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  1. [by Golf News Net] Titleist’s parent company Acushnet filed suit on Monday against 10 independent ball makers in Massachusetts federal court, claiming the companies are illegally violating patents related to their shared dimple pattern. The ball makers sued are 3 Up Golf, Ariva Golf, German newcomer Vice Golf, Dixon Golf, Lightning Golf, Monsta Golf, Rife Golf, the makers of I Need The Ball, a South Korean company called Nexen Corp. and Kick X Golf. Three patents in question relate to the ProV1 golf ball. In 2003, the company released an improved ProV1 with 60 fewer dimples than the original. The company found that fewer dimples with variable sizes led to better performance. Two subsequent patents that came out of that additional refinement are in question, as well. The patents are used in a number of balls Acushnet currently sells under the Titleist brand. Acushnet claims each of the 10 companies is using the same dimple pattern: a triangular dipyramid pattern with 318 dimples and three different dimple sizes. All of the balls are manufactured in Taiwan by the same company (not named in the suit) with a cast, aromatic urethane cover at the approximately same thickness and hardness. The Massachusetts-based company is looking for a jury trial, seeking a verdict that will prohibit these ball makers from using this dimple pattern, as well compensatory damages. ---------- Very interesting - and confirmation that all of the balls named in this suit are manufactured in the same factory, with the same dimple pattern and basically the same construction... not sure if they're even the same price though lol
  2. I took a trip to my state's best driving range and fitting shop, Golf in the Round, where they'll let you demo anything you want to your heart's content for $10. So I got a chance to try out the 915d3, the R15 and the Aeroburner for about a half a bucket each. Once again I learned the importance of actually hitting things, because all my preconceived notions were overturned. What I thought I'd like, I didn't and what I thought I wouldn't care for, I did. The pro seemed to have the same impression, because as I took all three to the range, he said, "You'll be surprised ... the cheapest one is the best club." Here are my quick impressions, feel free to add yours. Titleist 915d3, 9.5 with Aldila Rogue 110 MSI 60 gram Stiff, standard length -- This was the club I most hungered to hit ... and I hated it. It is not a particularly small looking head, although it's noticeably smaller than the d2 (which I didn't hit). It's attractrive and I'm very used to the Rogue 110 in the 60 stiff (I have this in my Optiforce at present). But I had a VERY hard time hitting center face with this stick. I'd hit a couple low and heely, then adjust and hit a couple high and toey, then adjust again, and hit low and heely again. It was very frustrating and out of about 30 balls, I'd guess that I only hit 2-3 that even came close to the center of the face. (I used Dr. Scholl's to mark every shot). After about 5 - 7 bad strikes, I pulled out my current driver and danged if I wasn't close to center face instantly. It got so bad that I started to monkey with my swing and I even talked to the pro about it. He said, "I had that same thing happen to me with the i25. I couldn't figure it out, just move on." So I did. Needless to say, I did not like the feel and results were awful. But they were pretty straight awful. The straightness I attributed to the Rogue. The head felt oddly light and tinny. Very different from the 913. This was the worst of the three challengers for me. Launch was medium, spin - who knows, distance - sucky. R15, 10.5 degree, Speeder 57 shaft in stiff, standard length - The R15 is a very different club than the SLDR. First of all, gone is the need to loft up. The R15 launches like the stated loft indicates. I had to hit a 12 degree SLDR before the launch became decent. This black crown one launched a bit high in 10.5 set to neutral standard. I tested it primarily in 'stability' mode, meaning with the weights all the way to the far extremes. They spread much farther apart than the SLDR, but I didn't notice too much difference from when I left them both in the center. It felt like it had a hotter, spinnier face than the SLDR and I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. Unlike with the 915, I had no problems finding the center of the face from my first swing to my last. This so confused me that I went back to the 915 and hit a few more -- all badly. Anyway, with the r15 I hit some soaring hooks, followed by some soaring slices, something I never did with the SLDR. The SLDR was always a little low and predictable for me, with draws that skipped along until they stopped. This R15 was left-right-left-right and I had little control and no predictability. I think the stock Speeder was a bad fit for me and I think I'll try my preferred Z-com and see what it does in a 9.5 loft. Face feel was good however and the sound was good. Aeroburner, 10.5 with their stock Matrix 50 gram stiff, standard length. I don't like white heads, but this one has slimming lines and a sharkskin finish that mute the whiteness of it. I didn't mind the looks at address. However, the looks on the bottom were garish and cheap. It looks like a kids club smeared with lipstick. It's uglier in person than in photos. The problem is..... I actually liked hitting it. The face seemed hot and while I hit it too high, the feedback it gave me indicated that there was more in the tank. Easy to hit, easy to find the center of the face. It was the longest of the three and the most comfortable. I'd love to try this one again with a 9.5 loft and a bit longer shaft. I'm so used to longer shafts now that anything less than 46 feels too short and requires an adjustment. Sadly, the Aeroburner is glued-shaft only, so you'd better know exactly what you need or get fit ahead of time, because you've got to dance with the gal you brung to the hop on this one. In conclusion, sadly none of these clubs felt better, were longer, straighter, or more reliable than my current Optiforce gamer with any one of the 3 shafts I have for it (Zcom tw74, Rogue 95, or Rogue 110). I'd like to tinker with the R15 a bit more, and I'd try the Aeroburner in a different loft, but I don't think I'll bother to try the 915 again.
  3. With Taylormade and Callaway getting most of the headlines, Titleist gets little love. We all know that Titleist dominates with the Pro-V1 ball, you really don't hear a whole lot else out of their camp. I saw the below Tweet and thought "thats a pretty good stable of players", so I did a little digging. Titleist has quietly put together a stable full of great players to back their brand. While Taylormade, Callaway, and Nike have put their money into major marketing campaigns, Titleist has sat back and "put their money where their mouth is". The problem is, I don't think that has paid off at all in the club department. As you can see below Titleist has more staffers ranked in the top 25 in the WGR than any other brand, as well as several others in the top 50. Normally I would say, that clubs have nothing to do with the talent of the player, but look how much Rory struggled when he switched to Nike.. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I'm just impressed with the talent and character of the stable of players that Titleist has put together.
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  5. Around this time every year, Ko Olina Golf Club holds its annual Demo Day. I'm quite fond of this one in particular, because it was on the first weekend I moved to Hawaii last year and was the first thing that I'd put on my calendar to attend as a ‘local'. I'm the first to admit that my intentions for this event were really to look and hit the new equipment – not necessarily to buy anything. I'm not sure whether it was the time of day I got there (9:30am) but it wasn't overly busy at all. As Jay Baker wrote recently on the Blog, I can imagine this type of event is pretty hit and miss – though mostly miss – in terms of sales for the guys staffing these events from the OEM side of things. I got a message from MBP just as I was leaving the house to say that our very own forum member Jonathan (@MorikawaTMaG) was staffing the TMaG tent, so I made my way there first. I chatted with Jonathan for quite a while and he is a top bloke – still in school but clearly very knowledgeable and with a keen interest in the equipment side of the industry. TMaG equipment in the lineup is extremely impressive. I hit both the RSi1 and RSi2 irons. The RSi1 irons are not actually as big as I thought they might be, and definitely easy to hit. The RSi2 irons, however, were the big winner for me – super long and consistent. I also hit both the R15 and AeroBurner drivers. Chalk and cheese. Loved the R15, couldn't stand the AeroBurner. A lot of it had to do with the impact sound, I'm sure of it – AeroBurner just didn't feel solid at all. I didn't play around with the weight system on the R15 at all, but it is a bomber and was the longest driver for me all day. I did hit the SLDR alongside it, and can say that for me the R15 was more forgiving. As good as it was, the R15 would not have made my ‘demo day bag'. Next up – Nike Golf. To say I was disappointed that the Vapor drivers were not available to hit is an understatement. I had geared myself up to hit them and completely forgot that they haven't been released into the wild as yet. Anyway, Nike reps were very knowledgeable and willing to offer any insights they could. I hit the Vapor Pro, ProCombo and Speed 6i alternating in short bursts and my preference was definitely for the ProCombo – super consistent. Slightly shorter for me than the RSi2, but all of my shots were on a string and I love the look of them. This was a great chance for me to hit the Nike wedges as well. I hadn't hit the ToeSweep wedge before, but it was great (even from the tightly mown hitting area) and I can see a 58deg ToeSweep making a permanent home in my bag very shortly. Surprise of the day for me was my brief visit with Titleist. I have never been remotely interested in Titleist, not for any good reason, maybe its because ‘Titleist' and ‘elitist' are such similar looking words… In any case, I was blown away by the 915 D2 driver. It's a beautiful driver, sleek even with the alignment aid (which still reminds me of one of the playstation controller symbols…). This driver just works – I have never hit a quite a series of consistently long, straight drives in a row as I did with this driver. The stock Diamana M+ Blue (61gm) shaft was a really good fit for my swing as well. If money were no object (or even just a smaller one) then this would already be in my bag. Based just on the demo day equipment, my bag would look like this: Driver: Titleist 915D2 10.5deg, Stiff Mitsubishi Diamana M+ Blue 4W: (own) Tour Edge Exotics XCG6, Stiff Matrix Ozik HD6.1 7W: Titleist 915F (21deg), Stiff Mitsubishi Diamana M+ Blue 4-PW: TMaG RSi2 (2deg flat), Stiff KBS Tour Wedges: Nike VR Forged 50,54 ; Nike X3X ToeSweep 58 Putter: (own) SeeMore M3 I'm not sure how many balls I hit on Saturday morning, but it was a lot. I was stuffed - fortunately though, I was at Ko Olina Resort so trundled on down to the lagoon for a swim... just saying
  6. As RoverRick aptly pointed out - Jordan Spieth's win was significant, both for the distance he set himself apart from the field, and for the fact that this was straight on the back of The Australian Open win last week. So - what are his current tools-of-the-trade? The Titleist Tour Blog provides us the details: http://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/b/tourblog/archive/2014/12/08/the-winning-setup-jordan-spieth-at-the-hero-world-challenge.aspx Titleist Brand Ambassador Jordan Spieth captured the Hero World Challenge in impressive fashion, shooting a final round six-under-par 66 for a 26-under-par 262 victory total. This is the second consecutive win for Jordan, both of which were won using the new Titleist Pro V1x prototype golf ball and new 915 driver. Jordan used the new ball to rank first in birdies, eagles, driving accuracy, putting and 3rd in greens in regulation. "The new ball is very much an improvement for me just as each version has really improved. This one's better for me because that softer cover around the greens allows me to have more spin control and softer feel off the blade of my putter without jeopardizing any distance or spin with the long clubs. It's still long off the tee with more control into the greens," said Spieth. Let's take a closer look at the full bag of Titleist equipment used by Jordan this week. Interesting to see Spieth going with the more forgiving 915 D2 rather than D3, and also that he's gone with 4 wedges - good looking bag. I've swung the 915D2 a couple of time and it's GOLD - my favorite new driver thus far.
  7. Hey MyGolfSpy Members, We are happy to announce our newest giveaway. Just click on the banner below. You can enter daily to increase your chances! Good Luck! Link here as well: http://info.lostgolfballs.com/titleistsweepstakes
  8. Just got 2 sleeves of Titleist Proto balls in the mail.... They feel like the ProV1 and ProV1x. Looking forward to trying these new balls out! Anyone else get some?
  9. Well guys. Here's the fun part! The place I get to show off all of my golf stuff to the people who actually know what I'm talking about! Haha. So, without further ado... Also, hope you guys notice my awesome green toed socks! Haha. List of equipment: Nike Covert 2.0 Tour Driver. Stock length/Shaft. Set to 9.5* Nike Covert 2.0 Tour 3 Wood. Stock length/shaft. Standard Loft. Nike Covert 2.0 Tour 3H. Stock. Mizuno MP-H4 4 iron. Dynalite XP. Stiff. -1/2 in. Standard lie. Mizuno MP-59 5-PW. Dynalite XP. Stiff. -1/2 in. Standard. Edel custom wedges. 52/56/60. DG Spinner shaft. 2* flat. -1/4 inch throughout. DVR grind on 52/56. DGR grind on 60. These wedges play 15/18/21* of bounce moving up by loft. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select. 33". Counterbalanced with 50g above my hands and 50g 10" down the shaft. All clubs gripped with Best Grips Microperfs in Black. Putter is gripped with a Grip One round midsized non-tapered grip. List of accessories: Mizuno Kuma Cart Bag Titleist Logo Umbrella AB Designs Classic Headcovers Titleist Pro V1 Balls Epoch S3 3 1/4 in. Tees Mizuno Retroflex Glove Leupold Gx-4i Rangefinder Scotty Cameron Pivot Tool Mizuno Japan Hat Clip/Marker Various Poker Chips I also wear FJ Project M spikeless shoes and Allen Edmonds golf spikes! Both pair are so comfy! Especially the AE's. If you've never tried them they mold to your feet. Fantastic. Here's the full bag. I'll include some closeups as well. Another shot... Sorry about the messy bed behind this picture. Neat & Tidy. These beauties! Love the new setup. Amazing feel. I love the compact head design even though the driver is still 460cc. I have a crush on my Edel wedges... I would recommend these things to anyone. If you take golf seriously (which who on this forum DOESN'T) they are worth getting fit for. My trusty Scotty. Custom Paintfill. Just some extras. All comments, opinions and thoughts are welcome! I can feel the ho itch coming on... But I'm pretty happy with my setup right now. Although that Best Grips Tiffany Blue D putter grip sure looks sexy. Or a major leaguer or a MicroPerf. Haha. Oh the options....
  10. I'm getting rid of some stuff as part of the deal I made with the wife.... before I buy anything new. I'm getting rid of a Nike Covert driver with the Fujikura Fuel shaft and a Titleist 913 hybrid. I didn't really play much with either thanks to our winter, but I think they are both a little too stiff for me. That Fuel shaft in the Nike cost me $150 extra and feels good, but I just cant maintain the energy to swing it for 18 holes. The Titleist hybrid I bought from a friend who had won it and he is even older than me. He never even hit it because he knew it was too stiff for him, but he did manage to lose the head cover and wrench. Our local Titleist guy told me I could use my Callaway wrench so I did. I played 27 holes with it myself and it is really solid, but again I just don't think I can swing fast enough to get it in the air. Everything is in very good condition, and I'm willing to work a little on the price. I have a trip to Scottsdale coming up and was planning on going to HotStix or CoolClubs while I'm down there but I really would like to sell some of my clubs that currently are not in my bag.
  11. OK, just like the title says....here are our Black Friday deals. And oh yeah, they are available NOW! For Starters, FREE SHIIPPING SITE-WIDE (Expires 12/2) Now, the deals (photos are linked)..... So you don't have to sift through everything, here are a few to show you.... Want to shop our Black Friday deals by category? Clubs Apparel Balls Bags Shoes Accessories If you see any Adidas apparel or shoes that you like, we'll automatically give you 15%, just put it in the cart! Don't see what you like? Click the Black Friday picture at the top to see all of our deals!
  12. Get this before it's gone.
  13. Can't go wrong with Titleist!
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