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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have been playing callaway chrome soft for quite some time. I have tried other balls here and there, such as pro v1, bridgestone e6 and tour 330, maxfli tour, and just recently the supersoft from callaway. This is from the time i started playing 5 years ago up until last weekend. I love the way the chrome soft feel on a well hit shot and it was ok on mishits. The supersoft was less erratic and i will find out this weekend more about the distance. Im not even remotely close to a scratch golfer, but i figure straighter is better and should result in lower scoring. Im hoping the supersoft keeps going straight and i dont lose too much distance and control around the greens. Anyone have any thoughts on this, or any experience?
  2. Djnz

    Golf Ball Art

    Hi All, Thought I would share what my 14 year old daughter Dakota has created during the lock down here in New Zealand. Super clever and talented golf ball art Any other art pieces out there?
  3. I swing the driver at about 95-100 mph and carry about 260 yards. I slice the ball so anything that would minimize that would help The most important thing I am looking for in a ball would be 150 yards and in, I like something that feels kind of soft off of the putter (I use Evnroll er5) and I don't mind some roll out on pitch shots. I use M6 irons I want to spend no more than 20-30$ a dozen. Currently I use the Srixon Q star tour as I get 40% off of all Srixon equipment for college club golf. However, I would say my favorite golf ball at the moment is chrome soft with the truvis pattern, it just feels very solid. Should I switch to those and buy them off of lostgolfballs or should I stick to my Srixon balls, or anything else. Recommendations and explanations are greatly appreciated, I just want to stop thinking about my equipment.
  4. Wanted to share my golf ball rack that I actually built late last year. I have to say that I am proud of it. Had been eyeing making a new rack for my logo golf ball collection. Had a store bought rack that held 72 balls, but it was quite ugly IMO. I really liked this one and decided to copy it: https://www.woodshopi...golf-ball-rack/ Mine is made from cherry, one of my favorite woods to work with. The example looks like cherry as well. I'm a wood worker and love building things and tinkering, especially if its for golf its a bonus for me. In either case, I'm really proud of what I did. I do have a PDF of the sketch. PM me and I can email if you like. This rack is 6 X 15 (90 balls). But I have another sketch for a 6 X 9 design (54 balls) for my 50 states project. I'll wait till it cools off in Houston before I get back in the garage to start building. My 50 states project is a plan to play at least 9 holes in each of the 50 states. I'll have 10 by end of this year. Just did two 9's in Salt Lake City. This is the finished piece in the raw before filling and final sanding. And then a couple of the finished rack.
  5. This just found on the Fried Egg newsletter..... Bubba Watson is jumping ship from Team Titleist to game an upstart golf ball, Volvik. Bubba is reportedly planning to use the brand's neon colored golf balls,
  6. Here's some testing I did on a crop of 2016 balls back in March when I was in Arizona. Testing was done over about 7 total days, consisting of 12+ hours of short game area testing (chipping, pitching, putting, and bunker) and 4+ rounds, where the balls were rotated in and out, hole by hole, and cross compared to each other. All but one of the rounds were played solo, so I had plenty of time to hit 2-3 balls per hole sometimes. I kept verbal notes on my phone as I went. Balls Tested 2016 Titleist ProV1 2016 Titleist NXT Tour 2016 Titleist TruSoft 2016 Callaway Chrome Soft 2016 Wilson Staff Duo Spin 2016 Wilson Staff Duo Urethane 2016 Bridgestone Tour B330 2016 Bridgestone Tour B330RX 2016 TaylorMade Tour Preferred 2016 Nike RZN Tour Platinum (tested as Nike RZN Proto) Titleist ProV1 - It's no surprise that this ball is the standard to which all others are compared. It was “the ball” when it had a balata cover, wound rubber band mantle, and liquid-filled core, and it's still “the ball”. Titleist does a great job of producing and renewing this model year after year, without reinventing the wheel. 3-pieces, consisting of a proprietary urethane elastomer cover, inomer mantle, and soft “ZG process” core. As the old saying goes, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it”, but Titleist is always improving it, if ever so incrementally and patiently. Consistently solid, solid, solid. Feel: 5 (5 = Best to 1 = Worst) Spin: 4 Price: $$$$ Award: The Gold Standard Titleist NXT Tour - Another solid effort from Titleist that feels and sounds really good off all clubfaces. In fact, I found that all of the Titleist balls tested sound very much the same when struck with a full swing. That says a lot about what they do. 3-pieces, consisting of a Fusablend cover, and a dual core design. It doesn't spin as much as the ProV1, and the cover is more durable. This ball is geared to the better amateur who's looking for more dollar value in a high performance ball. Feel: 4 Spin: 3 Price: $$$ Award: Cool First Cousin Titleist TruSoft - I was very impressed by this ball. For a 2-piece ball it feels really solid, flies high with great stability in the wind, and has a nice bite when it lands on the green. I was immediately reminded of another Acushnet ball from years past, the Pinnacle Exception, which is good company. I used to refer to that ball as “the poor man's ProV1”. It's got a really nice soft feel off the putter, but not rubbery, or jumpy. This ball can be enjoyed by all levels of player, and is a great value. Feel: 4 Spin: 3 Price: $$ Award: Super Fun Ball Callaway Chrome Soft - I had really high expectations for this ball after all the hype and popularity of the original 2015 model. With my slightly-slower-than-pro swing speed, I was in love with the original ball right from the start. The issue however was with higher swing speed players being able to “over-compress” it. To many of them, it was too soft, especially on the longer clubs. The solution according to Callaway was to increase the number of pieces from 3 to 4, soften the 2-piece core, and firm up the mantle layer. Sadly, I think they've missed the mark here. Of all the balls I tested, I found this one the hardest to compress, and it felt a bit harsh on full swings. It still has good feel on the delicate shots around the green, and off the putter, but overall, this egg is slightly overcooked. Feel: 3 Spin: 4 Price: $$$-1/2 Award: Sadly Underwhelmed Wilson Staff Duo Spin - (In my best Captain Kirk voice) Spock! I know it says “Spin” on the cover, but I just… can't… make it… spin! This ball feels quite nice on any type of swing, has a really nice soft feel off the putter, and held up very nicely in the wind. It even has that very familiar, slightly hollow Wilson “click” that seems to be proprietary to them. But, for the life of me I couldn't get it to spin in a meaningful way, no matter what I tried. And I tried… a lot. If you like to get the ball on the ground quickly around the green, or play a higher ball flight, this ball will work nicely. If you're looking for stop-on-a-dime responsiveness, you'll come up about 9 cents short (or long). Feel: 4 Spin: 2 Price: $$ Award: Not-Much-Spin Spin Ball Wilson Staff Duo Urethane - “Hello Wilson? Uh, yeah. Can I speak with Quality Control please? I think you have a golf ball labelling machine problem. I've got one ball that says ‘spin' that doesn't, and I've got this other ‘urethane' ball that spins plenty, but doesn't say ‘spin' anywhere on it.” I felt a bit guilty after my experience with the Duo Spin, so I added the Duo Urethane to the test at the last minute, and I'm glad I did. This is a really nice golf ball, and it has a lower-than-elite-ball-price-tag. It held it's own in all aspects of the game against the “heavyweights”. On attacking shots around the green, it even held its own against the “mighty swoosh ball” (more on that later). I also found that it has great cover durability. Great feel, distance, stability, durability, AND spin. I think Wilson ball lovers will eat this up, and newcomers will be hooked. Feel: 4 Spin: 4.5 Price: $$$ Award: Pleasantly Surprised (and Relieved) Bridgestone Tour B330 - Having tried others in the B330 line previously, I was excited to try the “flagship” ball of the line. This is a really solid ball, and performed well in all aspects of testing. My only caveat would be that this ball should be played by those with enough swing speed to properly compress it. It's a very firm feeling ball. Not harsh, just at the upper end of firm. If you can bring the heat, this ball could definitely be for you. The gradient design of the core is intriguing. It's designed to be softer in the middle and firmer on the outside in only one piece, instead of 2 or 3 pieces needed in other balls to achieve the same results. Feel: 4 Spin: 4 Price: $$$$ Award: Muscle Ball Bridgestone Tour B330RX - For we mere mortals, there's also the “R” versions of the B330 line. A softer, but still gradient “Amatour” core allows slower swing speeds to more easily compress the ball, without losing feel. As with the Tour B330, the dual dimple design gives you lots of stability in the wind, and a nice penetrating flight. I found this one had just enough spin to get the job done on approach shots and around the green. Overall, a very solid ball. Feel: 4 Spin: 3.5 Price: $$$-1/2 Award: Just A Really Solid Ball TaylorMade Tour Preferred - Having played other TM ball models in the past, I was somewhat familiar with what I thought they should feel and react like. Solid, not spectacular. I'm glad I was wrong in my preconceptions. This is a REALLY good golf ball. In performance and feel, it got the closest to the ProV1 of all the balls I tested. Super reliable of all clubs, with a really nice feel around the green and off the putter. In my opinion, this is an elite level ball that can stand nose-to-nose with the very best, and not flinch. If the ProV1 is #1, then I have no hesitation calling the TP ball #1A. I was pleasantly surprised, and very impressed. Feel: 5 Spin: 4 Price:$$$$ Award: Legitimate Contender Nike RZN Tour Platinum (Tested as Nike RZN Proto) - For those of us old enough to remember the movie The Right Stuff, or even the space program that spawned the film, I'll use this comparison to Illustrate what the Nike ball is. If the ProV1 is John Glenn; super dependable, by-the-book, all-American-as-apple-pie… Then the Nike RZN Tour Platinum is Chuck Yeager. A fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants thrill ride that won't pull the ejection seat handle until the last possible second. Kind of appropriate that the cover of the ball is referred to as the “flight suit”. Everything about this ball is attack mode. From the trajectory, to the suction cup bite around the greens. This ball scared the pants off me, and I loved it. I spent a bit more time with this ball then the others because a) it took me longer to get used to playing it, and because it was so much fun. I was comparing it head-to-head against all the other balls, so I could make a fair comparison. Hitting any weird and wild shots I could think of, just to watch it bite. Maybe I've used a bit much in the hyperbole department? Possibly. But, I've NEVER played a ball like this one… ever. The ONLY thing that fell a bit short (for me) about this ball is that I had to hit it more firmly than I would like with the putter. I'm a feel putter, so it was a bit unnerving to me to use that much more force. Caveat emptor: this ball may be too much, and too frustrating to handle for the average amateur. Feel: 4.5 Spin: 5 Price: $$$$ Award: Scary Fun Ball
  7. Nike just released customization for the new Tour RZN golf balls. Anyone ordered?
  8. Now look here Jack!
  9. Maximum Distance. NITRO.
  10. I don't care how good you think you are. We all need golf balls!
  11. Are you playing the right ball for your game? All Bridgestone B330 models are available at our current flash sale on divot.com
  12. For the over-sized stocking! The Double-Dozen!
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