finally decided to join the forum! A little about me: Primarily golf in Western PA - but would love to travel more! 4 Handicap Tossing around the idea of looking for a driver, wood set up! Switching back and for between a SIK Jo Tour Prototype and Scotty Cameron Select Newport Still searching for THE ball, currently playing Pro V1. 2x Penn State Alumni Putting Arc User Looking forward to reading more about people's feedback and experiences with all the new equipment out there! Current Bag in Signature! ~ Mitch
  6. I'm a part time club fitter at Edwin Watts in B'ham. I worked FT for several years, but left to follow my dream job. I work at Watts now for fun, and it is fun. I've read MyGolfSpy a long time and recommend it to customers when they're "just looking" and not sure what they want. I encourage them to do a bit of research before getting fit. I know for a fact getting fit makes a huge difference. My bag is Callaway and Ping. I've hit EVERYTHING Watts sells and made my selection from extensive testing for me. What I like and what you like may be different. I don't judge. I'm looking forward to making some on line friends, product discussions, and suggestions for golf in your area. BTW, Alabama and some FANTASTIC golf
  7. Hidey-ho neighbor! Just wanted to take a second to introduce myself. I have grown up in and around golf here in Ohio but have not really dove into the game until just this past year. Being a college soccer player at a DIII school in Pennsylvania called Messiah College (where i was fortunate enough to win a National Championship my freshman year), it haven't had much free time to really invest time into my golf game. Now, however, I started taking lessons and really trying to hone my skills on the course. Being a fairly athletic young man, I don't lack much in speed but certainly do lack in touch around the greens. Taking lessons has improved my consistency dramatically however my handicap still remains at 18.5 but is down from 22 from the start of last season. I am most certainly excited about joining in a forum of people who have a love for the game like I do! Can't wait to see how I can progress my game and getting in contact with all of you! Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction! Will Cochran
  8. Greetings from Texas. I'm very new to golf. Been at it for a year in a half. Decided to join up to get tips and info like I will be doing on my next topic I will post.
  9. Steve, 66, retired air traffic controller, new from Newport News Va. During the season I play 3 to 5 times a week. My handicap is usually 12.5 at the beginning of the season to about 10.7 at the end. Love the game! I'm very picky about my equipment. When I find something I like I stick with it untill something way better comes out or they quit making it such as golf balls.
  10. Hey guys, I just joined MGS and I am looking forward to getting into some discussions and seeing all of the great forum topics. I am currently a first assistant professional working my way through the apprenticeship program. Im looking forward to talking to you all!
  11. Hey Guys, Another new member here at MyGolfSpy. From Connecticut and try and play golf as much as possible. Mostly interest in what technologies can help me play better on the course. Currently, a 15-18 handicap so need all the help I can get!!!
  12. Greetings MyGolfSpy Community, My name is Michael Konrad and I just joined this community. Although I have followed mygolfspy for quite sometime now on Facebook and Instagram I decided it was time to join the forums. I really like what this community and program is all about and I have especially enjoyed reading about all of the testing of equipment. In other words I am just excited to be a part of it now. As for my golf game I am a 6 handicap. I played collegiate golf at Montana State University at Billings and I used to be a lot better back in those days, but I just don't play as much as I used to. Now I get to play about once a month at various courses throughout Las Vegas. In fact I am going to go play the TPC Las Vegas on Monday. By far my favorite place to play and practice is the Paiute. I usually take advantage of their PACC membership for locals. Although I don't play as much as I used to I live in a golf community here in Las Vegas so I get to practice about 3 to 5 times a week. As for my professional life I am a high school teacher. I am also just about done (another month or two) with my doctorate in performance psychology and my dissertation focuses on golf coaches and their experiences with performance psychology. I also have a small, but growing family. My wife and I welcomed our daughter into this world on May 8, 2017. Although she is still young we are saving up money to put a putting green in our yard so she can one day practice with us. I look forward to meeting all of you, talking about golf, and life in general. Take care, Michael Konrad
  13. New member, been following MyGolfSpy on Instagram for a little bit, loving the unbiased testing and how they shut the trolls down! I'm gaming the following: D: Ping I25 - 10.5 3wd: M2 HL 2/hybrid: Mizuno CLK Fli-HI - 20 4-PW: Ping S55 50, 54, 58: Ping Glide Putter: Ping Anser 2 -Long Neck
  14. Greetings all- Drew here from Northern VA. Enjoy the discussions and the insight, hope I can add value to the conversation. Hit 'em straight and long! BTW, image is of a collection of my Sunday golf/travelling buddies and me (center) in front of the R&A, preparing to tee off on the Old Course, the Tuesday after the 2010 Open Championship. Truly a lifetime experience!
  15. Hi everyone. I a new member to the forum and have been golfing since the mid 1970's. Had my handicap down to a 7.1 at the end of last year and this year it's risen up to a 14.1. Am having some back problems, but not letting it get me down. I went for my first golf fitting in February of this year, which I would recommend for anyone to try one time. It was fantastic, and about 2 hours of hitting balls with various clubs. Hit my clubs, then the Taylormade M2 and the Ping G. He used various shafts etc. Finally the fitter got me set on the Ping G's with a lightweight Stiff shaft, which is what I ordered. Still don't have them dialed in yet, although I have played a lot of golf this year. When I was all done he let me hit his PXG 7 iron, and what a club. Totally effortless hitting of a golf ball. The problem is that they are also very very expensive. Out of my league. Hope to learn a lot in the forums. Thanks.
  16. Hi All, I have worked 6-7 days a week most of my life, never had time to take up golf or anything else. I retired from my main job about 3 years ago after 43 years as a plumber. I was offered a part time job as a plumbing inspector in the town that I live and I took it. I also took up golf which my sons encouraged me to do. As soon as i started I was hooked on the game. i read the magazines, watch the Golf Channel and joined the GolfWeek Amateur Tour which my sons are members, I was nervous at first because I am not that good, but i met a great bunch of players who have become great friends. I sure wish i had started years ago. Tough game but the pluses outweigh the negatives. I noticed MYGOLFSPY on Facebook and I love the site, so I decided to become a member to learn more about this wonderful game. I am playing WilsonStaff D200 Irons, hybrids and Driver. Also the Wilson Duo golf balls. I was playing the yellow because of cataracts in my eyes but since i have had that taken care I'm back to white. Thank you for letting me be a member of your fine group. I would love to test the Wilson D300 Clubs.
  17. Pationate about golf, I love to read about golfing news. And what better place to learn what is new and hot than myspygolf. I leave in Lausanne, Switzerland and play as much as possible beside work, family and the fitness. Looking forward to chat and exchange point of views with golfers from all over the world about interesting golfing topics.
  18. Signing up to get notification of Kirkland golf ball and new equipment reviews. I also am interested in course reviews and strategy. And if anyone can tell me how to hit accurately I will be listening. I play to a 12 Hdcp. I had a Krank 5 driver until yesterday when the head cracked. It was a really cool club that I got with a 10$ raffle ticket. Added 10-15 yards over my previous fitted TM. It will be missed😢
  19. Hello, I am new member. I have been reading several posts online and thought of joining MyGolfSpy. I took Golf 3 years ago and have been working on my fitness and game at the same time. I try to play as much as possible. You will find my practicing at my local range in Carrolton - The Highlands Golf Center. Would love to know you all and meet new people.
  20. Hello guy/gals. This is Zach from Chattanooga TN. I've been using my golf spy to learn about the golf industry and have a non-biased 3rd party source to consult before I buy new equipment. I'm currently a 17 handicap. I have been playing golf seriously for the past 2 years. Before that it was a casual 2-3 rounds per year. I broke 90 for the first time last year on father's day at a local muni. I'm taking it much more serious now and my goal this year is break 80. I start lessons on May 9th and I am pumped. Excited to see my terrible swing on camera and get some trackman data. The place I am going also has the Sam put lab and Gears software. Topics of Interest: Aim Point putting technique Course strategy Whats in the bag: Callaway Epic 10.5 TaylorMade Slider 3 Wood 2017 M2 3&4 Hybrid 2017 M2 5-AW Vokey SM5 54 and 58 degree wedges Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5
  21. Howzit Goin All! Been a fan of MyGolfSpy for awhile and decided to join. I live in Helotes, TX and retired from the AF after 26 years. I'm a Defense Contractor full time, but have a part time gig as a Personal Trainer. Took up the game some 25 years ago...claim to cool? While stationed in Scotland, I played St. Andrews! I'm playing Ping IE-1s with KBS Taper Lite shafts. Ping G256 Driver and Hybrid/Metals. I play primarily the Alamo City Golf Trail which are 7 muni's around town. We'll catch up later. Till then, hit em' straight! Bob
  22. Hello All, I was introduced to the site by my brother, Jon Baldwin (HighFade). I'm in the Sacramento, CA area.
  23. Hello, I'm new to the forum, look forward to sharing and learning within this community. I'm a mid-handicapper from Western Washington. True- the ball does not fly as far here as other places! The greens tend to be a bit bumpy, however, there is often no grain to them! best regards, John
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