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Found 5 results

  1. T messages me late yesterday and he's like: "Hey, I'm too busy lounging out on the coast sipping Cristal and eating fine cheese. I need you to do Tuesday Awesome." Whoa.. I look forward to Tuesday Awesome. I like surprises. What to do..... So I'm texting my Texas BFF last night to the jealous dismay of my wife and he starts talking about J Lindeberg putters he's got. And I'm like what's that? That's pretty awesome. The Story goes like this. JL wanted to get into the club business during the time of the Puma collaboration. There were between 6-12 putters commissioned by JL for Scott Penrod to make. So 6 of them end up at BestGrips for some leathery love. They ended up keeping 3, one of which got traded for some eye2's. Ladies and Gentlemen, Tuesday Awesome.... J Lindeberg Prototype Putters Why They're Awesome There's only possibly 12 out there I know a guy with 2 They got a cool story Made by Sizemore Putters
  2. SKLZ Glide Pad I'm back with another edition of the Tuesday awesome, and this time around you'll be happy to know we've left the apparel realm (assuming underwear counts as apparel). Today's Awesomeness is the SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator/Golf Mat. The Glide Pad is a really cool little mini-mat that makes improving your lies, and improving your overall practice experience ever so convenient. Why It's Awesome It's lightweight and super-portable. It gives when you make contact with it which simulates actual divot feel, and more importantly, doesn't make your wrists hurt. It goes anywhere (like I said, portable), which means you can turn this: and this: and this: into this: which makes it really easy for me to try and chip balls through this (from my deck no less): If there's a knock on the Glide Pad is that it does raise the ball up a bit more than a flat lie would, but if you're afflicted with a sketchy yard (I am), or a sketchy driving range (I am), then the SKLZ Glide Pad is any easy and convenient way to avoid having to practice out of crap without risking your wrists. Retail price for the SKLZ Glide Pad is just south of $100.
  3. I took last week off from the Tuesday Awesome (after handing it off to @GolfSpy MBP the week before). After this week you may find yourself hoping that I never post anything again. This time around I'm stepping slightly outside of the proper world of golf to tell you about something I wear frequently when I play golf. If nothing else, just be grateful I've chosen not to include any selfies. Tommy John Underwear Why Tommy John Underwear is Awesome It's super comfortable. It moves with you, and keeps you dry. The Quick Draw pouch provides easy access to your junk. It comes in a variety of styles (briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks) It comes in a variety of fabrics (cotton, modal, and poly-spandex blends) It comes in a variety of awesome colors (including a limited edition pink for Breast Cancer Awareness) Did I mention the easy access to your junk? The 360 model has an accessory pouch for cash, keys, ipod, etc. (frankly I'm not sure if that's awesome or just weird). The Quick Draw Fly Like a lot of modal and other higher-end fabric underwear, TJ is a bit on the price side (~$30 a pair), so I generally wait for a sale, but I absolutely am a huge believer that when it comes to underwear, socks, and shoes, one should never pinch pennies. Doesn't your junk deserve the best? The LE Breast Cancer Series Shop Tommy John Now
  4. Here we go...2nd installment of The Tuesday Awesome. Let's get right to it. PUMA Golf 1/2 and 1/4 Zip Pop-Overs Why they're Awesome They come in a variety of weights and colors (white is heavier fleece, blue is mid-weight, orange is light) Colors are updated each season They're comfortable enough and functional enough to wear while playing golf Great for wearing around the proverbial town, or at your desk PUMA style, yo! Can be found at fantastic prices if you're willing to look around (I bought the Orange one for $9.99 $19.99)
  5. I'm trying something new today, and I'm calling it The Tuesday Awesome. Why? Because I'm going to always post this awesome stuff on Tuesday. The thinking is that I get a lot of really cool stuff (some cooler than others) that may not always make it into a review, or even on to the website. Despite what you may think GolfSpy X doesn't exactly give me complete run of the place. We have conversations that go like this: Me: I've got this really cool hat I want to post on the website. X: You're not posting a hat. Me: But it's a really awesome hat. X: It's a hat, jackass Me: A really cool hat. X: No...JACKASS. Me: (sulking in corner) And you never get to see the hat or whatever else it happens to be. Technically we never argued about a hat, but I'm trying to make a point here. To be clear for the guys who worry about such things...these aren't formal reviews, there is no criteria other than I think it's cool. I'll tell you why I think it's awesome - and for the sake of expediency, I'll try and limit myself to 5 pictures. You don't have to think what I post is awesome. It's cool. I won't be offended. This is just stuff I like for a variety of reasons. So with all that out of the way, the inaugural Tuesday Awesome begins with: TaylorMade Ghost Tour Daytona 62 Custom Putter Why It's Awesome It's custom (Tour Black Shaft and a SuperStroke Grip) TaylorMade made it for me as a cool souvenier of sorts from my recent visit to TMaG HQ/The Kingdom I used it at Torrey Pines It's actually a very good little putter
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