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Found 115 results

  1. Nice and easy now.
  2. As I was reading the excellent Paderson Kinetix shaft reviews, I came across the discussion concerning Spin created off the Driver. Thanks to Jason from Paderson for the following post: Technical Time Out! Relative to lesser of the oblique impacts, driver, fairway, hybrid: 1. Translating up the face, (sliding) will increase spin. The affect is linear in terms of compressive loading. 2. The greater the distance the ball slides prior to the point of separation, the greater it will spin. 3. Luberous coatings, lower the coefficient of friction! The lower the coefficient of friction, the less distance the ball will travel (compressively load) up the face. The rounder the ball will remain, the less it will spin. The greater energy it has to project = higher ball speed lower spin. 4. COR is a measurement of loss. Contrary to marketing, the "spring-like" affect is in fact, face compliance in the normal direction. IT IS NOT possible for a passive unsupported face (as found in all USGA compliant drivers) to rebound in time, during the secong half of the impact event, so as to trampoline the ball outbound. We do however tailor face compliance, to minimizing ball travel, reducing the quantity of deformation in the ball (compression / flattening) over the impact event. This will achieve a rounder golf ball, higher outbound ball speed at the point of separation. The higher the COR in a driver or HOT fairway metal, the greater the face deflection. The more the face complies, the less the ball will flatten. 5. Conversely, with oblique impacts, say wedges, whereby high spin is the desired affect. We tailor clubheads around material hardness. The harder the face (head) material, the greater the affective force load of impact, regardless of swing speed. The Harder the face, the more the ball will compressively load in the face normal direction, the less the ball will travel up the face, the greater it will spin. In conjunction with faces having inherently higher coefficient of friction and face and groove spec (latter within USGA' defined guidelines) work to channel moisture, affectively creating "rolling friction". My question to be ponderd is this: My old wooden driver had grooves on the face......Why don't the modern metal drivers have grooves on the face? Would this eliminate slippage up the clubface thereby reducing spin and providing for more distance?
  3. I got this email today.......Do you have a design in your head that can win? WE'RE LOOKING FOR AN IDEA THAT WILL CHANGE THE GAME. AND YOUR LIFE. Wilson is launching a new reality television show to air on Golf Channel where contestants compete to design the next great driver. Anyone can enter, no matter if you're an industrial designer or just a fan of the game. Enter today for the chance to have your club produced and sold in pro shops around the world, earn Advisory Staff status at Wilson Labs and WIN $500,000* APPLY NOW
  4. Things we know: 1. The X2 Hot is "HOT" 2. The Pro version is always better than the others.
  5. Come and get it.
  6. I interviewed former World Long Drive Champ (1992) Monte Schienblum and he told me the move he used to hit his winning drive 23 years ago, a move that he is still using today to get 126+ mph of CHS at age 48. He also he some balls on the flight scope for the camera. Part of a new Driver series I am filming. Basically he feels that he is dumping the right wrist angle as hard as possible from the top. The body then speeds up to match this, this has really helped my irons and a different move has helped my driving. I think you guys will enjoy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o59KDjIxX14
  7. All of the SLDR technology at a reduced price! ​
  8. Driver problems. Try this one.
  9. Call him "Mini Me"
  10. dope driver for under $100
  11. Less than $100. Start your golf season off right.
  12. Not used to bombs off the tee? The SLDR will get you going!
  13. This one's for you guys! $49.99 - $59.99
  14. I am selling a few of my clubs. Here is a list. Please message me if interested for pictures. Ping Anser Driver, 10.5 degree. Great condition. Aldila NVS 65g stiff shaft, Aldila NV 55g stiff shaft, both included along with tool to change shafts. No head cover. Selling for $125. Bridgestone J40 445 driver, 10.5 degree, project x 6.0 stiff shaft. Great condition, selling for $120. Adams Super S 15 degree fairway wood, stiff shaft (stock). Like new condition, selling for $50. If anyone is interested in purchasing multiple clubs, I will make a package deal. Cost of shipping is not included, if you're interested give me your location and I'll let you know shipping costs. Thanks Beau
  15. Cure all your troubles off the tee.....
  16. Suffer from a slice? Try this out!
  17. Be honest with yourself. Are you struggling to get the ball in the air with your driver? Here's the answer:
  18. You won't find a better deal today! $54.99 - $94.99
  19. Great driver, great price. Just ask Ryan Moore, Back-to-back wins at the CIMB Classic.
  20. 12 colors, one price. $19.99 Stock up and save, the golf season is right around the corner! Don't miss out on our usual Friday Blowout! - Headcovers (Ladies too!) - Lefty TaylorMade Hybrid Blowout ($9.99 - $24.99) - Preowned Callaway Drivers - Preowned Callaway Fairway Woods - More Adidas Polos
  21. THE Daily Deal + Lots of extras on sale too. Driver: $44.99 - $69.99
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