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Found 158 results

  1. Has anyone else heard this new rumor? Post details if you've got 'em!
  2. Hey Guys, I'm a professional golfer from Southern California. Love all things about golf so lets give this site a try! Not only is so cal a great place to golf its a great place to teach golf all year around! I am currently hosting a new site TTRGOLF.COM Any feedback or tips are very welcome! Trying something new and hope I am on the right track! thanks, YESSIIR Through The Rough TTRGOLF.COM TTRGOLF@gmail.com
  3. I took a trip to my state's best driving range and fitting shop, Golf in the Round, where they'll let you demo anything you want to your heart's content for $10. So I got a chance to try out the 915d3, the R15 and the Aeroburner for about a half a bucket each. Once again I learned the importance of actually hitting things, because all my preconceived notions were overturned. What I thought I'd like, I didn't and what I thought I wouldn't care for, I did. The pro seemed to have the same impression, because as I took all three to the range, he said, "You'll be surprised ... the cheapest one is the best club." Here are my quick impressions, feel free to add yours. Titleist 915d3, 9.5 with Aldila Rogue 110 MSI 60 gram Stiff, standard length -- This was the club I most hungered to hit ... and I hated it. It is not a particularly small looking head, although it's noticeably smaller than the d2 (which I didn't hit). It's attractrive and I'm very used to the Rogue 110 in the 60 stiff (I have this in my Optiforce at present). But I had a VERY hard time hitting center face with this stick. I'd hit a couple low and heely, then adjust and hit a couple high and toey, then adjust again, and hit low and heely again. It was very frustrating and out of about 30 balls, I'd guess that I only hit 2-3 that even came close to the center of the face. (I used Dr. Scholl's to mark every shot). After about 5 - 7 bad strikes, I pulled out my current driver and danged if I wasn't close to center face instantly. It got so bad that I started to monkey with my swing and I even talked to the pro about it. He said, "I had that same thing happen to me with the i25. I couldn't figure it out, just move on." So I did. Needless to say, I did not like the feel and results were awful. But they were pretty straight awful. The straightness I attributed to the Rogue. The head felt oddly light and tinny. Very different from the 913. This was the worst of the three challengers for me. Launch was medium, spin - who knows, distance - sucky. R15, 10.5 degree, Speeder 57 shaft in stiff, standard length - The R15 is a very different club than the SLDR. First of all, gone is the need to loft up. The R15 launches like the stated loft indicates. I had to hit a 12 degree SLDR before the launch became decent. This black crown one launched a bit high in 10.5 set to neutral standard. I tested it primarily in 'stability' mode, meaning with the weights all the way to the far extremes. They spread much farther apart than the SLDR, but I didn't notice too much difference from when I left them both in the center. It felt like it had a hotter, spinnier face than the SLDR and I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. Unlike with the 915, I had no problems finding the center of the face from my first swing to my last. This so confused me that I went back to the 915 and hit a few more -- all badly. Anyway, with the r15 I hit some soaring hooks, followed by some soaring slices, something I never did with the SLDR. The SLDR was always a little low and predictable for me, with draws that skipped along until they stopped. This R15 was left-right-left-right and I had little control and no predictability. I think the stock Speeder was a bad fit for me and I think I'll try my preferred Z-com and see what it does in a 9.5 loft. Face feel was good however and the sound was good. Aeroburner, 10.5 with their stock Matrix 50 gram stiff, standard length. I don't like white heads, but this one has slimming lines and a sharkskin finish that mute the whiteness of it. I didn't mind the looks at address. However, the looks on the bottom were garish and cheap. It looks like a kids club smeared with lipstick. It's uglier in person than in photos. The problem is..... I actually liked hitting it. The face seemed hot and while I hit it too high, the feedback it gave me indicated that there was more in the tank. Easy to hit, easy to find the center of the face. It was the longest of the three and the most comfortable. I'd love to try this one again with a 9.5 loft and a bit longer shaft. I'm so used to longer shafts now that anything less than 46 feels too short and requires an adjustment. Sadly, the Aeroburner is glued-shaft only, so you'd better know exactly what you need or get fit ahead of time, because you've got to dance with the gal you brung to the hop on this one. In conclusion, sadly none of these clubs felt better, were longer, straighter, or more reliable than my current Optiforce gamer with any one of the 3 shafts I have for it (Zcom tw74, Rogue 95, or Rogue 110). I'd like to tinker with the R15 a bit more, and I'd try the Aeroburner in a different loft, but I don't think I'll bother to try the 915 again.
  4. Great driver, great price. Just ask Ryan Moore, Back-to-back wins at the CIMB Classic.
  5. 12 colors, one price. $19.99 Stock up and save, the golf season is right around the corner! Don't miss out on our usual Friday Blowout! - Headcovers (Ladies too!) - Lefty TaylorMade Hybrid Blowout ($9.99 - $24.99) - Preowned Callaway Drivers - Preowned Callaway Fairway Woods - More Adidas Polos
  6. Anyone that is a fan of Taylormade and/or loves to see behind the scenes footage at tour stops. I highly recommend this series. I believe it's only 4 episodes but, it's good none the less. Here is the first Episode it's an introduction to the workers in the van. The rest are on Taylormade's YouTube Channel and are worth checking out..... My favorite part is in episode two when they are mocking Justin Leonard for playing two week old grips.
  7. Set includes a TaylorMade hat, towel, and tees.
  8. Come on over and let us teach you a thing or two about speed.
  9. The only thing funny today is the price. Get it before we run out. $229.99
  10. Tmag is quick to point out what Sergios baggin https://twitter.com/TaylorMadeTour/status/528129343189692416/photo/1
  11. A handful to choose from. Get'em while they're in stock!
  12. Impressive...only $63.99. - Check out all our flash sales going on too!
  13. Interesting video from Today's Golfer in the UK...kinda verifies the rest results from the MyGolfSpy comparison that the R-15 is a tad longer...
  14. Way too much fun! Yep, that's us, putting at night, with the 15 year old daughter of the dean... Some quick pix of our night at the Taylormade Golf Experience in Las Vegas. Will post a full review later, but suffice it to say this may very well be the best deal in Vegas! Suffice it to say this was as much fun I've had golfing in months. As we say back in Minnesota, it was such a hoot!
  15. GolfSpy WD Unboxing Review Follow Up MarcKilgore Unboxing Review Follow Up Jmikecpa Unboxing Review Follow Up The Artful Duffer Unboxing Review Follow Up jaxbeachpackerfan Unboxing Review Follow Up Spider Si Website
  16. Here's a fuzzy photo that showed up prematurely on TourSpec Golf's Instagram. Anybody still excited?
  17. Here's a took at the 2015 Vintage. Decently handsome, not too different.
  18. Did you know? - The less skilled the player, the more likely he is to share his ideas about the golf swing. So if you need swing help, let us know!
  19. Daily Deal: TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid Flash Sales!! - Ladies Apparel - Used Lefty Hybrids - Mens Shorts, Pants, and Rainwear - Hybrid Floor Samples - Past Deals from this week (if you couldn't pull the trigger, now's your chance!) Click HERE to Shop! Enjoy :-)
  20. Way back in December 2013, just after the odd midwinter release of the Jetspeed but before Christmas, I bought one of these unheralded drivers new on Ebay from a brick and mortar store in Carlsbad for the impossibly low price of $144. This was within two weeks of release and $155 UNDER MSRP. I posted news of my lowball coup on another blog, along with my suspicion that there was either something wrong with the club that the vendor had heard about through his Carlsbad connections or he was simply so jammed with TMag overstock that he was willing to move whatever he could for whatever price he could get. I was laughed off the blog. Many folks, including the blog's owner, told me that ebay prices had no impact on the marketplace and that no one cared about my prognostications. As soon as the snow melted in January, I played the JS and to my delight and surprise I found it was a very nice, forgiving and easy to hit driver. I loved it and its still the second best driver I have tried in 2014. I posted those impressions and still no one cared. I resold it for about the same money I had laid out originally. Three months and the dopiest ad campaign in history later, the product was officially declared dead. Turns out TMag couldn't move the clubs at all and they are being returned for credit in droves. Now I hear rumors that TMag has actually RECALLED them, but I don't think this rumor is true. (Anybody hear anything?) They are evidently being sold in Canadian Costco's for $160 and may soon come to your corner warehouse store. The other thing is, in the past week I've also been getting messages from many people on blogs who are finding my old posts and asking me all about the JetSpeed! WTF? Was I the only one who actually tried them? Nobody cared six months ago. Is the club suddenly getting popular now that you can buy an ARP club still in shrink wrap for under $75? I guess so. Have any of you been tempted to try it now that you can get one free with a deluxe carwash?
  21. The fellows at TaylorMade keepcoming back for more! This time around, they've asked our members to really really Loft Up+. Each of our testers for this round wassent a Media Kit for the 14* SLDR Driver. For this review, I've asked the testers to embrace hittingthe ball high. MGS reviews are about being fair and partial, and expecting a low ball flight is like expecting a steak to taste likelobster. It's not going to happen. Otherwise though, the testers, as always, are free to writewhat they'd like. We'll be looking at driving range performance (i.e. going allout) and on the course performance (real world stuff). BK in TEXAS Unboxing Review Follow Up GolfSpy Dave Unboxing Review Follow Up PlaidJacket Unboxing Review Follow Up SeeRed Unboxing Review Follow Up MmmmmmBuddy Unboxing Review Follow Up SLDR Website
  22. May the force be with you.
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