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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all! We are slowly getting closer to testing season (no I don’t have any inside information …. Right now). With that there has been a lot of work going on in the background to enhance the site and bring some improvements to the site. In this thread I will let you know all what is going on when we are getting close or about to launch any new features, structure and more. Without further delay the first update we are bringing to the membership is actually a older feature which ended up on the cutting room floor, but is bring brought back to life by popular demand. The Community Map! What is this? - The community map is a feature we had years ago and it’s pretty simple. It is a map of the world where you can tag your location and where you are located. Why now? Well the long and the short of it is I was able to get approval to purchase it and again it is a feature that has been asked for time and time again. Another key feature we are working on is Community engagement… I know we hear this all the time, but this is all part of a bigger plan to increase get togethers, events and a phenomenal community not just online, but in person as well. What can we do with it? This is a bit different than the older member map which has been renamed to Community Map. Again you can tag your location (home) so other spies can see who is all living in your area. We are also introducing a secondary function within this single application which is course reviews. It is pretty simple, have a course you want to write a review for? Go into the “create” go down to Community Map Marker and Select Course Review. From there find it on the map, mark it, add in the course name, a brief description and hit submit. It is after this that you are able to write your review on the course (unless it has already been created) and you can grade it out of your 5 stars however you like. We are also incorporating (at a later date) some of the player profile features (if you have it filled out) where when hovering over the player you can see their player profile data. Where is the Map Located? Well you can find the map here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/communitymap/ Or simply go the the “Members” Tab at the top of any page and when the drop down comes you will find “Community Map” This was a very useful tool in the past in getting members together and creating a community that is more than just a forum. The great thing is it is also optional. Don’t want to take part? No requirement for testing or profile completion or any of that. This feature is there for you to use as you wish. Whether it is to check out course reviews, write your own on a course that has a review or doesn’t or seeing what spys are in your area which you may want to get a game in with this feature will allow you to do that. This is only the beginning and we have a lot more in store to bring you in the near(ish) future. Cheers, Jamie
  2. Hello, For some reason my 9, PW, W are going short. I expect 10-15 yard increments. What I getting is a much shorter distance. The gap is 20-30 yards. Checked the loft on all the clubs and they are right on the correct loft. I am playing Titleist AP 1. I changed the shaft to the Fiber/Steel shafts. Recently, after considering the weight difference between Kuro Kage shafts and the Fiber/Steel shafts. So I increased the head weight two swing weights on the 9, pw, and w. The yardage increased. Still not up to my Pings. Any suggestions or tip. I am ready to hear them. If all else fails, I bought a new bag to make the irons easier to sell.
  3. *Updated with new pics at bottom Well MBP was on the scene and of course taking many a photo of our adventure. I've gone through and picked out some outtakes from our experience that won't be found in any official write ups. I'm sure the group will have many a story to tell too in here. So without further ado... Found these bums loitering on the putting green upon arrival. L-R Dru, Bones, Mr. Theoo, WDGolf The Kingdom recognizes talent when it's in the building. Champions wall. Ya what it says. It's the room where they put their balls on ya. Hckymeyer, agent represents son! Major bags. Major douchebags. L-R JBones, HckyMeyer, WalkerJames, HIghfade, Mr. THeoo Putting room! Putting room! This is not the closest anyone got to Camilo this week. That's Tmag Scott, he smiled a lot. MGS represent again on the Kingdom's range! The only recognition HighFade got all week... At one point I'd forgotten he was there. Dru. He's good people. Little Theoo signage action. WalkerJames got some forward shaft lean. Teeheehee Tweakin JBones before his next moon shot. 308 up and 308 yards out. No joke it's a freak show. Hckymeyer TV celebrity. Lunch at the crossing. L-R WDGolf, HighFade, JBones, MR. Theoo Driving to LoftUP+ event at Torrey. LoftUP media frenzy. The Japanese media wanted him to lick em.... Seriously. I don't know why... SMH Little inside TM HQ action. Spy pic. The one time Mr. Theoo marked his ball he wanted a pic. L-R Mark (really smart guy from TMag) WalkerJames, HighFade and HckyMeyer More Mark cause he has game. Highfade kept asking for photos from behind for some reason... WalkerJames rolling one i... oh he burned the edge. Bones was a little long. Bonesy likey. Bones was not impressed with the paparazzi ... Not sure why. Oh yes, he was a little long again that's right. Then he a practically jars it. At Torrey Pines I'm always number 1. Last day lunch. L-R Mr. Theoo, WalkerJames, HighFade, HP Guys, Dru, WDGolf, Tmag Tony, HckyMeyer AND EVEN MORE PICS! With Dru! Dru asking the important questions. Theoo, Dru and HckyMeyer Dru putting in the slick green outfit. Found in our schwag bag for use at company store. Pics of the resort. Theoo gettin fit. LoftUP+ Media Event. Tmag lobby.
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