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Found 155 results

  1. Many of the bags here are sooooo nice. Here are a couple shots of mine Driver - Adams Super S driver with the stock Matrix S flex shaft Hybrids - 3, 4 TaylorMade RBZ Irons - 5-AW Mizuno JPX-825 Pros Wedges - 54, 58, 62 Maltby Tricept Wedges Putter - TaylorMade Ghost Manta C/S Bag - Mizuno Aerolite Stand Bag Prefered Ball - Bridgestone B330RXS Yellow Shoes - Adidas AdiZero Tour Cart - BagBoy Quad
  2. Costco Canada has Tmag JetSpeed drivers for $159. Not sure what the situation is in the US.
  3. Surprised this hasn't been posted yet, but here's what was in the bag for Martin Kaymer during his win at the US Open. He had two 3-irons, one of them was a little longer and bent to a 2-iron loft. Ball: TaylorMade Lethal Driver: TaylorMade SLDR 460 (Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6 X), 9.5 degrees 3-wood: TaylorMade SLDR, 14 degrees Irons (3): TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC; (3-PW): TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Wedges: TaylorMade TP xFT (54, 58 degrees) Putter: Ping Karsten Anser 2
  4. Speed Review TaylorMade SpeedBlade VS. RocketBladez Set Up As most of you know I wasn't always on staff with MyGolfSpy and a year ago today I posted my ‘Member Review Unboxing' of TaylorMade RocketBladez. Well jump ahead a year and one full season with the RocketBladez exclusively in the bag. Over this time I've had the opportunity to learn all of these guys' tricks and capabilities. Are they deep? Yes. Are they consistent? Fairly. Do they want to make me go out and play golf again tomorrow? YES. So seriously what's TM going to be able to do next year? Guess what, its fall of 2013 and TaylorMade have released the next big pocketed thing for 2014; the SpeedBlade. TM's also back with all of last year's marketing mumbo jumbo and it kinda reads pretty much the same… Longer. Higher… Well here read this. So back to the TaylorMade Player Center at University Golf Club I go for a visit with TM fitter Andy Johnson. Oh boy Danny's excited, if I had this much fun over the last season playing RocketBladez what are SpeedBlade's going to do to me? Looks Gone is the chrome & the mustard colored badge and instead TaylorMade has opted for a more neutral gunmetal satin grey and blue branding. TM has managed to reduce the bulk of the iron as well pushing the SpeedBlade much closer to the player's end of game improvement irons. This club will certainly appeal to the high single digit handicaps with its more compact design. Feel/Sound Gone is the horrendous sound in the slotted irons that made me almost jumped out my skin the first time I hit a slotted RocketBlade at a covered range. As a matter of fact I think everyone on the range stopped to look... Anyways I'm sure this is simple a byproduct of changes in design and better technology. Or, is it? Whatever I'm just being facetious; it's gone let's move on. The sound of the SpeedBlades is fairly pleasant in comparison, a lot more muted but still more cast than forged. Feel wise thinner faces, more face flex and the magic pocket goo have reduced any of the harsh cast feel of days gone by. The RocketBlades never really bothered me as you get used to a club over time, but you can instantly tell once we hit warmer temperatures in Vancouver and tour balls come back into play the SpeedBlade will be a far softer feeling iron. Performance OK let's get to it this is a Speed Review. Enough jibba jabba, let's find out if there's any improvements. A month ago before the Player Centre received their SpeedBlade fit cart and the weather was a good 10˚ Celcius warmer (it was like 62 degree F that day for my American friends), I was able to compare the same stock shafts in the RocketBlades and Speedblades. Stock 7 irons Stiff 85g Shafts 90% limited flight balls Distance – SpeedBlades take this one The other numbers here are interesting too. Swing speeds up & ball speed down, but when you combine a lower launch angle and spin rates in the SpeedBlade it results in a flatter more penetrating flight. This was a noticeable improvement and a welcome one. Move on a month later, temperatures have dropped and it's an eerie, foggy, cold Halloween night. Yes Halloween so I'm expecting some ridiculously “Spooky” numbers. Sorry I had to go there… So with the fit cart in I'm now able to match the specs I've been playing for the last year. 7 irons KBS Tour S shafts 90% limited flight balls Now keep in mind it's a cold and foggy night so numbers should be down from last time. Distance – SpeedBlades once again OK so total carry is a saw off, boy those RocketBladez sure ran out. But when it comes to carry distance there's still an improvement. Once again though, the other numbers tell a story. As you can see having a fitted shaft can make a world of difference and these numbers reflect what I've observed with my RocketBladez over the past year. It's exciting to know that with the same custom shafts the SpeedBladez can perform even better. And here are a few other observations of note about SpeedBladez. Distance consistency between shots is closer Dispersion is tighter Flatter but higher ball flight The Wrap SpeedBlades Higher Farther Softer MBP Approves http://taylormadegolf.com/irons/speedblade.html
  5. I went to Golfsmith to use their launch monitor for some numbers on the B330s I'm helping review. So....while I was there I figured I'd check out the SLDR and hit it against my R1. The guy helping me....cannot call him a "fitter"...was real nice but seemed overly interested in keeping the launch angle down....which I thought odd. My R1 numbers look good to my completely untrained eye. It looks like there might be some yards to gain by "lofting up" the SLDR ?? What I did find interesting was that....even set all the way to FADE.....the SLDR went 31 yards further left than the R1.
  6. TaylorMade Performance Lab at Rush Creek Maple Grove, Minnesota Last month, I visited the TaylorMade Performance Lab (TMPL) at the Rush Creek Golf Club in Maple Grove, Minnesota, just outside Minneapolis. The TMPL at Rush Creek is a fairly new addition to their Golf Academy. Rush Creek is one of the top daily fee courses in the area and provides that “private club for a day” experience. The addition of the TMPL completes the trifecta in the ultimate golf experience: Fantastic golf, exceptional instruction, one of the best fitting centers in the state. For a guy like me, it provides a multitude selfie backdrops. The TMPL at Rush Creek is staffed with an army of one. James Tracy serves in that position as the TMPL Master Fitter. Tracy is employed by TaylorMade Adidas Golf. That's important because his sole focus is on the lab and it's visitors. He doesn't have to field complaints from members, he's not stocking the pro shop, and does not worry about a dead cart battery on the 10th fairway. He's got a Ph. D. in TaylorMade and his only focus is fitting you into their equipment. As Golfspy Ben would say, “That's fresh.” My purpose in visiting the TMPL was focused. I wanted to purchase the SLDR ever since hitting one at Olympia Fields last September. Since I have been playing this game, I have not seen a driver launch that stressed the need to be professionally fit, more than the SLDR. It's a technical head in its design with a low and forward center of gravity. As a result of this CG positioning, the marketing machine in Carlsbad launched a “Loft-Up” campaign. To compensate for the low and forward CG position, TaylorMade believes you'll need to play a driver with more loft than you're used to for ideal launch with maximum distance. Unless you've been living under a divot, this isn't news to you. To demonstrate this, TaylorMade invited several MyGolfSpy members to Carlsbad for a fitting at The Kingdom this January. The guys that made the trip reported their findings to readers. One after another, the message was clear, the SLDR was everything TaylorMade said it was. Long. The difference, this wasn't TaylorMade talking, it was members of a site that look to dismantle media speak & propaganda. As I read about their experience, it seemed as though there wasn't much to dismantle. The SLDR appeared to be perhaps the pinnacle of driver evolution to date. If the Loft-Up event wasn't enough evidence of something different in driver technology, the SLDR came out on top of the MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted Driver of 2014. A site, and it's members, free of sponsorship influence, were compelling. I had to have this driver even if it were half as good as the testing revealed. So I contacted Tracy and said, “I want a SLDR, and need to get fit.” Critics will balk at the idea of a fitting center that only fits for one manufacturer. An assumed bias when you walk in the front door. Having been previously fit at the TMPL at Olympia Fields, I believe the opposite to be true. You're getting a focused, in-depth fitting by an expert that lives and breathes the brand. Of course there is bias. It's a “TaylorMade” facility. However, I would argue that if you're looking to get fit for their equipment, there is not a better place to go for this purpose. Two factors contribute to this conclusion: 1.) The fitter 2.) The technology. I committed the cardinal sin of fitting experiences. I walked into the fitting with a preconceived notions. I wanted to walk away with a SLDR. I already believed it to be the best, and wanted it fine tuned for my flawless, tour-like movement into the ball. I arrived at the TMPL and brought with me the driver I have the most confidence in. It's the most consistent and longest I have owned to date as validated both on course and through a launch monitor. Tracy provided me with a tour of the TMPL facility and explained the MAT-T system, in-depth. The MAT-T utilizes 3-D motion capture through the use of several high speed cameras. The player's image or avatar is digitally rendered onto a computer screen and can be viewed at any angle by the fitter. It's the same technology used in filmmaking and computer design. This combined with TaylorMade's proprietary software provides arguably the best OEM offered fitting technology available. One of my favorite aspects of this system is that your data is forever retained and can be assessed at any TMPL in the future. So as your swing changes through instruction, the fitter can utilize the previous swing for reference. As for me, my hack always looks the same regardless of instruction. I was able to hit my current gamer for reference, and pitted it against the SLDR with varied combinations of loft, face angle, and shafts. In the SLDR 460cc 12 Degree head, I was consistently gaining about ten yards over my current driver. The skeptic in me wondered if that was my subconscious in using the SLDR as opposed to old faithful. Maybe I was just more, “warmed-up” now, and getting an additional ten was not the result of technology at all. That's when Tracy button-hooked me. He said, “Okay, let's try the 430.” The what? Listen here, I am a 12 handicap that plays once a week. Is the Four Thirty the name of the place we could have lunch? Well, that's when the miracle happened. Tracy installed the SLDR 430cc 12 degree onto the Matrix RUL 70 Stiff. With a playing length of 45”, I gripped, took aim, and fell in love. Shot after shot, I averaged 18 yards more than my current driver. But more importantly and surprising to me was the dispersion. I hit this driver into a concentrated circle downrange that was a tighter pattern than every other shot I hit that day. Tracy found the perfect combination of distance and accuracy. I was getting the most out of the swing I am physically able to put on the ball. I was hitting drives averaging in the 280's when typically, they'll find averages in the 260's. In a matter of two hours, he made the most of my ability as a 12. I have to be completely honest, it was difficult to remove the smile from my face. It was the first time in my golf career that I saw distance and dispersion gains that remarkable from a fitting. With an order sheet and an American Express card in hand, I placed an order the following day. The TMPL at Rush Creek provided a fitting experience that, quite honestly, is the most effective I've had to date. This, based purely on the knowledge of the fitter, and results gained from the experience. There are a lot of people critical of TaylorMade and their marketing tactics employed to sell their products. Although a MyGolfSpy Staffer (best looking I might add) TaylorMade did not reach out to me for the purpose of this editorial. I contacted them. They didn't provide me with the promise of a free driver in exchange for an article. I used my own funds to make the purchase of the SLDR. Finally, I didn't have to write this either. I took the time out of my Sunday to report the experience to you the reader, unpaid, unbiased, and unaltered. The fitting and the fitter spoke for themselves with the quantifiable results gained from the experience. This driver, accolades aside, really is a game changer. At 18 gained yards and a ten yard landing pattern, this driver was worth the upgrade for me. The Build TaylorMade SLDR 430 12 Degree (set open to play at 11 degrees) Matrix RUL 70 Stiff Swingweight D2 45" Golf Pride NDMC White/Black built up 1/32 An After Thought As I was finishing up the details of my SLDR order, I naturally walked over to the Tour Preferred irons bag and started hitting 6 irons into the net. Having previously been fit this past September for irons, I had a general idea of the specs I might need for Tour Preferred CB irons. As Tracy was completing my spec sheet and order, we discussed the irons briefly. What I find to be most compelling about the Tour Preferred irons is the slot in their sole. Like previous generations before it, that slot provides a tangible improvement over my previous irons. Specifically, ball contact that is made low and off center on the face. Like most chops, this is my most common miss. The result is a ball flight that flies high, and lands soft. A flight previously atypical for a thinned shot. This combined with the widened sweet spot are again, game changing irons. I might sound like a broken record or a guy that that has played TaylorMade his entire life. I'll be the first to tell you, I haven't. However, it's my opinion they make the best driver and best irons in the game right now and I want them in the bag. Forgive me if I came home and placed an order of Tour Preferred and Tour Issue to supplement the driver... The Second Impulse Build TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons 4-AW .5* Upright 1* weak True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Standard Length Golf Pride NDMC White/Black built up to 1/32 TMPL Cost Full-Fitting (3 Hours) : $350 Driver, Fairway(s), Hybrid(s), Irons, Wedges, Putter Partial-Fitting (1.5 Hours) : $175 WOODS (Metalwoods) or IRONS (irons, wedge, hybrids) Putter Fitting (1 Hour) : $100 Putter only James Tracy TaylorMade Perfomance Lab Master Fitter 763-255-2505 james.tracy@tmag.com
  7. Prices include shipping and tracking USPS Priority! Shoot me some offers and we can work out a deal. Not really that interested in trades. I have basically new Taylormade SLDR 430 10.5* TP with an upgraded Matrix 7M3 X flex shaft and new Golf Pride Tour Velvet Corded grip with 4 wraps of tape. I literally just took the plastic wrap and hit 10 times so there is ZERO signs of wear. I have the Brand New headcover as well. I got the club straight from taylormade last week. Standard TM driver length. This club is a BEAST and you need to be a man to hit it. I can sell the head only or shaft only or together. Costs $499 retail in stores and online stores. Together $ 420 obo Head only $ 280 obo Shaft only $140 (retail $320 without tip) obo I have a BRAND NEW R1 TP RIP Phenom 60 Stiff shaft that plays 45" in a R1 or SLDR head. Awesome performing shaft. Has the R1 2* TP Tip on it in NEW condition (came in a R1V2 head) TP RIP PHENOM - $65 obo Next up my current gamer- PING G20 9.5* with matching headcover - in great shape. The easiest, most forgiving driver I have ever hit. Recently tried it up agaist the NIKE Covert Tour 2.0 with Speeder shaft and SLDR and it outperformed both. Nice penetrating flight and feels awesome. Has the PING Tour X flex shaft in it. Topline is perfect, crown perfect minus a single surface scrape (see pics), face has very little wear, and bottom also has little wear. Ferrule has a tiny bit of separation that has no effect on club, just want full disclosure. Has a patriot golf pride grip in great shape. $ 140 shipped obo Selling the ultimate HOLY GRAIL 3 wood. The legendary Tour Edge CB2 with the Graphite Design X Quad Extra stiff shaft in it. Standard length and in overall solid shape. Some crown wear as you can see from the pictures and just brush marks on the bottom. Face is in good shape. Comes with matching head cover. $80 Shipped OBO Last up is a sweet COBRA Trusty Rusty Black finish 51* wedge. Awesome performance and versitle with the sole grind. Great and feel and great spin. Only played a few rounds with it and ZERO range time so grooves are like new, and NO dings. Just a touch finish wear and rust coming in. Grip and shaft (Black DG S200) are basically new. I also have the 55* and 61* which I love but i'm going to add a hybrid or 3 iron so getting rid of a wedge. $45 shipped OBO
  8. Big news for TaylorMade and their Project [a] launch along with their push to be a serious player in the golf ball market: Based on last night's equipment counts, for the first time EVER, Titleist is not the #1 ball in play by amateurs. Amateurs is the reason why I put that '*' up there in the headline. As you might expect, Titleist remains the #1 ball (and likely by plenty) in use by the actual professionals on the course, but being able to claim #1 at anything, especially when what you're trying to push is a better ball for amateur players is actually something...maybe not a huge something, but something. You think we'll see any commercials this weekend? Here are the quick stats: Project (a), played by 53% (83 of 156) of the amateur field. Overall, nearly 60% (93/156) of the amateur field played a TaylorMade ball By comparison, last year TaylorMade's golf balls were played by only 20 amateurs. Also...TaylorMade is giving away 10,000 sleeves of the new Project [a] ball. Click here if YOU WANT.
  9. Sweet driver, no adjustability. Just the way I like it.
  10. For all the R1 Lovers!
  11. A rocket as a fairway wood? Yes, please!
  12. *Updated with new pics at bottom Well MBP was on the scene and of course taking many a photo of our adventure. I've gone through and picked out some outtakes from our experience that won't be found in any official write ups. I'm sure the group will have many a story to tell too in here. So without further ado... Found these bums loitering on the putting green upon arrival. L-R Dru, Bones, Mr. Theoo, WDGolf The Kingdom recognizes talent when it's in the building. Champions wall. Ya what it says. It's the room where they put their balls on ya. Hckymeyer, agent represents son! Major bags. Major douchebags. L-R JBones, HckyMeyer, WalkerJames, HIghfade, Mr. THeoo Putting room! Putting room! This is not the closest anyone got to Camilo this week. That's Tmag Scott, he smiled a lot. MGS represent again on the Kingdom's range! The only recognition HighFade got all week... At one point I'd forgotten he was there. Dru. He's good people. Little Theoo signage action. WalkerJames got some forward shaft lean. Teeheehee Tweakin JBones before his next moon shot. 308 up and 308 yards out. No joke it's a freak show. Hckymeyer TV celebrity. Lunch at the crossing. L-R WDGolf, HighFade, JBones, MR. Theoo Driving to LoftUP+ event at Torrey. LoftUP media frenzy. The Japanese media wanted him to lick em.... Seriously. I don't know why... SMH Little inside TM HQ action. Spy pic. The one time Mr. Theoo marked his ball he wanted a pic. L-R Mark (really smart guy from TMag) WalkerJames, HighFade and HckyMeyer More Mark cause he has game. Highfade kept asking for photos from behind for some reason... WalkerJames rolling one i... oh he burned the edge. Bones was a little long. Bonesy likey. Bones was not impressed with the paparazzi ... Not sure why. Oh yes, he was a little long again that's right. Then he a practically jars it. At Torrey Pines I'm always number 1. Last day lunch. L-R Mr. Theoo, WalkerJames, HighFade, HP Guys, Dru, WDGolf, Tmag Tony, HckyMeyer AND EVEN MORE PICS! With Dru! Dru asking the important questions. Theoo, Dru and HckyMeyer Dru putting in the slick green outfit. Found in our schwag bag for use at company store. Pics of the resort. Theoo gettin fit. LoftUP+ Media Event. Tmag lobby.
  13. Earlier this month, I traveled to Carlsbad, California, with my regular golf partner and fellow golf journalist, Ryan Heiman. We left the cold of Minneapolis behind to visit a friend of our's as well as the golf equipment manufacturers that saturate Southern California. When we reached out to the OEM's, we didn't have an agenda or “story” to tell. It was pretty basic, we wanted to see where they lived, and how they did business. Each of them told their story in a different way. Each of them handled our presence in a unique way, and almost mirrored how you think about each respective company. TaylorMade focused on performance, and drove that home, showing us how they are marketshare-IER. Cobra-Puma lacks the marketing resources of the golf superpowers, so they focused on providing visual demonstrations about how their product performs so we can better educate our readers. Finally, Callaway was social about their visit, with many of their personalities from Twitter stopping in to say, “Hello.” They are transforming into a golf media brand, something no other company in golf is doing. As you have already seen here on MyGolfSpy, equipment companies are launching some product from their respective 2014 lines. The timing of this visit was perfect, because all of the companies were excited to present their product and technology behind it. Although I will discuss some of the new product, this article isn't about equipment. Rather, it's designed to provide some perspective about that the top three equipment makers in Carlsbad are all about. An inside look, if you will. COBRA PUMA On Wednesday, I met with Ian Barrett, Global Marketing Manager for Cobra Golf. When you walk into Cobra Puma, you get an immediate sense of the brand with a monster, off-road golf cart inside the front entrance. There is a sense of energy that is conveyed, much like the Cobra Puma products themselves. Barrett prepared a product presentation for their new BIO CELL line that was launched today. Cobra is excited to have two flagship drivers in their stable this year in the CIO CELL and BIO CELL+. Barrett explained that a lot of attention is being given to the new hotness on tour, low and forward center of gravity. He explained that while this driver may have benefit to the player it fits, it's primarily designed for players that consistently strike the ball pure. The benefit is diminished for the player that needs some added forgiveness across the face. Barrett explained it was important to continue to offer a variety of color selections so consumers can further personalize the driver. The data on driver sales for 2013 indicated consumers gravitated to all of their color offerings equally. This suggests that a varied color scheme is important Cobra players. The “new color” this year? Black. Who would have thought… I've been told by another company that 2014 is, The Year of the Loft. I disagree, and believe 2014 to be The Year of the Hybrid. All of the companies are offering remarkably better hybrids this year. This is true for BIO CELL hybrid. Cosmetically, from what I have seen so far this year, it is the most appealing to the eye at address. For me, the BIO CELL appeared to combine the perfect shape, size, and face depth to inspire confidence at address. I'll be looking forward to testing this out on course to see if the performance matches its cosmetics. Jose Miraflor, Director of Product Marketing, heard, SPY ZINGER was in the house and had to check out the man himself. Miraflor has been around the golf industry for some time. He's also been a member, and influence in the online golf equipment forums. Like many of us, he's been around since the beginning. He has played a major role in wedge design and shaping with little to no public notoriety. It was nice to finally meet someone I have respected so long in the industry and hear his perspective on equipment. It seems like the Cobra team is excited to have “T.O.” onboard too. TAYLORMADE GOLF On Thursday morning, I visited TaylorMade headquarters and toured their facility with Matthew Greensmith from their R&D group. Greensmith, took us through all aspects of the TaylorMade operation. I was happy to see this included product assembly that was still being accomplished in the United States. Although he purposely did not draw attention too, or mention it, we did see some TP branded products that have since been leaked as part of their 2014 line. Greensmith showed us the Tour Preferred department. This is a subsection of the assembly floor where all of the product is assembled for the PGA Tour, and included The Kingdom as well as the Performance Lab builds for consumers. The department is made up of their most senior builders. Interestingly, Greensmith explained that while most OEM equipment comes from the same factory in Asia, TaylorMade has their own floors segregated to their product only. The equipment that makes its way to the Tour Preferred department is double checked for spec and Characteristic Time tolerance. After touring their facility, we walked across the street to The Kingdom, TaylorMade's tour fitting facility and test center. The Kingdom structure had the feel of private country club clubhouse including a well-manicured range. Four around $5,000, members of the public can experience this tour quality fitting while having their clubs build in the Tour Preferred department during lunch. At present, I believe their M.A.T.T. system to be the best fitting experience in golf. CALLAWAY If it's not already apparent to you by now, Callaway Golf is a company that has the most intimate relationship with their customer base. Since late 2012, Harry Arnett, Senior Vice President for Marketing, has waged a five year marketshare war against the monster-IER down the road. The first step in this process was restructuring their marketing around the customer, making YOU their number one priority in their journey back to the top. This was most apparent about a year ago when their flagship staffer, Phil Mickelson, used a RBZ fairway wood during an off-season event in Asia. Arnett didn't shy away from the issue and took the criticism head on. Oh, and he did so with class. From that point on, Callaway has proven that they really are about the customer, and it's not just legally approved media speak. Arnett, and his cadre of marketing personalities have emerged and interact daily with their consumer base in golf equipment forums, and social media outlets such as Twitter, and YouTube. In fact, they have taken this a step further and have designed their website and social media platforms to be a full scale, newsroom style media production. At the center of this is their, “Callaway Talks” program. No company in golf fosters a closer relationship with their customers. They're the best in the business at this, and continue to evolve rapidly in the media scene. Chad Coleman, and Scott Goryl from their marketing team provided us with a tour of Callaway HQ, and the Ely Callaway Performance Center. We also visited the tour department and saw Anthony Taranto stamping out a wedge for a tour player, as well as Roger Cleveland's “lab.” We also took a tour of the Custom Fitting area where the average customer can participate in a complete bag fitting for $150. This fee can be applied to the purchase of Callaway clubs. One of the lesser known benefits customers can take advantage of for a relatively low out of pocket expense. Next, I visited the set of Callaway Talks, and sat as a guest on Arnett's couch. Arnett is every much the larger than life character he is in person, as he is in social media. He really knows a great deal about the golf industry and is articulate when engaged in golf conversation. His only rule for Callaway Talks guests? “No scripts, and only one take.” I enjoyed our conversation on the couch, and it was great to finally see their operation first hand. All of their marketing personnel where fantastic, and went out of their way to stop in and introduce themselves. They are a group of passionate individuals that seem to enjoy brining Callaway, its people, and equipment, to life. Our final stop was the Ely Callaway Performance Center, which is a detached component of their HQ. The ECPC is a site for their R&D staff to utilize for testing, as well as specialized fittings for their touring professionals and VIP's such as MyGolfSpy staffers. They also have the equipment to build equipment so they do not have to travel back and forth to their main facility. We were introduced to their X-2HOT lineup, and got to see the product in hand. As I mentioned earlier, I believe 2014 is The Year of the Hybrid. The X-2HOT Pro is probably among the best looking hybrids I have laid eyes on for 2014. JP The original purpose of our trip. Visiting our friend, and wedge designer, James Patrick. I am happy to report, he's alive, doing very well, and more focused and determined than ever, while realizing his dream. It was great to see and fun to catch up. Stay tuned, I belive this is the calm before the JP storm. THE SPY ZINGER ANALYSIS If I had to summarize these visits in a sentence, I would tell you Cobra is about being fun, Callaway is about getting to know their customer, and Taylormade is about being #1. At TaylorMade, their focus remains on product performance, and living up to their byline, The Number One Performance Brand in golf. It was evident at every level, that performance and innovation is the only thing that matters to them. They are committed to maintaining market share, and will do whatever it takes to stay there, no matter the cost. They remain calculated and methodical in their delivery of information to the consumer, but that conversations remains one-way. Callaway has set out to make their customer base the most educated in golf. They are making every effort to bring Callaway to you, rather than making you find them. It seems as though, they are breaking down the clinical media speak and having a real-life conversation with people about their product. They're bending over backwards to make customers part of the Callaway Golf team. It's a social experience. At Cobra, they know they know their competitors are behemoths. So in addition to performance, they are going to give you some fun with it. Their products are probably just as good as the other manufacturers, but it seems as though they lack the budget to plaster you with that message. But if you want to have fun, and look good doing so, their customers know right where to find them. I enjoyed this trip a great deal, and give special thanks to Ryan & JP for making this trip one of the best experiences I've had in golf to date. I plan to make this an annual pilgrimage, and look forward to bringing Carlsbad to you, the MyGolfSpy reader. Thanks for reading, and look out 2014.
  14. Prices include shipping and tracking USPS Priority! Shoot me some offers and we can work out a deal. Not really that interested in trades. Maybe an X flex driver I have 2 brand new, never hit Taylormade Tour Issue TP drivers R1 V2 drivers. Get what the tour players play! Slightly smaller head for more workability (440cc) and lighter head (both heads weigh 195 grams). One has a TP RIP Phenom 60 Stiff shaft and the other has a TP Matrix Ozik RUL 60 stiff shaft. I can sell them as is or just heads or however you want them! Sorry no HC or tools. Head only $250 each Head + RIP PHENOM $300 Head + Matrix RUL $380 I have an awesome Scotty Cameron Monterey putter in MINT condition with custom finish and paint fill, with a Super Stroke grip. Head has 2, 20 gram weights so you can really feel the head perfectly. Measures 33.5" and comes with original "Art of Putting" headcover $250 shipped Next up my current gamer- PING G20 9.5* with matching headcover - in great shape. The easiest, most forgiving driver I have ever hit. Nice penetrating flight and feels awesome. Has the PING Tour X flex shaft in it. Topline is perfect, crown perfect minus a single surface scrape (see pics), face has very little wear, and bottom also has little wear. Ferrule has a tiny bit of separation that has no affect Just want full disclosure. Has a patriot golf pride grip in great shape. $145 shipped Last up is a sweet COBRA Trusty Rusty Black finish 51* wedge. Awesome performance and versitle with the sole grind. Great and feel and great spin. Only played a few rounds with it and ZERO range time so grooves are like new, and NO dings. Just a touch finish wear and rust coming in. Grip and shaft (Black DG S200) are basically new. I also have the 55* and 61* which I love but i'm going to add a hybrid or 3 iron so getting rid of a wedge. $45 shipped OBO
  15. Ok, we're doing a 12 days of golf deals. It's an exclusive online deal to select customers, and you guys happen to be included! I'll be updating this with new deals. You'll get one new deal a day. Each deal will have a coupon code that will be required at checkout. It's that easy. Get your friends, this is going to get crazy! Now, let's get after it..... 12/6: $25 Off All Adams Super S Hybrids. Total Price: $74.99. Coupon Code: super25 12/7: 15% Off All Puma Golf Shoes. As Low As $33.99. Coupon Code: puma15 12/8: $5 Off All Callaway HX Hot Plus Double Dozen Golf Balls Coupon Code: hxhot5 12/9: 20% Off All Sun Mountain Golf Bags on Sale! Use Coupon Code: sun20 12/10: This deal is just silly, but I'm just doing what I'm told...We are practically giving these away. We just reduced our prices on our Nike Covert golf clubs to a ridiculous price and this will take even more off. Take An Additional 25% Off All New Nike Covert Golf Clubs. Coupon Code: covert25 Here are some examples of how cheap these are: Hybrid: $74.99 Fairway Wood: $97.49 Driver: $104.99 12/11: We're 1/2 way through our deals....See anything you like yet? Today's deal: 15% Off All Adidas Golf Shoes Use Coupon Code: adishoes15 12/12: $20 Off All Callaway Forged Copper Wedges. Use Coupon Code: copper20 12/13: 20% Off All Adidas Apparel Use Coupon Code: adidas20 12/14: 20% Off All Adidas adiZero Golf Bags Use Coupon Code: adizero20 12/15: $50 Off TaylorMade RBZ HP Iron Set Coupon Code: rbzhp50 12/16: $15 Off All NIke Vapor X Stand Bags Use Coupon Code: vapor15 12/17: $20 Off All Callaway RAZR Black Ti Driver Use Coupon Code: razr20
  16. TM has let loose a first peak at their new TP line. http://tourdiaries.taylormadegolf.com/2013/11/first-look-tour-preferred-stay-tuned/
  17. SLDR vs. Covert At The TaylorMade Player Development Center Vancouver, BC Speed Review – In Slow Mo The Set UP Did you know I had a local TaylorMade fitting center? I didn't, but after a Tweet to the local rep I do now; there's one at University Golf Club. All I wanted to do was compare my current RocketBladez to the new SpeedBlade and I ended up getting so much more. So first lemme tell ya how it all went down: OK so THAT happened. Surely it couldn't get any better… OK, well, it does… Feel Like A Pro TM has appointed former Australasian & Canadian Tours Pro Andy Johnson because it's important to have someone running the show that makes you feel like you truly deserve to be there and what a treat he is. Anyways I'm sure it's like this at all the TM Performance Centers It's So Cool Look at all the gear, I feel like I'm in RP Jacob's basement ‘cept he has more drivers and putters. So ya it's cool. Everything one could need from shaft options to club heads is on hand for you to try to get the best fit possible. Andy then slows things down and really explains what is going to take place and what to expect. Then you hit balls while FlightScope records the data so Andy can make all sorts of adjustments. Now this is where it's handy to have someone who knows what they're doing with the best technology. The Process: Nike Covert vs. TaylorMade SLDR So in steps my current gamer Nike Covert Performance. I had a brief fitting at this year's golf show where my numbers once adjusted were off the charts. 291y average? I can tell you I don't put these kinda numbers up in the real world. ROUND 1: Covert 9.5* set to draw with stock Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 50 Stiff VS. SLDR 9.5 set to draw with Fujikura's Speeder 57g Stiff Results: SLDR out gunned the Covert by a few yards So Andy reviews the data and my swing (once again very important to have someone who knows his swings) then comes to a conclusion. My transition is quite fast and moving me to a heavier shaft with less spin should help the driver to lag more. ROUND 2: Covert 9.5* set to draw with stock Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 50 Stiff VS. SLDR 10.5 slight draw with Motore Speeder 6.3 67g Stiff RESULTS: ANDY LOOKS EXCITED!!!!!!! BOOM! *Add 10% to yardages due to 90% balls used MBP and MGS forever immortalized on the SLDR Experience LeaderBoard. The Wrap Necessary Custom Cool MBP Approves If you've never been properly fitted then you're truly missing out. If you're just getting into the game a properly fitted club can help you to advance and on the other end make a good player better. Quit messing around with the off the rack and go visit a Player Center near you. Special thanks to my Tmag rep Lance Antonenko and Andy Johnson for making this happen. http://taylormadegolf.ca/on/demandware.store/Sites-TMaG-CA-Site/en_CA/Fitting-Show?cgid=player-development-center Oh and what about that RocketBladez vs. Speedblade's? Well the custom component options for Speedblades haven't arrive yet, but I'm going back when they do so we can match my RBladez shaft for shaft etc. So expect a write up in weeks to come. But until then I may or may not have gained 6 yards using the same stock shaft *Note. MBP needs a SLDR now...
  18. OK, just like the title says....here are our Black Friday deals. And oh yeah, they are available NOW! For Starters, FREE SHIIPPING SITE-WIDE (Expires 12/2) Now, the deals (photos are linked)..... So you don't have to sift through everything, here are a few to show you.... Want to shop our Black Friday deals by category? Clubs Apparel Balls Bags Shoes Accessories If you see any Adidas apparel or shoes that you like, we'll automatically give you 15%, just put it in the cart! Don't see what you like? Click the Black Friday picture at the top to see all of our deals!
  19. I didn't realize when we were at the TM center last Nidine took some cool SLDR Rescue pics. So just because it's Friday, here ya go! Oh and BTW these feel great!
  20. A while back I had a chance to visit my local TM Performance Center and part of it was a driver fitting pitting my current gamer against a SLDR and this happened.... ROUND 1: Covert 9.5* set to draw with stock Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 50 Stiff VS. SLDR 9.5 set to draw with Fujikura’s Speeder 57g Stiff RESULTS: SLDR out gunned the Covert by a few yards ROUND 2: Covert 9.5* set to draw with stock Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 50 Stiff VS. SLDR 10.5 slight draw with Motore Speeder 6.3 67g Stiff RESULTS: BOOM! *Add 10% to yardages due to 90% balls used MBP and MGS forever immortalized on the SLDR Experience LeaderBoard. Kirk went on for 10 or so more Tweets educating the masses on a proper fitting. So things kinda blew up.... People were going nuts saying the Covert was not properly fitted and even more so the shafts were not equal therefore the tests were invalid. My argument was if the Covert had been fit by a Nike representative and he found my numbers to my optimal then how could said testing be invalid? Both companies had fit me to what they saw best. So since I'm a nice guy and love to give the people what they want I got a hold of some comparable Nike shaft offerings in an attempt to level the playing field. My Nike rep was able to get me 3 shafts: Fuji Fuel 60 S Oban kiyoshi white 65 S ProForce VTS 65 S After doing a fitting of all 3 shafts the Fuji Fuel was settled on as now "optimal", numbers looking great and most of all added distance. As I said before I hit the Covert straighter than any driver to date, but apparently it's all about the distance. Don't worry I hit the Fuji just as straight. OK enough blabbering you all just wanna know what happened. So on a cold and foggy evening I returned to the site of our last showdown. Numbers all around were down a good 10% thanks to the cold heavy air and my old bones squeaked as I tried to turn... Andy ran the SLDR again and tried both the Fuji Fuel and the Motore Speeder this time. In the end distance between the 2 shafts was pretty much a saw off, basically a half yard here and there. But for me the Motore in this set up is noticeably straighter so I'm sticking with it. Anyways we ran some tests and someone is already trying to steal my new catch phrase. #therewego So in the end here's where we're at. ROUND 3: Covert 9.5* neutral with stock Fuji Fuel 60 Stiff VS. SLDR 10.5 slight draw with Motore Speeder 6.3 67g Stiff The Final Results Are: That's still 14 yards. Hope this helps.
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