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  1. Hello, I'm new to the forum, look forward to sharing and learning within this community. I'm a mid-handicapper from Western Washington. True- the ball does not fly as far here as other places! The greens tend to be a bit bumpy, however, there is often no grain to them! best regards, John
  2. What's up golf addicts!!! Looking forward to all the great content this site provides. I am 30 and have been golfing since I was about 12, my grandfather got me addicted to this great game. Can't wait for spring to finally hit here in the northeast, that snow storm really put a damper on the excitement of getting to golf earlier.
  3. New to the community, I used to play a little... My golf goal now is to play all the top 50 in the USA. I've got about 10 down so far.
  4. I am a 64 year old re-learning how to swing a golf club. I generally play about twice a week, weather permitting, enjoy practice and take a lesson every couple of weeks. I tend to follow My Golf Spy ratings and recommendations when considering new equipment and really appreciate the info available here.
  5. Hi All New member all the way from Nottingham, England. 9 handicap but looking at getting that down even further this season. Love all golf tech, love that fact this site is unbiased so get proper reviews on clubs, balls etc Looking forward to getting involved in the forum Matt
  6. Been getting the email for several years now, finally decided to sign up for the forum........and maybe some of that juicy test equipment! Live in Denver and play about 80 rounds a year. Currently playing to a 10. I find the reviews here to be priceless. This is no "Hot LIst"!
  7. Greetings from West Texas! I visit the website almost every day and had never joined the team so I finally decided to take the plunge. I play 2-3 times a week and usually shoot mid to high 70's. And yes I know how to hit the low ball and do use the 'Texas Wedge' since I do live in West Texas where the wind loves to blow every day! I am a big equipment tinkerer and love to study and play different types of equipment so I figured I might be able to contribute to the website.
  8. Hi from Portugal! Almost always sunny (somewhere in the Country )! Long time lurker looking forward to contribute! H.
  9. Hi! I live in Ashland, Va and I am a new member.
  10. Hi, I'm a new member coming from Miami, FL. Looking forward to sharing value on this forum and tips I learned as a scratch golfer. Feel free to check me out on Instagram @Golfpracticeguides for daily tips I share with my 24,000+ fellow golfers. Be great. Nick, Founder Golf Practice Guides
  11. hey all, name is chris. new to the site. run a hospitality house in augusta for the masters. look fwd to the interaction. www.azaleahospitality.com
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm a newish member from Redondo Beach. I'm just starting to play again as I have been recovering from surgery to repair 3 torn quad tendons. Been quite an experience! Now that I am playing some again, I have learned to appreciate how lucky I am to be able to play golf. I started a new forum for those who want to share their stories about overcoming injuries and playing golf again. Thanks all! TJ
  13. Hi all! Name is Ryan, and I live in Bellingham WA right now - but my work is in the process of relocating me to Pottsville PA starting in August. 26 y/o avid golfer since early college (which for me was 7-8 years ago now), even though I'm still no good now, doh!! Haha been a long time reader and lurker, but only just decided to sign up and dive in. I'm a member of a few other forums (1 more golf one, as well as a skiing and a watch one), but the MyGolfSpy mantra of testing with hard data and totally impartially has always intrigued me and drawn me to the club reviews in particular. Anyways, looking forward to getting involved and getting to know folks!
  14. Hey GolfSpy community - I'm a new member, not keen on posting as I'm the one who does not yet know enough to ask. I've been playing for four months, and for the past two months I've been able to play or go to the range daily. I'm getting better, but I'm not good enough yet to even have a handicap. That said, it's only a matter of time ... I spent a bit on some good used clubs, not as much as I wanted to spend ( ), but I ended up with Ping G15 irons (5 - GW), a G20 driver, Ping Eye sand wedge, Taylor Made R7 hybrid 3, a Taylor Made R7 5-wood, a Honma hybrid 5, and a Ping Anser putter. Then I upgraded the putter to an Odyssey, and I like to think I've improved because of that. Anyway, keep up the interesting news. It's a pleasure to be here.
  15. My name is Paul Larsen. I am a retired Lutheran Pastor living in Maplewood, MN. My handicap is 15. I try to play 4-5 times a week, but it has been raining so much this week I only made it out once. The attached picture is my wife, Esther and me enjoying a cool drink in Costa Rica where we spent the month of January. No golf tho' too expensive. Is this how I am to introduce myself? Thanks. Paul
  16. Hi! just registered after being a twitter follower for a few months, I've just had a look at a few threads and it looks like a lot of fun here - keep the gold addiction alive and kicking when the best British weather does its best to stop us getting out (actually we are pretty good, no fair weather golfers here!) Can someone tell me how to set up a signature with my golf equipment etc as requested? Thanks John (HCP 8)
  17. I don't know what I have to offer the forum, but enjoy anything golf. I'm in my early 40s and, while having dabbled with golf off and on for almost 20 years already, i've only taken it serious for the last two years. By serious, I mean really trying to get better and playing regularly (at least once a week) for as long as the weather permits. Haven't participated in a real golf trip so far, but my bucket list is growing :-) Love playing with my two sons - they're getting a much earlier start than I as they're only 5 & 7 and they do pretty well - looking forward to years of interacting with them on the golf course.
  18. Very happy to learn of, and join this forum. The older I get, the more I love to study this game.....and meet people that appreciate the complexity of something that seems so 'straight forward'. Just hit it in the hole! Really looking forward to learning from all of those that participate. PDR
  19. I have been playing golf for multiple decades. I am working on breaking 80. Shot 82 in first round of year a couple weeks ago so it will easily happen. I am all over golf: practice daily, lessons, watch, read, tweet, histogram, concepts for products etc. But my real job is IT industry analyst. Currently play Mizuno irons, wedges are a mix but mainly Vokey, I have an Odessey and a Ping putter. Ping I have had since college it went away for a while but has come roaring back (19 putts in that last round). I have my eye on a new Ping. Adams hybrids, switch from Nickent Driver have a trusted Ping G5 and a Cleveland DST ...the get replace this year, need a new fitting session, also to be replaced will be 3w and either another hybrid or 5w. And will probably replace irons. I am mainly a Srixon player, both Q and Z star depends on green conditions and amount of spin I want. Also like proV1x and Nike Platinum. Have ball tested for Titleist. Play left handed. Volunteer for Boeing Classic and US Open, have also volunteered at US Sr.Open and LPGA event in Portland. Help with local HS teams on occasion. Currently recovering from foot surgery, 6 weeks now weight bearing and I am also an avid fly Fisher. If you are in area, I am near Golf Club at Redmond Ridge and love mid-week pm rounds. tom
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