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Found 8 results

  1. Having heard a lot of good things about Bender Golf gloves, I finally decided to give one a try. I ordered the glove 0n 6-26-2018 but didn't put the glove into play until the first of August of 2018. The glove fit very well and it felt good while gripping the grip. At first glance the quality seemed to be fine. I played 8 or maybe 9 rounds and all of a sudden the sewing around the first finger and middle finger began to unravel. I thought since Bender stressed their quality on their website that they would be glad to work with me. for 2 days I tried calling them but you can never speak to a human being. As a matter of fact there is no possible way to speak to someone unless you want to leave a message and hope they will call back. I decided to email them and explained everything and it took to business days to get a reply. In essence the reply I received was approximately 3 sentences long and I was told since the glove was past 30 days old there was nothing they could do or would do. I have played MG gloves for over 10 years and only had 1 problem in that time. MG listened to my problem which was very much the same as with Bender and yes the glove was well over 30 days old but MG immediately sent me a replacement glove. I would hesitate to ever do business with Bender again. Has anyone else had any experience with Bender before?
  2. My family presented me with the opportunity to buy any putter I wanted really and would love to do a bit more than just go find something at PGA Tour Superstore that I happen to like that day as that's how I bought the two putters I've used the last five years or so. I know should probably be looking for SAM labs but if anyone has recommendations as to who or where or any other advice I'd love to hear it! Do know of Club Champion & the Southlake Golf Galaxy have the SAM lab but that's about it so far as haven't had a ton of time to research.
  3. So, I've never been fit for clubs in my life. The clubs I have now I bought roughly 7 years ago and I pieced the set together based almost wholly on looks, company reputation, my OCD tendencies (hence the same brand throughout) and if I'm being honest, something less popular. (I can be weirdly contrarian like that). That said, I like my clubs well enough, but I'm not certain if they're truly appropriate for me. So, when I say "fitting" what I really mean is current club evaluation and length/lie & shaft recommendations and adjustments to my current clubs. I'm not opposed to, for instance, picking up a new driver, but it will only be used and a year or two old (think $200 range). From what I can tell, most of the places around me have certain manufacturers they're looking to sell and, while they advertise evaluation of current equipment, almost all of them eventually mention finding "the best equipment for" me, not necessarily tweaking what I've got to "fit" me. GolfTec is nearby, a handful of mom & pop shops, and a few golf course academies. So what do you suggest? I plan to go chat with a couple places this weekend, but any of you in this boat, or have been in the past? Now, with that said, the second part of this question moves into which club I should have fit first. My putter is good to go, no need to have it fit. So, really, it comes down to irons or driver as far as which to fit first. I see the pros and cons of either being first, but wondered if you all have a suggestion. Thanks for your time, Chappy
  4. If you have, or know someone, who has a smaller head. These are the ticket!
  5. Sweaty on the golf course, but still want to look good? Nike has saved the day.
  6. I read a lot here on the Forum about clubs people own or want to buy. I'd say aside from the putter all I ever read about is guys buying TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, Cobra, Adams, Cleveland, Nike, Mizuno, Ping, etc. That leads me to think that most people buy what's in front of them. You can't walk into a typical golf retail store and find anything other than Major brand products. I rarely see guys in the Forum talk about or even say they use custom clubs such as KZG, Alpha, Maltby, Wishon, Bang, Miura, Fourteen, Epon, etc, etc. (These are not clones) I never hear anyone say they're even considering such a purchase. Why is that? I think part of it is because most people play off the rack (OTR). Perhaps it's because you don't think the quality is high. Could it be because most people don't want to spend the time to find and avail themselves of a custom club fitter? Taking the time to research and test custom designed clubs isn't as easy as walking into a Dick's or Golf Galaxy and plopping down some cash. Custom designed and fitted clubs can be expensive. But not always depending on the chosen brand. So, who plays custom brands?
  7. XTREME Driver, on the cheap ($49.99)
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