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Found 459 results

  1. Hi All - I recently made an iPhone app for my dad (who is deaf) to help him communicate with hearing people. Did you know that lipreading is only ~30% accurate? My dad is a 5 handicap golfer and I noticed that often times he'll get paired up with other golfers in tournaments or weekend play, and after the other golfers find out he's deaf they'll simplify their speech or avoid talking to him because they don't know what to say. The app converts voice-to-text in real time and all you would have to do is talk into the phone or plug in an Apple earbud and talk into the microphone (which tends to reduce the background noice and get a more accurate transcription). My dad has tested the app in numerous situations, including on the golf course, and so far the response has been great. The new people he meets are able to speak normally and he can follow along with the conversation by reading the iPhone instead of acting like he understands what his going or being said. Have any of you played golf with someone who is deaf or hard-of-hearing and would App MyEar have helped your interaction? Curious to know what you think! Link to a recent interview we did for Rochester news: http://www.rochester...n-duo/861743558 And a link to our Facebook page with more information and video of the app in action: https://www.facebook.com/appmyear/
  2. New member here! I'm Rico, 26. Currently a 13 handicap with a personal best round of 79 (that one day everything goes right.) Got Wilson Staff in my bag, absolutely love golf started playing about 15 years, avidly playing the last 5 or so. I hope to make some new friends in the golf world, chat about new clubs, tournaments anything golf related really. Or anything at all! Hope to get some pointers on my game and give out some too. Have a great day and say hello! Cheers!
  3. Hi All! My name is Chris and I work for the Boston Fire Department. We are hosting a tournament on Monday October 23rd at William J. Devine Golf Course at Franklin Park in Dorchester and are looking for people to play! This great event benefits the Boston Fire Department Relief Fund and their mission to support both active and retired firefighters and their families. If you are interested in golfing or the 50/50 raffle event, click this link: http://www.bfdrelief.org/support/ If you participate in anyway, enter "Chris" in the comment section. Thank you!
  4. We had a lot of rain in August that limited my number of rounds, and September is going to be crazy busy at work, but I'll be playing today, so that's a good start..ha 3 18 hole rounds 3 9 hole rounds
  5. Great gift for the upcoming holiday season.
  6. 345 more days, until the best day of the year.
  7. So due to popular request, OK one person requested it, so I consider that a popular request..ha I'm going to provide a hole by hole update of Round 1 of my Mens League Playoff's tonight. I'll try to add some course info later if I get time, to give you a feel. But for the players. I'm playing Doug, he's seeded 4th in our bracket. He's getting 4 pops in this 9 hole stroke play format, not true match play. So he plays to about a 10 handicap and plays our course regularly. Not a long hitter (like myself) so he must keep it in play and have a good short game. CG2, I'm seeded 13th and am getting 9 strokes on the card. So that nets out to 5 shots I'll be getting at the very end. See I did pay attention in math class I'm coming into the playoffs on a decent streak of playing reasonably well, i hope to continue that by keeping the ball in play and avoiding the big numbers and taking advantage of my strokes. My putting was exceptional last week 13 putts for 9 holes. Play begins at 5:00 PM EST time, so look for some updates after that and some pics if I can.
  8. Well it seems a good amount of people had nothing better to do last night between 5 pm and 7 pm than follow my wobbly playoff victory in Week 1 of our Wednesday Night Mens League. With my victory I advanced to Round 2, which officially would be Wednesday Aug 23. However, my opponent will be on vacation next week and asked to play before he leaves on Saturday if possible. So ready for the challenge i offered Friday AM and he agreed. Date Friday August 18 Time: 7:30 AM Tee Time Course: Compass Pointe North Course (happens to be the same course as last night) Format: Individual Stroke Play Indexes: I will be getting 9 strokes, Chris will be getting 6 As mentioned in the other playoff thread, I will be putting the new Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metals in Play. I played them today during a round, a feel pretty comfortable with them. See everyone in the AM!!
  9. What's going on MGS members? My name is Kyle and I am from Ohio- I've been using MGS for almost a year now but decided recently to start posting and looking at the forums to help my game out, and see what cool new equipment is out there! I used to be a College Baseball player, but now my passion is golf- I would play everyday if I could and almost wish that I would have started playing earlier in life I started playing in 2015 - Currently on the road to break 80- best round an 85.. I am not one of those golfers that will overstate my skills or how far I hit it because of an ego thing- If i want to be a single digit handicap then I gotta work for it golf is like baseball in that way ! For those that want to know or interested in WIB Taylormade M1 8.5 Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 6.2 vc X Stiff Taylormade M2 3 Hybrid 75 g Ping iBlades 4-pw Dynamic Gold S400 Vokey Wedges 52 (F-grind) 56 (M Grind) 60 (M Grind) Huntington Beach #6 putter Taylormade TP5X My twitter is @LifeWithKB3 if any of you guys have that Hope to talk to you guys with WIB, awesome courses you've played/golf trips, about new equipment you have or seen, cool drives, or on twitter ! KB
  10. Hello to everyone here on the My Golf Spy Forums! I've been following @MyGolfSpy for a while now and am very impressed with the content so I've dove in at the deep end and joined the forums here. Of course hoping against hope that one day I might be chosen as a reviewer too! If you don't know already, I'm an active youtuber. I post videos of my practice & golfing trips. If your interested, follow the link or just pop Paddy Golf into youtube and you should find me no problem. Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ0csQhwtccbAh-NGSIhaag? I will do my best to be active here on the MyGolfSpy forums but you can find me on the Twitter & Instagram machines @Paddy_Golf Ireland. Feel free to get in touch! Yours in golf, Paddy. "If its not up, it's not in, if it's not in, you can't win"
  11. A little over a month ago, TaylorMade and Rory debuted Rory's custom built clubs, the Rors Proto irons. I was wondering if anyone has come across some performance numbers for the irons like ball speed, spin, carry? It would simply be eyebrow-raising to see what numbers these clubs generate under Rory's swing. Maybe if someone has come across Rory's iron play numbers over the past month or so, that'd be super neat to study. Of course they're not production irons which hinders pretty much any possibility to gain numbers of them, but can't hurt to try! -Thanks! Swing easy.
  12. So I have started using a Skycaddie Linx GT watch with smart tags on the course. Yesterday it rained pretty good right before I played so the course was soggy. I found out that with my Nike Ignite 460 I am only getting about 225-235 carry distance. I have measured distances of 245-275 other rounds using GPS and am thinking that due to the wet conditions I got zero roll out which could be the reason the distances are short. Even with my 2 iron hybrid I am only getting 210-217 distance. I guess I am going to need to get a fitting to optimize the carry distance. Now granted it didn't hurt me that much cause I shot a 79. My swing speed is 99 mph most of the time as measured by trackman during a driver fitting earlier this year. At that fitting, the pro didn't even ask me to hit my driver for reference which was weird and ended up suggesting a Titleist 917D2 9.5 with Aldila Rogue Stiff shaft. I didn't buy it because well its $500.
  13. When the team at MyGolfSpy asked us for our picks for the Top 10 Courses in Scotland, it was not an easy task. You are genuinely spoilt for choice with world class golf throughout the country. But we knuckled down and came up with the following 10... when taking into consideration design, surroundings, ambiance and history. 1. The Old Course at St. Andrews 2. Championship Course at Royal Dornoch 3. Championship Course at Carnoustie 4. West Links at North Berwick 5. Championship Course at Machrihanish 6. Old Course at Prestwick 7. Kingsbarns Golf Links 8. Ailsa Course at Turnberry 9. Castle Stuart 10. Muirfield The full "Top 10 Scottish Golf Courses You MUST Play!" article can be seen here. Do you agree with our picks? Or which ones would you put in your top 10? And let us know if you have been lucky enough to play any of these courses! It's worth reading the article as some great comments and suggestions have also been posted by the MyGolfSpy community. Thanks, Guy
  14. Which is the best destination for a Golf trip? Scotland or Ireland? You may have read MyGolfSpy's recent blog, where we asked two respective authorities of Scottish and Irish golf to go head to head and describe the perfect golf trip to their homeland... and the then say why their itinerary (over the other) deserved the mantle of the best golf trip ever! The article can be read here For those wanting to cut to the chase, the summary is as follows.... Kieran selected the line up below for the "Best Ever Scottish Trip": 1.Old Course, St. Andrews 2.Kingsbarns 3.New Course, St. Andrews 4.Championship Course at Carnoustie 5.West Links at North Berwick 6.Muirfield 7.Gleneagles Kings Not bad! However, when you put it up against Kevin's picks for "Ireland's Best Ever Trip", it's a tough call to decide which is the best... 1.Ballybunion Old 2.Ballybunion Cashen 3.Tralee 4.Waterville 5.Dooks 6.Old Head 7.Killarney What are your views? Which trip would you take? And are you lucky enough to have played any of these courses? Or, do you disagree with their choices? And if so which Scottish or Irish courses would you place in your ultimate trip itinerary? Thanks, Guy
  15. Hi everyone. I a new member to the forum and have been golfing since the mid 1970's. Had my handicap down to a 7.1 at the end of last year and this year it's risen up to a 14.1. Am having some back problems, but not letting it get me down. I went for my first golf fitting in February of this year, which I would recommend for anyone to try one time. It was fantastic, and about 2 hours of hitting balls with various clubs. Hit my clubs, then the Taylormade M2 and the Ping G. He used various shafts etc. Finally the fitter got me set on the Ping G's with a lightweight Stiff shaft, which is what I ordered. Still don't have them dialed in yet, although I have played a lot of golf this year. When I was all done he let me hit his PXG 7 iron, and what a club. Totally effortless hitting of a golf ball. The problem is that they are also very very expensive. Out of my league. Hope to learn a lot in the forums. Thanks.
  16. 6 of the best golf travel bags and what to look for when choosing a bag http://www.grumpygopher.com/best-golf-travel-bags/
  17. Not only a putter, a Smart Putter! Putting, it's one these skills which really makes the difference between two players. In a very close match, victory and defeat will be chosen while putting so why not give yourself the best odds and make a new ally of the green? With the Smartgolf putter, practice whenever and wherever you might be even for 10 minutes a day and finally get these few extra strokes off your game! Equipped with powerful sensors, the Smartgolf putter analyses your putts and transmits the data to your phone, tablet or computer via the Smartgolf application. Analyze your game on the field, at home or even at the office and receive some professional feedback to better yourself. Get transported to a virtual field using the associated application to practice at home surrounded by your loved one! That's not all! Play or practice without the app, using only the Smart putter and still receive feedback from your moves with the innovative LED level indicator and other top of the line features! Enjoy a well-crafted putter and never miss to sink your putts! From the company behind the Smartgolf club, the world's first swing Analyzer comes a new way of practicing your putts, never let anything stop you from exercising your passion, choose where and when to practice! Check out the Kickstarter today and get 50% off the retail price with the launch day special deal (50% and a special gift!)! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smartgolf/smart-putter
  18. Golf is an amazing sport. It affords us the opportunity to challenge ourselves, enjoy the company of others, and experience new things on the links. For me golf is about being grateful for the wonderful things it provides. Are you grateful for golf? Are you a grateful golfer?
  19. Hi Everyone, Just trying to get the numbers up for this league I have created for the Masters - Pick any 6 players and the winner takes the pot - €10 entry https://www.playnbrag.com/league/join_us/MzQ2OA Good Luck Sammy
  20. Hey Everyone, My name is Terry Wittek. I am a local insurance agent in South Florida: business, home, auto and beyond. I play at many different private clubs in Palm Beach County, so if you are interested in getting an invite, let me know.
  21. I have been on this forum for quite some time and posted on the introduction forum a while back but took a long break. I am now looking to get more involved and learn more about the game of golf. I just pasted my bio from my page as an intro below. I take some decent golf and sports photos on my Instagram if you would like to follow (posted a link to one below) username: cragghianti "I am a new member of the game of golf, just started playing a little over a year ago but have progressed really nicely. When I started, I couldn't hit a ball to save my life but I am proud to say I am an 18 handicap today and working hard to improve each week. I am currently using the Nike Vapor Fly Pro irons, the Nike Vapor Flex 440 Driver (getting used to this one) and the Nike Origin Putter. I work for adidas in Oregon so I have been on the lookout for a different set but its hard to beat these for the tech and price! I am fortunate enough to be able to play the beautiful Oregon Golf Club and the prestigious Waverley Country Club here in Oregon pretty often and let me tell you, those two courses really challenge you. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or are in this area!" Thanks for taking a look! http://imgur.com/a/oF54L
  22. Brella Brella LLC has just introduced the Brella at the PGA Merchandising show with great results and global interest. The Brella, a lightweight, high performance waterproof garment, is designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts who are active with their upper body and need freedom of movement protection, and water protection. The Brella is ideal for outdoor activity like golf, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing and other applications per the attached. To view the Brella in action, please click: http://www.brellabrella.com/distribution . You can private label the Brella for corporate promotions or golf tournaments. Visit our web site for more information at http://www.BrellaBrella.com for more information. BRELLA END USER APPS - FEB 2017.pdf
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