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  1. Looks like Paddy is making some changes in his bag for this year...and he's going Game Improvement... What do you think of Padraig's weapons?
  2. Official MyGolfSpy Wilson DUO Urethane Forum Member Review ​How does Wilson Staff's New 55-compression Urethane covered ball perform? Wilson Staff has a legitimate claim to being the leaders in the new "soft" ball revolution. The company introduced the Staff Titanium back in 1997, an 80 compression ball at a time when most premium balls were in the 90 to 110 range. The Elite 50, The DUO and last year's DUO Spin continued the trend. Other companies are jumping on the soft bandwagon, so right now the consumer has a wide range of choices when it comes to low compression balls.
  3. I've been wanting to post for a while now but i wanted to wait until I had my irons. Well here it is.... Driver: Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 8.5, Fujikura Rombax Z 7Z08 75X 3 Wood: Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 14.0, Aldila RIP Phenom 65S Irons: Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 3-PW KBS Tour V Stiff Wedges: Wilson Staff FG Tour TC 50, 54, 58 Putter: Scotty Cameron Select Golo 5 (Super Stroke 3.0) Bag: Wilson Staff Nexus Carry Bag So far I have loved every club that has a Wilson Staff logo on it. The Driver is deep off the sweet spot but definitely not the most forgiving with spin rates on mishits. I
  4. Pop Quiz: What has a FLX Face, Power Holes, TE031 Urethane, is very, very long and wants to live in your golf bag for free? If you answered the Wilson Staff C200 irons, you may already be a winner! All you have to do is demo the C200's at your local golf shop and post your pictures here! The Mother of All Contests Let's cut to the chase. MyGolfSpy and the good folks at Wilson Staff have a significantly awesome, tremendously fun and incredibly easy way for two of you to win a set of Wilson's new and very highly rated C200 irons. And one more lucky MyGolfSpy fan will win a full
  5. Pick The Super Bowl 50 Winner and Win This Driver!!! Super Bowl 50 is upon us - will Peyton Manning ride off into the sunset with one last victory, or will Cam Newton be "dabbing" his way to the Lombardi Trophy? And will YOU be gaming the new Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver this season? There's a lot riding on the Big Game's outcome -- and MyGolfSpy wants to make this as interesting as possible. All you have to do is pick the winner and final score - if you nail it, you'll win a brand spankin' new FG Tour F5 driver from Wilson Staff. It's a right-handed, 9* adjustable
  6. While meeting with our area Wilson Staff rep this past weekend, he gave me a couple two ball packs of the new Duo Urethane. For those of you out there that enjoyed hitting the Duo or the Duo Spin this season, you are going to LOVE this ball. And if you tried those two balls and wanted just a little bit more out of the ball, you might want to give this a try when it comes out. I will say, when the rep. was giving me the run down on the ball I was a little skeptical. The first thing he said was that this was the ball he's going to play next year...I can't help to think to myself
  7. No other company in golf has embraced low compression "soft" balls the way Wilson has. With the 29 compression, 2-piece DUO and last year's 35 compression, 3-piece DUO Spin, it's safe to say no one, not even Tom Brady, has softer balls. Both balls feature Ionomer covers. New to the dance is the DUO Urethane, a 55 compression multi-layer ball Wilson says feels softer than other "tour level" balls while still providing the level of spin required by better players. Wilson's offering a trial 2-pack when you buy DUO Urethane online. They're telling you to play the 2-pack first an
  8. The embargo finally lifted on the new Wilson C200 irons this morning. Check out the MGS Blog on the irons here. Used these for two outside rounds (The Santa Scramble shouldn't count, tho -- it was 35 degrees!), and for a couple of rounds on the simulator. For a GI iron, gotta say the feel is really, really good, and the FLX Face Technology seems to perform as the irons to deliver some distance compared to a few similar GI irons. Thoughts? Questions? Cheap shots?
  9. We officially can't post anything on these until Tuesday (embargoes, always embargoes) -- but heck, if Wilson is posting this video on YouTube, I don't see why we can't repost it here... We talked with Brendan a year ago December while at a Wilson Staff photo shoot. Click here for the 5 Questions Feature we did with this PGA Tour up-and-comer...
  10. Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP wedges launched Will Medlock November 26, 2015 There will be almost 100 loft and lie options available through custom fit. image: http://keyassets.timeincuk.net/inspirewp/live/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2015/11/pmp-630x473.gif The new FG Tour PMP wedges. Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP wedges Wilson Staff have introduced the latest addition to their line of wedges with the FG Tour PMP clubs. The PMPs (Precision Milled Performance) have laser etched Micro Spin lines for increased spin and control on partial shots, with a milled, flat face providing play
  11. So I've had the opportunity to play these for the last few weeks of the season and at the risk of sounding all FanBoy I gotta say, Wilson has another solid iron on their hands. If you're in the market for a Titleist AP2/Callaway Apex Pro/TMag PSI Tour/Mizuno JPX Forged type of iron, I would highly suggest these be in the demo mix.... FG Tour F5 Irons Wilson says the FG Tour F5 irons are geared toward the better player that might want a little extra technology, forgiveness and distance along with a forged feel. That would place the F5's in the same neighborhood as your Titleist AP2/
  12. Enter and win!!! This Halloween, 5 lucky winners will score a custom Wilson Staff FG Tour Wedge featuring a KBS Custom Series Black Pearl shaft with laser engraving! Enter with your email address or reshare our posts on Twitter and Instagram with ‪#‎WilsonKBS‬. Winners will be announced via Twitter and Facebook on November 2. CLICK HERE to enter... " data-width="500"> No matter how you slice it, that's a badass looking wedge!!!
  13. As you all know, we have 15 MGS'ers out there testing Wilson Staff's 2015 lineup of golf balls. The testers are: Wilson DUO: Joezilla, Woz, BogeyInTheWoods, severtheties, tider Wilson DUO Spin: snuffyword, Fozcycle, TxSTCatman, SlicerB, TacoTollefson67 Wilson FG Tour: Sp0rtsfan86, MotoGolfer250, casey_0507, JudgeSmails, PBH3 Balls Being Tested: Wilson DUO: Redesigned for 2015. 29 compression (lowest on the market, according to Wilson), 2-piece ball for greater distance and soft feel around the green. $19.99/dozen Wilson DUO Spin: New for 2015. A 3-piece ball with a
  14. A couple of buddies are down in Myrtle Beach for the World Am -- they bumped into the Wilson rep at the PGA Superstore down there -- and took only a hasty picture of these babies... The blade is the FG 100, which has been out a while, but the other two are the newbies. The cavity back is the replacement for the MG Tour M3 iron, while the other iron appears to be the highly touted C-200, the replacement for the C-100 iron. My buddy, being a novice, didn't think to take any more pictures. I'll speak to him about it when he gets home... Thoughts?
  15. Up until a couple of weeks ago, most people only knew PGA Touring Pro Troy Merritt as the guy who stoved in the face of his utility iron break during a tournament. Well, Troy changed all that with a tournament record tying 61 on Friday at the RCB Heritage Classic at Hilton Head a couple of weeks ago. Troy stayed in contention over the weekend, but ultimately lost out to a gutsy performance by Jim Furyk. Troy is a rarity on Tour, having grown up in “northern climes.” His gutsy performance at the RBC has moved him up in the FedEx Cup race to 73rd place as of this morning, and Troy is cu
  16. Testers Wanted -- Apply NOW!! Say what you will about Golf Digest's Hot List, but when products made by an OEM that doesn't advertise heavily in GD are recognized, you might want to take a closer look. All 3 members of Wilson Staff's Low Compression golf ball family are Gold Medal winners in this month's Hot List – the updated DUO, the brand new DUO Spin and, for the 2nd year in a row, the FG Tour. Wilson says each ball is the softest in its category, and it's that low compression that sets each ball apart. So, are these balls really Gold Medal worthy? We want you to tell us!
  17. As promised, here are some pictures and details from Tuesday's big fitting event for Hack To Jack's Team Wilson Staff. First, some background: Hack to Jack is a Minneapolis-based Golf Reality Show (YouTube channel here), now in its 2nd season. I've been a contestant both years. It's a hell of a lot of fun and since starting the program my handicap has dropped from 12.5 (April of 2014) to its current 7.5! This season OEM's and other golf companies (including retailers 2nd Swing & GolfSmith) are sponsoring 2-person teams. Sponsors include Callaway, Bridgestone, ScottGolf, TaylorM
  18. There are people in this world that if you pay attention to them, you're guaranteed to learn something. If they're pedantic and professorial, listening to them is hard work. But when that person is the type you'd want to yack with over a beer or two, and who just happens to have a deep understanding of - and excitement over - what he's talking about? Well, then it's just plain fun, and 5 Questions can quickly turn into 6 Questions. This week MyGolfSpy's 5 Questions talks with Michael Vrksa, Global Director of Research and Development for Wilson Golf. Michael shares with us the goals for W
  19. Saw this little gem posted on the Twitter this morning.... Nicely done for the defending Traveller's Champ! Took me a minute to realize the numbers represent his scores on Sunday's back 9, with seven birdies in a row...
  20. Here's a quick little vignette, exclusively for MyGolfSpy readers, from Padraig Harrington. The Honda Classic champ tells us how he stays in the moment when disaster strikes, like his double-bogey with a 1-stroke lead on 17 at the Honda...
  21. Found this on Facebook today - interesting video on Padraig Harrington's journey...
  22. Big news from Wilson Staff!! Do you guys remember last year's neXus Stand Bag Design contest? That contest was won by none other than our own GolfSpy MBP!! Well, Wilson announced yesterday the new "Mann Bag," as we're calling it, is finally ready for sale. This was posted on Wilson Social Media yesterday... Nice bow tie! Anyway, Dan's design was one of over 3,200 entries in Wilson's design competition. The three finalists were chosen by a committee of Wilson Staff staff, and the "Mann Bag" beat out two others in a week-long social media competition - edging out two other des
  23. When you watch golf on TV, do you ever find yourself wondering what kind of person the guy swinging the club is? I was fortunate enough to meet a trio of touring pros at a Wilson Staff photo shoot a couple of months ago and am happy to report that they were three of the nicest gentlemen I've had the pleasure of meeting in any arena, never mind professional athletics. Today's 5 Questions Profile is with one of those gentlemen, a guy who spun one of the greatest finishing back-nine's to win a tournament in golf history, Kevin Streelman... MGS 5 Q's: While we were in Arizona, you were sh
  24. Posted this Saturday in another thread, but wanted to give it its own thread. This was my first PGA show - and I hope it won't be my last! Here's a quick rundown on the product experience highlights... 1. Talking with Jesse Ortiz -- the man is a legend in golf club design and is one of the nicest gentlemen I've met in a long time. That he spent about 20 minutes talking with a nobody like me was very flattering. He has some strong opinions about the state of golf equipment and how equipment is sold and marketed -- and he's funny as hell. Best of many gems he shared - he sees the equ
  25. This came today in the inbox...Wilson's 2015 online catalog... Thoughts? CLICK HERE
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