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  1. You know you need to re-grip your clubs.........Now here's an insane deal.....13 Lamkin I-Line Grips for $29.99! http://www.lamkingrips.com/comfortable-performance/i-line Get them while they last.......
  2. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 15, 2014 FROM CORK TREE - THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN PUTTER GRIP TECHNOLOGY NOW AVAILABLE SAO BRAS DE ALPORTEL, PORTUGAL - There's a brand-new golf grip material quickly gaining popularity. The Cork Tree has debuted four new putter grips made of cork leather. Why cork? It's proven to be the perfect complement to leather in a grip. Cork leather putter grips provide an overall user experience that cannot be achieved with any other putter grip material known to man. Cork is 100% natural, feels soft in the hands, and improves its playability well beyond other materials when a golfer's hands are hot or sweaty -- as well as in humid playing conditions. "That means the grip won't slip in your hands -- regardless of how moist your hands are," says company co-founder Marc Boggia, a British PGA member. "That lets you confidently putt away without any tension in your hands and arms, promoting a more fluid stroke. Once you try it, I know you'll agree that it feels amazing. Plus, it cleans very easily -- dirt wipes away with a wet cloth." Cork Tree putter grips are designed and used by Championship winning Tour professionals who make their living from playing golf. There are currently more than twenty PGA Tour players using Cork Tree cork leather putter grips including the winner of the recent Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa. A multiple major winner on the PGA Tour is also using the Cork Tree putter grip. Cork's honeycomb cell structure is key. Each cell is a 14-sided polyhedron filled with air, making it an extremely strong and flexible membrane that's waterproof and airtight. Cork bark is about 89% air, giving it a low density. But when it's compressed, air isn't squeezed out, because the cell membranes won't release it. So it returns to its original shape when the compression is removed. The four initial putter grips include the Midsize ($39.95), Feather Light ($39.95), Parallel ($39.95) and Tour ($39.95) models. They're all extremely durable, absorb any impact vibration and are impermeable to water. About Cork Tree The Cork Tree -- the world's first company to produce golf products in cork leather -- was co-founded by Nuno Nascimento and Marc Boggia. From an early age, Nascimento went with his grandfather to the Portuguese family cork oak forest learning all the tricks that nature presents. He studied and tested trees to find the best cork bark, and then transformed it into cork products suitable for commercialization. The Cork Tree mission is to maximize performance, increase confidence and ultimately improve putting statistics for every golfer using the Cork Tree putter grip. Cork Tree also strives to be a contributor to a more eco-friendly world and cork leather offers this while adding functionality, durability and quality. Today, the Nascimento family continues to sell cork bark to the cork stopper industry from its own 500 hectares cork plantation. Conscious of its hereditary property, The Cork Tree family continues to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing, protecting and maintenance of the properties. Beyond cleaning and fertilizing the cork oak forest, the plantation continues to grow with some 40,000 new cork trees being planted in the past eight years. Boggia, an Englishman, has been a member of the British PGA since 1981. He's a golf course owner, partner and creator of Asia's largest indoor golf teaching facilities, managing director of a made-for-TV golf tournament, distributor of golf product and head instructor of the John Jacobs' Golf Schools. As a youngster, he practiced, played and competed near the very cork forest that's now become the source of raw material that fuels his business venture. The Cork Tree's golf bag was awarded the first place award at the Golf Europe 2013 show in the golf bag category and lead to the launch of the cork putter grips. See all products from The Cork Tree at www.corkputtergrips.com
  3. Lamkin Special Edition Wrap-Tech and UTx Grips www.lamkingrips.com MSRP: $4.99 (Wrap-Tech), $6.99 (UTx) To celebrate the first Major Championship of the season, Lamkin is offering two Special Edition grips, the Wrap-Tech and UTx. Both models are available in a deep green and bright yellow colorway adorned with a contrasting white Lamkin logo. The Wrap-Tech combines a double-helix pattern with the company's patented ACE compound, resulting in superior comfort and club control. The UTx features Tri-Layer Technology, offering golfers excellent traction, torsion control and grip stability. The two distinctive grips lend themselves especially well to golfers who are looking for slip resistant, all-weather playability and are available starting end of March for a limited time only through LamkinGrips.com. I've gotten samples of the Wrap-tech and UTx grips and they've great, pretty awesome to see some slick special colors.
  4. 1925 was a heck of a long time ago. Fitzgerald published “The Great Gatsby,” Lou Gehrig started his legendary consecutive game streak, the Mt. Rushmore museum was dedicated and Elver Lamkin wrapped his first leather grip. Lamkin, of course, belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of grip manufacturers - either as George Washington or Teddy Roosevelt. And if you're talking legendary streaks, you could say Lamkin is the Iron Horse (or even the Cal Ripkin) of grip makers. 90 years later Lamkin is still getting it done, and it's still All In The Family. There's perhaps not a more iconic grip in golf than the Lamkin Crossline. If you're reading this you've probably swung a club or two in your time and it's more than likely one of them had a Lamkin grip. 2015 marks the 90th anniversary of Lamkin Golf a company that has truly stood the test of time and continues to look towards the future. Today's five question's is with a man truly proud of his family name, Lamkin's President and CEO, Bob Lamkin. 5 Questions 90 years in business is a pretty epic accomplishment, especially for a family business. How has keeping it “all in the family” kept Lamkin going? What are the keys to your longevity? Well, that's really simple… our family name is on every grip we make so we are exceptionally critical of how our product is developed and manufactured. That has always been a very strong motivator for Lamkin to make the best performing, longest lasting and highest quality grips in the business. It's a real source of pride for our family. As for our longevity, and this is also very much a part of keeping it in the family, the company has transformed itself with each new generation. My grandfather started by making leather wrap grips in his garage. He was a true pioneer at the time because no one else was making grips for golf clubs. Then, my father led another crucial transformation for the company when we started using rubber materials in our grips. For a leather grip company, this was a very risky and bold change, but he kept the company moving forward. Again, with each generation, the company has experienced a sort of ‘rebirth'. Another key to our success is that we pride ourselves on being good listeners. We very much want to know what our customers need and want, and will go to great lengths to ensure that Lamkin is their grip of choice. Seriously though, is playing the wrong size grip really killing us and what's worse, too big or too small? I think that might be an overstatement, but I do believe that playing the wrong size grip absolutely impacts a player's performance. And, more importantly, it may be affecting their overall enjoyment of the game… and they don't even know it! There are so many women, for instance, using the stock undersize grips installed on most women's clubs, but a big percentage of those players don't necessarily have ‘undersize' hands and they should be using a standard size grip. Very often, playing with the wrong size grip will force a golfer to use too much grip pressure to compensate for their poorly fit grip. One is not worse than the other (too big or too small). Typically, I tell golfers that are slicing to use a smaller grip so they can increase their hand action. And, for golfers that are hooking, I recommend using a larger grip to slow their hands down. I also believe that grip sizing isn't a perfect science. We recommend using hand measurements as a starting point. After that, it's important that every golfer finds the grip that feels most comfortable and allows the ideal light-pressure grip. What challenges do you face today that you didn't have to deal with 25 or even 50 years ago? The rate of product innovation has accelerated to a mind-blowing pace over the last 15 or so years. There seems to be this unspoken rule that a revolutionary, ‘game-changing' product needs to be launched every few months, every year at the latest. At Lamkin, we rely on a continuous improvement model to ensure we're producing the most functional, innovative and durable grips available, and that certainly has helped the brand maintain its leadership position. How have the recent financial issues within the Golf Industry affected the grip business? What does it take to keep a golf business ‘in the black' in the current environment? Historically, even during the most ‘challenging' dips in the golf industry, Lamkin has been fairly well insulated from market volatility. When golfers aren't buying as many clubs, for whatever reason, they tend to invest more in regripping. And, when they are buying more clubs, we benefit from supplying premium manufacturers with the grips to put on those clubs. As for staying ‘in the black', we are a bottom-line driven company and keep a very sharp eye on spending to ensure we stay profitable. More importantly, though, we work very closely with our customers. Whether they are purchasing a million grips or a single grip, we never lose sight of the fact that they are the most important contributor to our success and longevity. Exceeding their expectations has been and will always be our top priority. What makes a good grip? What is the biggest innovation in golf grips over the past 90 years? Any secrets you can let us in on as to the future of the golf grip? A good grip: There's really no magic formula because different golfers like different types of grips. One golfer may love the feeling of a cord grip, another golfer might hate the feeling of cord. It's incredibly subjective and individualized. In the end, if a golfer plays more comfortably, confidently and consistently with their grip, then it's a good grip. Biggest Innovation: Moving from leather to rubber and then to synthetic rubbers. This was a big game changer and allowed us to improve durability, bring costs down, add new cosmetics and colors and provide a much greater level of ‘feel' consistency from grip to grip. Future of the Golf Grip: I believe the next big development in grip technology will come in the form of another material advancement. At Lamkin, we are always researching and testing new, non-endemic materials that will provide golfers with functional performance benefits. ------------------------------------ Thank you so much again to Bob Lamkin for taking the time to answer these for us. Written by:Dan Mann
  5. SPEED REVIEW BEST GRIPS - MicroPerf Club Grip "Augusta Edition" Written by: Dan Mann NATURAL I had a lot of apprehension about putting these on my new gamers, I wasn't sure if the stitching or the non-tapered built up lower hand would bother me. For one thing I have small hands and often a given companies “standard” just doesn't work for me. Well I'm happy to say neither was an issue and really the MicroPerf's are the most natural feeling grip I've held to date. BestGrips has done a lot to make these feel like an extension of the golfer to link to the club. Now I'll admit these non-tapered grips won't be for everyone and that is why there's a variety of options on the market. But I applaud BestGrips for sticking to their vision and own personal beliefs of what a grip product should be like. Let's face it if they simply went with the popular vote what would differentiate them from everyone else? QUALITY BestGrips puts a lot of research and love into making every grip special. They have their own proprietary mold for hypoallergenic underlasts and a really expensive machine to ensure every piece of leather is rolled to a consistent thickness. Don't forget they're hand making these and sewing every stitch down in the heart of Texas. I'm shocked to not see a bit of fraying on any of the 8 grips or an extra tag or material on the end caps. The end caps show no sign of peeling or bending up either. I've seen other leather grips where the end cap is thin & stressed and sure to peel up going in and out of bags often over time. And most of all these SMELL like genuine leather. MBP's nostrils have perused a bevy of leather grips in the past & a lot of them reek of industrial glue, cheap knock off shoes and purses. BestGrips has also told me they estimate a life expectancy on these at 3-4 years. CONFIDENCE It's called ProTac people and it's a life changing experience. You think I joke, but living in a rain soaked, humid summer region of North America makes holding a golf club difficult at times. Protac simply put is “Tacky”, but in a good way, not a granny doily covered couch kinda way. Man these grips are sticky and the days of wearing gloves are over for me. But do not worry, this doesn't leave any residual residues, marks or stains on your hands. Confidence like this can take one less worry out of your mind standing over the ball and I think I can speak for most when I say we'd love to think less on the course. THE WRAP NATURAL QUALITY CONFIDENCE MBP APPROVES Hey, I'll be the first to admit leather grips aren't for every golfer. Everyone has their own individual preferences and ideas of what feels right to them. But what I do know is that BestGrips makes a damn good golf grip. Are they the end all? Possibly not, but BestGrips should be high up your consideration list when you make your next grip purchase. http://bestgrips.com/product/microperf-club-grip/ *IN FOR REVIEW! BestGrips.com MicroPerf Club Grips - Limited Edition AUGUSTA CLUB GRIP Everyone's favorite genuine leather grip making Texan, is back just in time for my favorite major; The Masters. These limited edition handmade beauts feature the same high quality leather as the standard MicroPerf line, I'm just lucky enough to get my hands on the sexy Augusta themed version. Check back in the future to catch my follow up review. The Augusta Club Grip is the latest Masters themed grip from BestGrips. You will see a lot of Green and Yellow "Limited" products, but none are as superb as the MicroPerf Club Grip. The Augusta Club Grip features a special edition BG Green MicroPerf leather and Yellow thread. - BestGrips The Augusta Club Grip will be available throughout April (in limited quantities). ORDER NOW AT BESTGRIPS.COM
  6. One of the more interesting grips to come from Golf Pride in some time. 31% softer vs. any other grip in their line-up but just as stable. Something you couldn't get before from a softer grip like this. And since we have one sitting in the office I thought we would send one out to one of you guys. Cause we know some of you got some ugly grips on your driver(s). Mine might actually be the worst. And if you do, tell us about that ugly grip. The more descriptive the better! HOW TO ENTER Tweet the following for a chance to win, and fill in the blank telling us about your ugly, torn, disgusting grip you currently have falling apart on your driver. @GolfPrideGrips & @MyGolfSpy - #Ineedanewgrip because mine is ______________.
  7. New Year, New Gear This is the time of year when we all get a excited about new golf gear. I'm not going to lie; I get a lot excited. Work keeps me from attending the annual gear gorging at the PGA Show, but I, like you, followed along as best as I could through the wondrous MGS coverage. I loved seeing all of the new stuff, and Golfspy Tim's #boothbabeselfie campaign was classic entertainment! Really though, for me, it's all about the new gear. Every year, I try to envision myself playing the new stuff, wondering and dreaming about the effect it will have on my game. This year, I was so wrapped up in new gear that I even had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of my choices when trying to answer my own Best 13 Club Set thread in the forum. New gear excites my mind, opens up new possibilities, and really ramps up my anticipation for the golf season. new New NEW! That's my typical January golf brain. Then I re-gripped my putter. Most of the time when I change the grip on a putter, my psyche remains stable. No associated huge flashes of insight or clarity. This past time was different though. This re-gripping came on the heels of looking at a bunch putter grips for the MGS 2013 Putter Grip Run Down. How many grips was that? Just take a look at this box full of putter grips: Never before have I had so many putter grips to choose from. Against all odds, I settled on one grip, had it installed, and then after rolling a ball… BAM! POW! Revelation! Discovery! What happened? What was the revelation? What is this amazing putter grip? The grip I put on doesn't really matter. The point is that it was a grip that I frequently have used on my putters in the past. I had 30+ grips to choose from, and I went with the old favorite. And you know what? It felt FANTASTIC. Because I know it's killing you not to know, here's the grip: Orange Jumbo Iomic The moment of clarity was the interesting thing though. I had access to everything that was new, and I went with the old standard. That grip made a huge and immediate putting difference. As soon as I put on the Iomic grip, my putting improved dramatically with that particular putter. Was it the grip's weight or geometry? Could it be the color or texture? Could it be familiar comfort translating to confidence? If I'm making putts, I usually don't ask why. Even if I did ask why, this time, I knew the “new” grip was responsible. I've Done This Before, You Likely Have TooThat putter grip revelation drove me to think about returning to other favorites instead of the new. There have been numerous times when I have tried new gear, be it clubs or accessories, only to return to the tried and true. I have a feeling that I am not alone in this. We get emotionally excited for the new, but return to the familiar once the novelty has worn off. I think that many golfers are likely to experiment with the new and different golf grips. Grips are not an expensive experiment, especially if you compare cost of the cost of re-gripping a club or two to the cost of getting a new driver. I usually buy a couple of new grips, put them on woods or wedges, and then make a decision about changing the rest of the set after playing with them for a bit. If I like them, new grips for all! How many times do you pull the new-grip trigger? Not just replacing the ones you wore out with the same grips, but rather installing a totally new style. How many times do those new grips make it to the worn out stage before you swap them out for something else? Not all experiments are successful. Sometimes we need to return to our happy place. My Happy Place Grip: Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound (NDMC) Although they may have the longest name in golf grips, Golf Pride's NDMC is the grip that I always return to after trying other things. I have had extended play relationships with other grips. A white set of PURE grips lasted a season, as did the latest set of now-wearing-out Lamkin Crosslines. However, when I decided to re-grip, my impulse was not to put on another set of Crosslines, but rather to return to the New Decades. I enjoyed the Crosslines. I even played some good golf with the Crosslines, but the first impulse was hello again Mr. Golf Pride. The desire to return to the New Decades shouldn't have been that surprising. One of the guys who I play with weekly plays my old set of '09 Burner irons, sporting some nice red New Decades. Every time we play, I notice those grips, or to be fair, I covet those grips. Maybe it's the color or maybe it's the memory of playing with them. I don't know. But when the re-grip question came up this month, New Decades were the answer. And they are New, New Decades! Now lest you think that I have lost my taste for the new, the set of NDMC's that I am installing this time is a new-for-2014 batch of New Decade Multicompound PLATINUM grips! Last year-ish, Golf Pride added the whiteout variant to the NDMC line, this year, the Platinum. What has changed? Well in the NDMC-P, the cord section is now platinum grey as opposed to white or black. Are the NDMC-P only cosmetically changed then? I hope so! I am looking for that same New Decade feel and play in a fancy new color. The perfect situation is getting a new look, but still behaving like an old favorite. I first played NDMC grips in 2009, and I want these new ones to feel like those. However, there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of new 2014 flair. With the standard, the whiteout, and the platinum versions, NDMC lovers now have more aesthetic options than ever before. This is great! Although the loss of purple from the New Decade palate saddens me greatly. What Are Your Golf “Comfort Foods”?As I said before, I don't think that I am the only one who tries new equipment for a while, only to return to the same staples over and over again. Will we ever stick with what we know works, ignoring the new? Not likely. New is exciting. New holds possibilities. New is, well, NEW! We should go with what we love, but maybe we will love something new more. What is the golf thing that you return to? What is the Forrest to your Jenny? Wait. Don't tell me yet. Let me make it worth your while. If you tell all of us, you can… WIN A NEW SET OF 2014 GOLF PRIDE GRIPS One lucky commenter below will win 13 grips from one of Golf Pride's New 2014 Line up. You can win a set of either the new CP2 Pro, CP2 Wrap, Tour Velvet Super Tack or, yes, even the New Decade MultiCompound Platinum Series. All you need to do to enter is post the following information in this article's comment section: What is the piece of golf equipment that you always return to playing? If you are the winner, which of the four 2014 Golf Pride grip lines will you select and why will you pick that grip line? Good Luck!
  8. The Count is now three. Three products from the guys over at Best grips. My first purchase was a custom fairway shoe which to this day still gets oooooooo's and ahhhhh's on the golf course. With the fairway shoe, to my surprise, “Zack” throws in a Gridiron grip. The gridiron will probably get installed this spring, I am waiting on a new wedge that I ordered to put it on. The third, a custom laser engraved Major Leaguer D putter grip which was won on the “Forum Member – Product Reviews”. I was super stoked that I won, which was short lived when I realized that I would have to replace my beloved Pistolero grip on my SC Monterey. After contemplating a couple days I decided to go for it: Installation: Without a doubt, I was going to save my SC Pistolero grip just in case I did not like the Major Leaguer. The Install was fairly simple. I usually reuse the tape but for this installation the tape was replaced with 2 inch masking tape. The grip slid on fairly well. I had to shoot a couple shots of air for the last couple of inches otherwise I ran into no problems. Install time including the removal of old tape: 4 Minutes Injecting the fatal dose into the Pistolero All Clean Done Looks This putter went from a perfect 10 in looks to a 15! The construction is flawless, I absolutely love the contrast of the stitching on the leather. The premium leather looks like what the name says “Major Leaguer”. It presents itself as if Best grips took a baseball mitt, threw it in their magical grip making machine, and out came a golf grip. The laser engraving is NUTZ! Very sharp and clean lines. The pictures serve no justice on how precise the lines are. You have to see it in person!!!!! On a side note: The design/ordering process is first class. You throw some ideas at best grips, and you come away with an amazing PERSONALIZED product in the end. Your product is not put into production until YOU are happy with the final design that Best Grips emails you. Performance This is where I “thought” that I would have a major issue. Let me start off by stating that I am a “FEEL” player. I love to feel the club head at the top of my golf swing, and with putting, I love to feel the golf ball at impact in my putting stroke. I do not know if it's the leather, construction, or magical fairy dust they use in the manufacturing, but the feel actually improved 10 fold. Conclusion
  9. WinnProX grips http://www.winngrips.com/putter-grips/winnpro-x-118 Welcome to the new feel of putting. The new WinnPro X uses a less tapered profile than traditional designs to eliminate wrist movement during the stroke while still delivering that comfortable, tacky feel you've come to expect from Winn. WinnLite Technology is also utilized to minimize grip weight, enhance clubhead feel and provide stability during the putting stroke. Available in: 1.18" Diameter 1.32" 1.60"
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