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Found 28 results

  1. SLDR vs. Covert At The TaylorMade Player Development Center Vancouver, BC Speed Review – In Slow Mo The Set UP Did you know I had a local TaylorMade fitting center? I didn't, but after a Tweet to the local rep I do now; there's one at University Golf Club. All I wanted to do was compare my current RocketBladez to the new SpeedBlade and I ended up getting so much more. So first lemme tell ya how it all went down: OK so THAT happened. Surely it couldn't get any better… OK, well, it does… Feel Like A Pro TM has appointed former Australasian & Canadian Tours Pro Andy Johnson because it's important to have someone running the show that makes you feel like you truly deserve to be there and what a treat he is. Anyways I'm sure it's like this at all the TM Performance Centers It's So Cool Look at all the gear, I feel like I'm in RP Jacob's basement ‘cept he has more drivers and putters. So ya it's cool. Everything one could need from shaft options to club heads is on hand for you to try to get the best fit possible. Andy then slows things down and really explains what is going to take place and what to expect. Then you hit balls while FlightScope records the data so Andy can make all sorts of adjustments. Now this is where it's handy to have someone who knows what they're doing with the best technology. The Process: Nike Covert vs. TaylorMade SLDR So in steps my current gamer Nike Covert Performance. I had a brief fitting at this year's golf show where my numbers once adjusted were off the charts. 291y average? I can tell you I don't put these kinda numbers up in the real world. ROUND 1: Covert 9.5* set to draw with stock Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 50 Stiff VS. SLDR 9.5 set to draw with Fujikura's Speeder 57g Stiff Results: SLDR out gunned the Covert by a few yards So Andy reviews the data and my swing (once again very important to have someone who knows his swings) then comes to a conclusion. My transition is quite fast and moving me to a heavier shaft with less spin should help the driver to lag more. ROUND 2: Covert 9.5* set to draw with stock Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 50 Stiff VS. SLDR 10.5 slight draw with Motore Speeder 6.3 67g Stiff RESULTS: ANDY LOOKS EXCITED!!!!!!! BOOM! *Add 10% to yardages due to 90% balls used MBP and MGS forever immortalized on the SLDR Experience LeaderBoard. The Wrap Necessary Custom Cool MBP Approves If you've never been properly fitted then you're truly missing out. If you're just getting into the game a properly fitted club can help you to advance and on the other end make a good player better. Quit messing around with the off the rack and go visit a Player Center near you. Special thanks to my Tmag rep Lance Antonenko and Andy Johnson for making this happen. http://taylormadegolf.ca/on/demandware.store/Sites-TMaG-CA-Site/en_CA/Fitting-Show?cgid=player-development-center Oh and what about that RocketBladez vs. Speedblade's? Well the custom component options for Speedblades haven't arrive yet, but I'm going back when they do so we can match my RBladez shaft for shaft etc. So expect a write up in weeks to come. But until then I may or may not have gained 6 yards using the same stock shaft *Note. MBP needs a SLDR now...
  2. I didn't realize when we were at the TM center last Nidine took some cool SLDR Rescue pics. So just because it's Friday, here ya go! Oh and BTW these feel great!
  3. I suppose it was only a matter of time. Even though it (along with the new fairway) doesn't technically exist (no formal announcement), a TaylorMade SLDR hybrid has made an appearance on eBay [Click Here to View Auction]. It might be fake, it might not. Worth noting - this one is outfitted with a Stage 2 shaft, which tells us nothing, and doesn't have a SLDR headcover. I can tell you that custom shafts (SLDR graphics) can take longer to produce than the heads, and it's easier to make off with a head than it is a whole club. Unlike the fairways, this one has the matching blue SLDR weight ring.
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