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  1. Left handed Odyssey 9ht Metal X Milled putter. I used it for a few rounds and figured out I had no business owning it. I went to a putter fitting and found out it was pretty much 180 out from I should be swinging. Includes magnetic cover and box with additional weights and wrench. The wrench pulls apart to reveal a screwdriver for the weight center screw. I never even removed or used the weights. Perfect except for a few paint nicks on the front. I don't remember that happening but it must have come from hitting another club in the bag. See photo below. I tried to make it clear. I
  2. This is for charity, and i don't really want to ship a box of grips back, i'll lose the money I made for our foundation. I have to list these for the $29.95 price (shipping included) as determined by The Cork Tree grip company but make me an offer including shipping. I have to pay back $15 per grip and will NOT sell for a loss to our Charity, but i cannot list a different price. I will include a tax Donation receipt. Howdy Fellow Spies- I am the president of a non-profit in Sacramento, CA. We held our annual fundraiser on 9/30 and Cork Tree Putter Grips owner Marc Boggia was kind enough to he
  3. A little about me: I live in Franklin, MA. I don't really have an official "GHIN" handicap but if I were to put a number on it I'd say I'm a 13 on a par 72 course ... sometimes a bit above 85 and sometimes a bit below. Never broken 80 but had a couple of 81/82 rounds. Usually don't get above 90 unless something really bad is going on. I play weekly in a 9 hole scramble with some work guys and try to get out 2-3 times a month to play 18. I also hit the range at least once per week. I don't really have any 'strengths' per se. I can hit my driver pretty well and am a pretty good ba
  4. Anyone got any info or planning on getting one? I've heard UK already releasing them.
  5. I have been getting multiple emails from Titleist and Golfsmith with pictures of the new Scotty Cameron models for 2016. They look sweet! Now I can't get them out of my head. I know if i go over to the store and start hitting them, I'll buy one for $400! They say, if you pay $500 for a driver you use maybe 14 times per round, why not pay $400 for a club you'll use twice as much and to score with? Do any of you think the Scotty Camerons made much difference in your game, and if so, why and how?
  6. Here are some comparison images of my Nike Golf B2-01 Method Origin RORS Edition and Method 006 Prototype. upload image online free
  7. Bellum Winmore is now offering a new adjustable weight version of their 707 putter, and they want to give one away. Those of you who are anti-social media will love this one. Facebook and/or Twitter are not required. All you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the Bellum Winmore Home Page and sign up for their newsletter by entering an email address. Simple. So go and do that if you want to win and I'll leave a couple of photos of the prize putter for you to peruse at your leisure.
  8. In a world of smash and grab, limited releases, and ebay hustlers, where are the faithful and summer-tested flat sticks that you just can't bump out your bag? Tell us about that beauty that has been with you for at least a couple of years. Show us a picture of that putter that you can't be tempted away from in the wake of those PGA merchandise show pics. This thread is for the faithful and the stories they share.
  9. I'm at work so I'll post pics this afternoon All R15's were used for maybe 5 or 6 rounds and a few range sessions. Great condition. R15 3W - Fujikura Speeder 67 Evolution Stiff - $110 shipped R15 - 3H - Fujikura Speeder 77 Evolution Stiff - $90 shipped R15 - 5H - Fujikura Speeder 77 Evolution Stiff - $90 shipped Scotty Cameron Circa 62' #2 W/ Super Stroke Slim 3.0 in near PERFECT condition - $125 shipped Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Mid Slant - Could use a refinishing, but in good condition - $75 shipped Or make me an offer.
  10. Drones? Sweet! Oh, wait. Not that kind of drone. But you can still have some fun with this one. ​
  11. You're not Shooter McGavin, and you could use the extra help on the greens. So, put this putter in play and watch them drop! Here's the stick that makes it happen:
  12. Howdy Fellow Spies- After seeing RookieBlue7's posting of his refinishing of his Scotty Cameron (http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/14152-modded-out-and-industrialized-tei3-newport/), it gave me an idea for a new hobby that I don't really have time for, but want to do anyway. Also, I have a box of Cork Tree Putter Grips left over from a charity fundraiser that I don't really want to ship back and would rather buy one to give to you. Contest: Find a putter than needs some love. It can be your current gamer, an old putter in your garage, or run out to Goodwill, eBay, or your local golf shop
  13. Specifications Finish: Nickel-Chrome Length: 33" Weight: 345g Body: 304 SS with Precision Milled Face Shaft: Heel Hosel Balance: Toe Loft: 3° Lie: 71° Like new, used two rounds before I decided I prefer a mallet putter. Will add pictures soon. Includes headcover. $80 total. Shipping to lower 48 free.
  14. On the course and on tour I have been seeing a lot more of the fat putter grips. What is the advantage of these grips? I can see having them if your grip isn't what it used to be from hand issues. However, I am seeing younger people utilizing these grips and I would think it would diminish the feel of the putter. Is there an advantage rather than a detriment? Thanks!
  15. Just wondering if any of the Ketsch owners out there have done a comparison of the two. Is the original better than the midsize? What differences did you notice etc etc. I have the original that was withdrawn because of the groove issue and haven't had the opportunity to try the new mid.
  16. Awesome giveaway here from GolfHQ.com Enter here: http://www.golfhq.com/scotty-cameron-rory-mcilroy-putter-giveaway
  17. To cheat, or not to cheat. For that price, who cares!
  18. This sold out in seconds. And we realized A LOT of you were upset about it. So, we held on to one to give everyone an equal chance. Enter for your chance to win Rory McIlory's Limited Edition Nike Method 006 Prototype Putter. ENTER HERE! Thanks for all the support and we hope one of you awesome MyGolfSpy(ers) win this!!!
  19. Hello to all golf lovers, What do you think which one is better putter manufacture. 1. TaylorMade Putters 2. Ping Putters 3. Nike Putters 4. Scotty Cameron Putters 5. Odyssey Putters 6. Heavy Putter Putters 7. Lynx Putters 8. MacGregor Putters In my opinion Nike Putters are the best. what is your point of view.
  20. Does anyone have any info on this putter, found it at a used club shop for $20 so I decided to pick it up and re grip it. Mizuno Pro 0051 is what it has on the bottom on the face it has RH. Any help would be appreciated
  21. Shooter!!
  22. You're so money, money, money.
  23. How much do you love your current putter?
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